The Twelve Common-Law Super-County Jurisdictions,
for the People of the State of Oregon.
     (A brief description of the Geographical Boundaries & Population Counts for the Twelve Different
Sovereign Super-County Jurisdictions, into which this State of Oregon Needs to be Divided in Order to Secure Truth,
Justice, Peace, & Safety; for the Common People of Oregon.)

As has been shown through the discussion in an accompanying document; in Order to
effectively Secure "Truth, Justice, Peace, & Safety"; for the Common People of Oregon; our
State of Oregon Needs to be Sub-Divided in-to the following "Hierarchal Structure":

Seventh Level ... De-Jure Common-Law State Governor & Supreme Court Population Governed ......... 3,421,399
Sixth Level........... 12 Super-County Common-Law Courts (x 12); Population Governed by Each ... 285,117
Fifth Level ...... .. 144 Senior-County Common-Law Courts (x 12); Population Governed by Each..... 23,760
Fourth Level ...... 1,296 Proper Common-Law County Courts (x 9); Population Governed by Each ..... 2,640
Third Level ...... 12,960 Precinct/Hundred Courts (x 10); Population Governed by Each ....... 264
Second Level .... 129,600 Town Councils, Deaconrys (x 10); Population Governed by Each ........ 26.4
First Level ... 1,296,000 Household/Homesteads (x 10); Population Governed by Each .......... 2.64

The "Organizing" of the above described "Seventh Level", is fairly clearly explained
here. But up-on moving on down to the "Sixth Level", many significant "Organizational"
Questions immediately arise. Most of them have to do with "Geography", & "Population
Counts". The Theoretical Target "Population Count" for Each of these "Sixth Level" Super-
County Jurisdictions is: 285,117. How-ever, because those organizing this effort have made the
decision that the Sovereignty of the Present Larger Individual Counties should be Fully
Respected, at least a this Stage & until they voluntary decide to sub-divide; here-under this
policy of respecting these larger jurisdictions does result in a "Skewing" of the above described
theoretical target population numbers in the remaining multi-county super-county areas. In
Oregon, there are 5 Larger Counties, which are Super-Counties by them-selves. After their
populations are subtracted from the above total population of Oregon, and the remaining 7 Super
County Areas are used as the denominator for calculating the remaining population, then these
Smaller Super-County Jurisdictions in the above described Sixth Level in our State-Wide
Common-Law Governmental Hierarchy, each come to be recognizable as having a Target
Population of 196,850. Providing further Answers to the Questions concerning this Sixth Level,
is the main reason that his document was composed. These Answers are set-forth below in a
"Data-Base" Format.
There is another version of this document, which seeks to achieve "Proportional
Representation", by Dividing-up & Re-Organizing many of the Larger Counties (such as
Multnomah), into Smaller Jurisdictions, all basically based on the Populations of their Zip Code
Areas. The Population Counts in each of those Jurisdictions is much more well Balanced, than
this present version. How-ever, those more Ideally Balanced Population Counts are now
considered to be a goal that should is Secondary to Empowering the Sovereign People of the
Individual Counties; to take Complete Control of those Complete Individual Counties, as they
presently exist. Those Counties have Much "Machinery of Government" already in place, at
their County Levels. To dismantle these Present County Governmental Machinery Mechanisms,
without with-out first making efforts to Salvage Useful Component Parts of that Machinery, is
clearly an inefficient strategy. More Balanced Population Counts may be achieved at a distant
future date, all after the Sovereignty of the present Individual Counties is Secured, & the
"Consent" of the People in each such Jurisdiction to such a Re-Organization effort is Lawfully
These Twelve Divisions of this State of Oregon, is a very stable format which can serve
the People of Oregon well for a long time into the future. This format of these Twelve Oregon
Super-County Divisions, is as follows:.

Super-County 1: Multnomah County, Total Population: 662,400.

Super-County 2: Washington County: Total Population: 449,250.

Super-County 3: North-West Counties. Total Population: 103,182
Counties: Columbia, 43,560; Clatsop, 35,360; Tillamook, 24,262.

Super-County 4: Yamhill Area; Total Population: 191,851
Counties: Yamhill, 84,992; Polk, 62,380; Lincoln, 44,479.

Super-County 5: Clackamas County. Total Population: 340,000.

Super-County 6: Marion: Total Population: 286,300.

Super County 7: Linn Area: Total Population: 181,282.
Counties: Benton, 78,153; Linn: 103,059.

Super-County 8: Lane County: Total Population: 323,950.

Super-County 9: South-West Counties: Total Population: 260,041.
Counties: Douglas, 100,399; Coos, 62,779; Curry, 21,137; Josephine, 75,726.

Super-County 10: South-Central Counties: Total Population: 252,566.
Counties: Jackson, 181269; Klamath, 63,775; Lake, 7,522.

Super County 11: North-Central Counties; Total Population: 197,750.
Counties: Deschutes, 115,367; Crook, 19,182; Jefferson, 19,009;
Wasco, 23,781; Hood River, 20,411

Super County 12: East Counties; Total Population: 182,395.
Counties: Harney, 7,609; Malhuer, 31,615; Baker, 16,741; Wallowa, 7,226; Union,
24,530; Umatilla, 70,438; Morrow, 10,995; Grant, 7,935; Wheeler, 1,547; Gilliam, 1,915;
Sherman, 1,934.


The current Leader & Pro-Tem Constitutional DeJure Governor &
Chief Supreme Court-of-Law Judge for the State of Oregon is:

Because of the Common-Law Jury Rule of "Unanimity", Any Leader of any of
the above 12 Super-County Jurisdictions under him, may Veto this
Temporary Leader/Governor imediately & at any time & for any reason.
This Rule holds true, at least as long as there are other
Super-County Leaders available to fill the position.  

All "Population Counts" have been taken from the "Year 2000 Census Bureau Statistics". They
may be reviewed for accuracy on the web page:

More Reasons are set forth explaining Why the Need is Desperate for such a Re-
Organization of the Governmental Machinery of this State of Oregon, as this; all in an
accompanying document entitled: "Orderly Governing of the State of Oregon".
That document is or should soon be available on our web page at:

If that document is not available yet, a similar one explaining these concerns similarly, is
available for the whole USA Jurisdiction, at: