Madden v Crawford

Legislatively Created Courts

                Herein it makes plain that All Trial level Courts run by the Civil State of Oregon have been created by the Legislature. It being axiomic that the creation derives its power& authority from its creator, these courts are not properly recognizable Judicial Department Courts, as was Originally Intended under Original Article Seven of the State''s Constitution.

Article Seven of the State''s Constitution.

      There is No "Separation of Powers" in place.

            Thereunder, this Classical Requirement for a "Republican form of Government" under "LAW" in these Tribunals is No Longer in Place!!!
            Here in Oregon,e in Oregon, when  Judges have been confronted with this citation, they respond by saying :"Im not Going to comment on That!!". It untangles their entire corrupt scheme.
                The Feds & other States are probably doing similarly, & if folks find similar citations, please contact us and well post them here. This kind of info puts us in control, because it goes to the &quo to the "Nature & Cause" of the Accusation against us, & until we get a straight answer, we cant proceed. It is Prima Fascia evidence of "Bad Faith" on their part.