1997 Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 133
Arrest and Related Procedures; Search and Seizure; Extradition
Procedure in Criminal Matters Generally  - General Provisions
133.005 Definitions
            for ORS 131.655 and certain provisions of ORS 133.005 to 133.381 and 133.410 to 133.450. As used in ORS 131.655 and 133.005 to 133.381 and 133.410 to 133.450, unless the context requires otherwise:
 "Peace officer" means
" means
a member of the Oregon State Police or a sheriff,
        marshal, municipal police officer, investigator of a district attorney's office if the investigator is or has been certified as a peace officer in this or any other state, or an investigator of the Criminal Justice Division of the Department of Justice of the State of Oregon. [1973 c.836 s.62; 1979 c.656 s.1; 1981 c.s.1; 1981 c.808 s.1; 1991 c.67 s.25; 1993 c.254 s.1; 1995 c.651 s.6]


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