133.020 Magistrate defined.
A magistrate is an officer having
power to issue a warrant
for the arrest
of a person charged with the commission of a crime.

133.030 Who are magistrates.

The following persons are magistrates:
(1) Judges of the Supreme Court;
(2) Judges of the Court of Appe
(2) Judges of the Court of Appeals;
(3) Judges of the circuit court;
(4) County judges and
justices of the peace;
(5) Municipal judges.

[Amended by 1961 c.724 s.27; 1969 c.198 s.59; 1977 c.746 s.1; 1995 c.658 s.72]
Note: For text of 133.030 operative until January 15, 1998, see 133.030 (1995 Edition).
See notes preceding 1.001 for further explanation.



For why this is impoirtant, view Article4 Section23