“Christian-Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice for the People of Oregon”.

(Articles of Incorporation Filed with Secretary of State; RN: 76-7130-84; 27-9-2000)

Court Record: http://www.christiancommonlaw-gov.org/Oregon/IndexOregon.html

Co: Chief Justice of the Peace: Charles Bruce, Stewart;

39275 Hood St., # D; Sandy Oregon [97055]; 503-668-3932.

EMail: <Charles@christiancommonlaw-gov.org>

May 24, 2002


To: Judge Wallace Carson; Chief Administrative Head of the Judicial Department of Civil-Government for Oregon.

Delivered by: Fax Transmition, & EMail to Judge Carson;’s Office, at the Supreme Court Building in Salem.

Copies: Gastons; Daily Journal of Commerce; Oregonian; & anyone else I can think of. It’s time to go public.


Judge Carson,

              It has been a long time since we last talked. Our people are deeply troubled by the present Lack of Communications from your realm. You will surely recall that we have placed “Constructive Notice of Treason” before you & other members of the “Oregon Law Commission”, back at October 27th, of the year 2000. You & your fellow Supreme Administrative Tribunal Judges were all Similarly Notified on the 16th of November of that same year.

              You will surely recall that we have proceeded to bring these most serious concerns before you in the Name of & with the full “Public Law” Authority of the Constitutionally Lawful “State of Oregon” it-self, sir. If you or the media people who are being sent copies of this document wish to review those most controversial documents, & numerous others similar, they can be reviewed &/or downloaded from the web page which is listed at the top of this page.

              The last time we spoke directly about these matters, you indicated that you had very many other duties which were then pressing you for your precious time. These very serious issues have been before you for close to two years now. During this long time period, many Oregonians have suffered grievous injuries from men who wore uniforms which indicated they were under the authority of your realm. Those men continue to “Administer Deadly Force” in manners which we have argued before you to be Constitutionally Lawless & Criminally Conspiratorial. You have effectively remained Silent on these most serious matters, sir. We can dally no longer.

              I left a message with your secretary Sandy last week asking you to call me back. I heard nothing back. Our People Need Affirmation WITH-IN TEN DAYS that you still consider our Questions to be worthy of your time, & that you will enter into Good-Faith Discussions, to a much fuller extent than in the past. We need this Affirmation from you, either by EMail, or verbally over the phone to Charles Stewart at his home/office phone number above. We need you to Affirm with-in these ten days that you will Produce Meaningful Answers with-in Thirty (30) Days to a clear Majority of the 130 Questions which were contained in the last document which we presented to you, back on August 7th of 2001. Of particular importance, we demand that the following question be answered:

              36–CP:  Every One Hundred (100) Households is the numerical basis for the formation of “Precincts” within each County, & each such “Precincthas full authority “By Law” under our Constitutional System, to act as a “Court of Justice” as recognizable at Article 4 Section 23 there-in, & such Precincts there-fore Lawfully qualify as proper entities for exercising all of that Very Powerful Authority & Power in Constitutional & Statutory “Law”, which is recognized in ORS 1.010; Correct?


              That Question was previously presented to you close to a year ago. It is a simple “Yes or No” Question. A “Public Servant” who has been Chosen for your Position based on his purported Leadership Talents & “Knowledge of the Law”, should have No Trouble Answering that Question off of the top of your head. In fact, our People who know you, think it quite likely that you very well could do precisely that for this Question & the vast majority of the remainder of the 130 very simple “Yes or No Questions” in that document. But we believe that you seem to have become “Compromised” because of a Fear that the Answer your great knowledge would be inclined to honestly give, would cause Powerful Private Interest Groups to become quite upset; all because that Answer would give the Common People the ability to Defend Them-Selves from the Pillage & Plunder which those Powerful Private Interest Groups are routinely extorting from them.

              You are a “Public Servant”, Sir. By Virtue of the Office which you claim to Lawfully Hold, “YOU OWE A DUTY TO THE PEOPLE OF OREGON TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS”.


              All of these Questions go to the very serious underlying issue which we first raised in our contacts with you, of “Treason”. We are very sure that this most serious of charges, is way more important than the multitudes of other malum-prohibitum micro-social-engineering questions which have been occupying your time to the exclusion of these more serious concerns. We are tired of having these extremely serious concerns for the general welfare of the Common People of this State, placed on a back-burner; while you & your fellow bar-monopoly members displace these serious concerns with the comparatively trivial concerns of the Powerful Private Interest Groups who negatively infect the body-politic of this State.

              Within ten days, we need that Affirmation that you will proceed here with-in Thirty Days, to act with seriously greater Good Faith & Diligence than in the past, & to re-prioritize the “Duties” of Your Public Office to bring to a Quick Settlement these Most Serious Concerns surrounding the Paramount Issue of a “Treasonous Conspiracy” which has Infected the Judicial & Executive Departments of the Government of this State. We are open to reasonable discussions for bringing these paradigm-shifting issues to the fore, with minimal negative impact on the powerful private interest groups who will necessarily be negatively effected there-by. We see no cause for causing their “cold-turkey” with-drawal from their pillage & plunder of the Common People, which they have obviously become Addicted to. We will presume that you have forwarded a copy of this letter to them, & that if you continue to stonewall us; that such will be also an indication from them that they seek No Reasonable Compromise with the Common People who Lawfully Compose the Constitutionally Lawful “State of Oregon”. We will presume that they view the State’s Offer to Wean Them from Their Addiction to their Pillage & Plunder of this Sate’s Common People, with contempt, disdain, & dis-respect.

              There-under, when the Common-People’s Constitutionally Lawful State actually Regains Control of it’s presently Compromised DeFacto Government, we will Not be inclined then to discuss accommodating the then painfully present Addiction Concerns of such opportunistic Criminal Conspirators. We will then be very inclined to invoke a serious “cold-turkey” with-drawal program for them. The Common-People who Lawfully Compose this Constitutional “State of Oregon”, have been patiently Waiting for you & those who have your ear, to Answer these basic serious Questions for close to Two Years now, sir. Your realm has had plenty of time to develop a “plan” for responding to these concerns. Do Not send out a Hit-Team to Murder those pressing forward with these concerns, like the DeFacto Federal BATF Nazis did when they Brutally Murdered the one-hundred or so Branch-Davidian Women, Children & Men at Waco Texas. Though we confess we sleep in Constant “Terror” under the nagging suspicion that the Refusal of Your Realm to Answer these most serious Questions, indicates these concerns to be a very real possibility; never-the-less, we are here to remind you that There Is a Higher “Court of Justice” in this Universe, & that All Who Conspire to Oppress the “Common People” Will eventually suffer a Most Painful Sentencing for their Evil Actions.

              We are Not going to Compromise our “Moving-Forward” in our stead-fast efforts at Protecting the Constitutionally Secured Rights & Liberties of the Common People of this “State of Oregon”. You have a Public-Office “Duty” to “Answer” these Questions, Sir. You either Answer Them; Give a Good-Faith Explanation Why Not; Or, We Will Add Your Name to the List of Accused Treasonous Criminal-Conspirators in the Quo-Warranto/ /State-Ex-Rel Action which the Gastons, Charles Stewart, & others have set in Motion.

              We consider that the Jury Trying any such Matter, could sort out your apparently comparatively minor Conspiratorial Involvement at the time of Sentencing. Perhaps you will only get six months in jail, while the other Conspirators would more likely get twenty years or so. It will all be in the Jury’s decision-making realm, & we must warn you that they might not be that kind to you, sir. When the People Finally Grasp the Reigns of the Power of the Government of this State, which are Lawfully & Rightfully Theirs; they are quite likely to be very bitter towards those who have Conspired to Oppress & Plunder Them.


              Show some Good-Faith here, Sir. Call or EMail My-Self, Charles Stewart; with an Affirmative Response with-in Ten Days from the date of this message.


With all due respect,  



The “State of Oregon”, by way of: “Charles Bruce, Stewart”.