“Christian-Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice for the People of Oregon”.

(Articles of Incorporation Filed with Secretary of State; RN: 76-7130-84; 27-9-2000)

Co: Chief Justice of the Peace: Charles Bruce, Stewart;

39275 Hood St., # D; Sandy Oregon [97055]; 503-668-3932.

EMail: <Charles@christiancommonlaw-gov.org>

August 7, 2001Re: Cover Letter to “Outline 3"

To: Judge Wallace Carson;

Chief Administrative Head of the Judicial Department of Civil-Government for Oregon.                                 

Judge Carson.

              Our group would like to again affirm our appreciation to you for carrying on these discussions about our perception of a knowing & wilful epidemic among some civil-servants of this state to Treasonously Subvert the Fundamental Principles of our State & National Constitutions. Again, we recognize that there must be Immense Pressure upon you from the powerful Private Special-Interest Groups, which seek to Influence you to retreat from the Light of Public Discourse on these most Serious Issues. We Respect the apparent Courage you have been showing on this account, because we truly believe that “Courage” is a “Virtue”. We are well aware that this Courageous adherence to the Higher Laws of Morality & Conscience (which you apparently share with us), stands in Stark Contrast with the Mind-set of these powerful Private Special-Interest Groups, & the masses of the unwashed, including many of your fellow civil-servants, especially in the judiciary; who all share with those ones in their informal inbred jokes & well financed & well greased machinery of ridicule & sarcasm towards our adherence tho such Higher Values & Laws.

              Further, we appreciate your sharing in the prayer with us at our last meeting. Not much was said about it, as touching seriously upon such serious spiritual authorities leaves all of us mere mortals standing in our respectively humbled places. But we feel that it needs to be stated that such was considered by ourselves to be a very positive gesture on your part.

              As you again requested, at the end of our last meeting, please let this letter serve as an “Outline of the Issues we would like to Address” for our next upcoming meeting, whenever that may be conveniently scheduled. We find that many of the very pressing Issues we attempted to present in our 31-Jan.-2001 Outline Letter, were not so addressed in the brief 90 minute or so meeting for which it was composed. Please again take a moment to reflect upon the Transcripts of our last two meetings, as it appears to us that the People of Oregon will be entirely Justified in Presuming that you have Conceded that they are Accurate Records of the discussions which took place therein. Again, if you have objection to the accuracy of anything in those Transcripts, please make us aware of such objection in a timely manner.

              On a less positive note, we feel that we must point out that it takes a lot of energy to draw this very complex picture “Outline” before each of our meetings, as you have been routinely requesting. This is an extremely large picture we are looking at. You Judges in both your so-called Supreme Court & all of the various lower level Courts have for years been responding to multitudes of questions precisely like these with such bankrupt responses as “I’m not your lawyer. If you want to learn how the Law works in these Court-rooms, go hire a Lawyer.” And then of course, the Lawyers cant answer these questions either, so the People have been stuck for years without answers to their very serious questions, which have piled up to the Heavens.

              We must point out that we have Clearly Outlined the Core Issues before you on numerous occasions, exhaustively. You have the various “Constructive Notice of Treason” documents presented to your Supreme Court & the Oregon Law Commission, & probably also for the Judicial Committee. You have the two Letters to the Governor. You have the Previous “Outline” & now also this “Outline”, as well as the past 2 Transcripts which provide nicely the Core Issues which are being brought into Focus. Here-under, you have numerous “Outlines” of the Issues of our concern.

              This “Outline” routine was started after out first meeting, when during a phone call between us you requested such before the next meeting. During that call, you indicated that you desired to more or less “narrow the focus” to just a hand-full of Issues. We responded with just a hand-full of Issues which were unmanageably broad, & encompassing the multitude of Issues involved in the whole picture here. You gracefully went along with this unfoldment of proceedings; & as the Transcript shows, & the following meeting bounced all around the universe of the Issues within these vary large parameters. Everyone there seemed to admit that the discussion was very productive. Everyone there refrained from placing on the record any objection because of any lack of any Focus from either the Broadness of the Issues in the Outline, or because of a lack of Adherence there-to.

              In fact, it appears from your traversal (at our last meeting) into the “Emergency Declarations Clauses” Issue under which much of the “Malum Prohibitum” Legislation now in effect is composed, that perhaps you aren’t even finding the Time to fully read the “Outline” works we previously presented. The argument you raised there-under that “time constraints” of the Legislature were the only Reason behind the “Emergency”, & that there were No Connections there-by to such matters as are set forth in the 1973 US Senate Report 93-549 on “Emergencies” (which there-in confess that the Constitutionally Protected Rights & Liberties of the People have modernly become “Abridged” by such “Emergencies”). This argument was advanced briefly by yourself in our first meeting, & there-by the “Outline” for the second meeting exhaustively showed the embarrassing bankruptcy of such a position. Yet, you strode straightforward into that very same stone-wall as if it didn’t exit. Such can only reflect that you are allowing your other Duties to take Priority over your reviewing these “Outlines”, as well as over the Peoples very Serious Concerns over the “Treason” Accusations as are being set forth there-in. We find this disappointing, but we aren’t deterred.

              But here-under it seems Reasonable to us that your requests for such “Outlines” as this, are not mechanically Necessary Ingredients for our moving forward with these meetings. Upon reflection, they seem reduced to the status of merely personal indulgences which you have requested from us, rather like asking a Christian to offer sacrifices to Cesar. These “Outlines” are a heavy work-load for us to assume if they are going to be done with trueness to Concerns for the “Peace, Safety, & Happiness of the People. We suspect that you were hoping that we would just slap a very few Issues together so that you would then be able to avoid many of these most serious concerns of the People. We aren’t going to compose such a Compromised “Outline”. Any “Outlines” we produce, will address the apparent Treason being committed against the People’s State, in universally broad terms. These are all Sub-Issues of this “Treason” to the State & National Constitutions, & we aren’t going to Compromise a single one of them.

              Further, we must note that you have been responding to our vary Serious Issue concerns with simple Short & In-Frequent Meetings. There-in we barely get seriously focused on the Core Issues, & our Time Limit bell starts ringing. Further, you have Refused EMail Correspondence, which would served us very well in our efforts to “Narrow & Define” the Issues quickly & efficiently. If you must Insist upon greater “Focus”, your opening up these two or other similar avenues would serve your needs well, without causing such heavy burdens on ourselves.

              We believe we have provided you with much Insight as to where we are coming from, & where we feel Justified in insisting up-on going during these discussions, sir. We believe we have given you a Solid Feel for the Core Issues of our concern, & how this is all going towards the Paramount Issue of “Treason” against the Welfare of the People’s State. We believe we have been considerate in allowing you much latitude & time to contemplate these very Serious Issues raised here-in, & to juggle your other duties with the legislators & such. We aren’t pulling any surprise arguments on you which might some-how unfairly “boxing you in” to a situation in which you are not given full & fair opportunity to make later corrections to your stated position.

                Because of these serious energy resources which are required from us to compose such “Outlines” as this, & the clear lack of substantive benefit from them to our meetings, this document will be the last “Outline” document we will be presenting to you. We may make up-dates to it, as it is now in a new & very flexible format, & it provides a good “Foundation” upon which to build further improved versions of the general “Outline” if the Issues surrounding our paramount concerns over a “Treasonous-Conspiracy” among Corrupted Civil-Servants. This “Outline” document should provide a better environment for our being able to come to a “Meeting of the Minds” on this & the various sub-issues involved there-in. But this very heavy burden of “Outlining” the Monumental Issues involved here before each meeting must come to an end, sir. If this creates an Impass for you & you there-by Insist on curtailing these meetings; then we will swallow our disappointment & proceed with our remaining alternative Remedies. But we must allocate our very limited time/energy resources wisely, & composing these comprehensive “Outlines” before each meeting is not in harmony with that over-riding concern, sir.

              And a secondary concern here which we feel compelled to now mention is that our requestings of these meetings have from the beginnings been designed to produce a frame of reference with-in which we may Prosecute numerous Corrupted Civil-Servants for Treason, &/or other lesser crimes. We feel quite confident that our “Basis in Law” for proceeding forward with such is quite solid. Further, We now Officially Notify You that we now here-by invoke the ORS 162.325Hindering ProsecutionStatute to the effect that during these meetings with you, we are seeking the “Discovery or Apprehension of Such Persons” as a Jury which is bound by the Higher Laws of Conscience & Reason might unanimously agree upon as having “Committed a Crime Punishable as a Felony”. The in-depth discussions of the “Issues of Law” which surround these meetings are The Pivotal Ingredient which needs to be Solidified before such Prosecution can take place. We need to know if there is any possible “Justification” for the apparently Treasonous Activities of these Accused Civil Servants, under Oregon’s Constitutional Law. We further need to know if our interpretation of “Due Course/Process of Law” could some-how be shaken before a Reasonable & Conscience Bound Jury. We dont think it can. We think we are rock solid. But so long as persons of apparent integrity such as your-self are evidencing a position that we are in error, we are there-by “Hindered” in our ability to “Prosecute” these many Felony Complaints.

              And here-under please Take Notice that we further seek to invoke ORS 162.415 which prohibits “Public Servants” such as your-self from failing to preform “Duties Imposed upon them by Law of clearly inherent in the Nature of their Offices”. We don’t see the necessity of attempting to force you into traversing directly into any particular case issues. We are merely here seeking to resolve Issues of “Public Law” (over-arching Law), upon which all of this hinges. We consent that our future meetings may proceed generally as they have in the past, at least with the nice tendency we have been manifesting towards steadily working towards resolutions of these paramount Issues of concern here.

              But we want the Authority of Law clearly invoked here, sir. You have “Duties” as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for the Constitutional State if Oregon, sir. Your under “Master/Servant” Relationship to “We the People”. Your our “Servant”. Its your Job. Its Why you get Paid, sir. And “We the People” as the “State of Oregon” fully Intend to push-forward on this envelope until every single Public/Civil Servant in the Employ of this State, including your-self, has that reality very clearly imbedded in their minds. Perhaps that is already completed with your-self, & belaboring the point is unnecessary. Either way, we sincerely hope that you will follow a Reasonable & Conscionable pathway concerning these very serious concerns.

              And again, if this creates an Impass for you & you there-by Insist on curtailing these meetings because of this “Authority of Law” which we are here-by seeking to invoke during these meetings; then we will again swallow our disappointment there, & proceed with our remaining alternative Remedies. The last two meetings have been insightful & beneficial, but their track record for producing serious break-thrus is lacking. We have other Remedies which are deserving of serious consideration & energy also, but we have placed those on a back-burner because of the good vibes we are getting from you. But we need for you to produce for us “where you think the answer is”, or something of similarly Substantive Benefit to the General Welfare of the People of this State. And our bringing the above “Authority of Law” into these meetings seems like an entirely Justifiable & nicely balanced motivator for Incrementally Pressing the Focus of the Meetings more Tightly upon the unpleasant but Seriously Pressing Issue of an epidemic “Conspiracy to Commit Treason” against the People’s Constitutionally Protected Rights & Liberties.

               That all being stated, we sincerely look forward to another pleasant meeting with you which again we expect will produce beneficial insight for how “We the People” of this State will be responding to our Seriously Pressing Concerns over “Treason”.



The “State of Oregon”; by way of Charles Bruce, Stewart.