“Christian-Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice for the People of Oregon”.

(Articles of Incorporation Filed with Secretary of State; RN: 76-7130-84; 27-9-2000)

Co: Chief Justice of the Peace: Charles Bruce, Stewart;

39275 Hood St., # D; Sandy Oregon [97055]; 503-668-3932.

EMail: <Charles@christiancommonlaw-gov.org>

August 7, 2001Re: Outline 3

Judge Carson;

              As you have requested, this is the present “Outline” Document which we have composed for our next meeting. We suspect our ending Category of “Defining Terms” to be of pivotal & primary importance; how-ever it is comparatively rather boring, so we moved it to the end. Otherwise ... the Issues we wish to present are here-by set forth in the following more distinctly Separated & Organized manner. They are arranged by broad Subject-Category. They are mostly composed similar to “Admissions” in regular Civil-Procedure “Discovery” practice. We are sure you are familiar with that very efficient process. Here-under, these Issues are here-by Outlined as follows:

“Liberty” as a “Decentralizing” Influence:

1-LD:    The terms “Liberty” & “Civil Liberty” specifically means that those blessed with such are to be Absolutely Un-Restrained in their activities, Unless they are clearly Trespassing on the Similar Rights of Others; & this protects the “Natural Rights” of the People, & it further means as Black’s Law Dictionary states: “the greatest amount of Absolute Liberty which can in the nature of things be equally possessed by every citizen in a state”, &an effectual share in the making and administration of the laws as the best apparatus to secure that protection”; Correct?

2-LD:    The above definition of “Liberty” clearly indicates that Smaller Groups of the People have the Right to Responsibly “Self-Governto the Maximum Extent Possible, Including “Administering Justice” for themselves so long as they proceed “According to the Rules of the Common-Law”, Correct?


3-LD:    In the 1700's; Blackstone stated that the Model of Decentralized Administration of Justice which was implemented by Moses for Israel, & which was set forth in Exodus 18 & Deuteronomy 1 as being based on 10's 50's 100's & 1000's; was the Basis for the Constitutional Jurisprudence of the British Nation, Correct?

4-LD:    Blackstone’s Statement above concerning the Decentralized Mosaic/Israelite Model for Justice Administration, could properly be termed as a system in which “Neighborhood Courts”, & it was designed to carry the vast majority of the burden of the Administration of Justice for the British Nation, Correct?

5-LD:    The American States, Including Oregon, adopted a System of Laws substantially similar to that which was generally outlined by Mr Blackstone as referenced above, which were all based upon the Principles of Decentralized Administration of Justice, through what may be termed “Neighborhood Courts”; Correct?

6-LD:    With reference to ORS 1.010, & especially sub-section 5; this Statute properly recognizes that these “Courts of Justicehave the Constitutionally Lawful Authority to exercise what is essentially an Un-Limited Authority, at least within the general bounds of the “Rules of Common-Law”; Correct?

7-LD:    Any “Twelve (Tried & True)” People of “Good & Lawful Character”, can Organize them-selves into a Constitutionally Lawful “Jury”, & there-by they have Full Authority to act as a “Court of Justice”, with All of that Very Powerful Authority & Power in Constitutional & Statutory “Law” which is recognized in ORS 1.010, at least so long as they proceed within the “Rules of the Common-Law; Correct?

8-LD:    President Clinton’s Executive Order 13132, Correctly Recognized a Fundamental Principle of Inter-Jurisdictional American Constitutional Law, when he stated that “Issues which are not National in Scope or Significance are Most Appropriately Addressed by the Level of Government Closest to the People”; and “Policies of the National Government should ... Encourage ... Neighborhoods, Local Governments, & Private Associations; to Achieve their ... Objectives Through Cooperative Effort”; & this Fundamental Principle of De-Centralized Responsible Self-Government Applies Equally within the Jurisdictions of Oregon, Correct?

9-LD:    President Clinton’s Executive Orxder 13132 above, describes the Fundamental Dynamic which permeates all of Anglo/American Jurisprudence, & which is there-by also necessarily Governs in the inter-jurisdictional & inter-sovereign relationships between the Civil-Government of the State, & its smaller Jurisdictions such as the Counties, Precincts, & Townships; Correct?

10-LD:  The “People” of Oregon are “Sovereign”, & are the “Source” of the “Sovereigntywhich all Officers within the Civil Government of this State Operate, including the Judiciary; Correct?

11-LD:  The “People” of Oregon are the “Source” of the Authority for defining when the Administration of “Force” shall be considered as “Lawful” within this State, Correct?


12-LD:  The People themselves are Not under Any Master/Servant Relationship, or other Private Jurisdictional Authorities, unless they Knowingly, & Willfully, & With-out Duress or Fraud “Consent” to submit themselves to such a subservient position & Jurisdiction, Correct?

13-LD:  The People of Oregon may freely exercise theirConsent of the Governed” &/or “Equal Suffrage” Rights, before Any “Court of Justice” in this State, Correct?


14–Vn:  Our “Federal & State Constitutions ... Cherished the established Common-Law”, as recognized in the “American Jurisprudence” Section on “Constitutional Law”; 16 Am Jur 2d, ss 114; Correct?

15–Vn:  Due Course/Process of Law Requires Respect for the “Venue” Rights of the Accused; all as is recognized in ORS 14.110, & even possibly “Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure” Rule 20-B; Correct?

16–Vn:  This Respect within Oregon Law for the term “Venue”, in-turn Respects & reverts back to our State’s Common-Law Roots & Magna Charta 34, where-in Smaller Communities of People of “Good & Lawful Character” have the Right & Duty under our Constitutional “Social Compacts” to Promote the Localized but Public “Administration of Justice”, all by Organizing the Members of their “Special or Local” Neighborhoods so-as-to hold Truly “Lawful” “Jury-Trails” by Courts of Jurors Composed of People Entirely from Their Own “Venue”; & to there-by Maintain & Promote the Peace & Justice of this State on a “Neighborhood by Neighborhood” Basis within their own Smaller Venue-Jurisdiction; Correct?

17–Vn:  The “Basis in Law” for these “Venue” concerns, are all recognized with-in the references to “Courts of Justice” within ORS 1.010 &/or Oregon’s Constitution at Article 4 Section 23, Correct?

18–Vn:  Venue” is a term which is Identical to “Neighborhood”, just as “Black’s Law Dictionary so states there-under; Correct?

19–Vn:  You were in Error when you previously stated that the People didn’t have the Right to form Their Own “Neighborhood Courts”; Correct?

20–Vn:  When Any among the People of Oregon “Consent to be Governedby a singular “Court of Justice” within this State, then that “Court of Justice” becomes their proper VENUE Court; & there-by when-ever they are Accused as Defendants of Any Violation of Any Law What-So-Ever, then They have the Right to Insist that the Trial of the Accusation against them take place in their Home Venue “Court of Justice”; & that No Other Court may Lawfully take Jurisdiction over the matter, so long as things are proceeding “Without Delay” & according to “Due Course/Process of Law”; Correct?

21–Vn:  If such “Neighborhood Courtsshould Proceed to make Public Court Record that they have Proceeded by that particular “Due Course/Process of Law”, aka: by theRules of the Common-Law” (including Unanimous Twelve Person Verdicts); then their Judgements & Verdicts are Required by the “Rules of the Common-Law” & “Due Course/Process of Law” to be givenFull Faith & Credit” & “Comityby every other Jurisdiction of this State, Including that of the Civil-Servants of this State, Correct?

22–Vn:  Smaller groups of “We the People” are entirely capable of Responsibly following “Due Course/Process of Law”, so-as-to be Administering Justice in a Naturally Conscionable Manner, Correct?

23–Vn:  If & when the People were to so “Administer Justice” for them-selves from with-in their own smaller Precinct & County Jurisdictions, it is Reasonable to Presume that this would make them much “Happier” than the present process of having similar done for/to them by the present so-called “Circuit Judges”, Correct?

24–Vn:  Any process which can reasonably be shown to promote Justice, Liberty, Peace, Safety & Happiness of the People Generally, would be “Over-Arching Law” within the “State of Oregon”, because of its harmonizing with the Preamble & Article 1 Section 1 of our Constitution there-to, Correct?

25–Vn:  Article 1 Section 1 of Oregon’s Constitution Clearly Indicates that “We the Peoplehave the Lawful Authority to form our-selves into smaller groups such as described by Blackstone & Moses, all so-as-to Operate Our Own “Courts of Justice” under “Due Course/Process of Law & the “Common-Law”, Correct?

26–Vn:  Restoring the Judicial System as described by Blackstone & Moses above, & in which the Rights to proper self-selected Venue for the People are Respected, as they Administer Justice for themselves in their Own Neighborhood “Courts of Justice”; could reasonably be expected to promote Justice, Liberty, Peace, Safety & Happiness of the People Generally, & it therefore should be “Over-Arching Law” within the “State of Oregon”, because of its harmonizing with the Preamble & Article 1 Section 1 of our Constitution there-to, Correct?

27–Vn:  The wording of Article 1 Section 10 of Oregon’s Constitution to the effect that “Every Man Shall have Remedy”, Clearly Indicates that “We the Peoplehave the Lawful Authority to form our-selves into smaller groups such as described by Blackstone & Moses, all so-as-to Operate Our Own “Courts of Justice” under “Due Course/Process of Law & the “Common-Law”, Correct?

28–Vn:  Accused Corrupted Civil Servants within the State of Oregon would be given Full & Fair Opportunity to secure Naturally Conscionable Justice for themselves under the Common-Law Venue System described above by Blackstone & Moses, Correct?

29–Vn:  You have No Evidence that any such System of Precinct & County Level “Common-Law Courts” would do any-thing other than Promote the “Peace, Safety & Happiness” of the People; Correct?

30–Vn:  Article 1 Section 10 of Oregon’s Constitution makes Due Course/Process of Lawthe “Over Arching Law” within this “State of Oregon”, Correct?

Counties & Precincts: 

31–CP:  The Anglo/Saxon Model of “County Courtis Still the Constitutionally-Lawful form of Governing-Body for Oregon’s Counties, precisely as referenced in the Introduction of Oregon’s Blue Book’s Section on Counties, Correct?


32–CP:  The “County Courts have the Constitutionally Lawful Authority to exercise All of the Very Powerful Jurisdictions outlined for them in ORS 203.010 , 203.035, & 203.111; & this is al based on the Anglo/Saxon Model as referenced in the “Oregon Blue Book” on “Counties”; Correct?

33–CP:  ORS 203.111 specifically recognizes that the “County Courthas Supreme Legislative Authority over All Matters of County Concern; & that there-by the State’s Civil Legislature’s “Legislative Authority” becomes automatically Neutralized whenever the “County Court” so exercises this Supreme Authority over “Matters of County Concern; Correct?

34–CP:  When the concept of “State Ex Relis combined with the concept of “Political Subdivisions” of the State, this produces a conclusion that the various “Political-SubdivisionsPosses the Full Sovereignty of the Full State itself, & there-fore they posses the Full Legislative Power of the State itself, & there-fore the Legislative enactments of the State’s Civil Government are there-by of No Consequence & Neutralized within Their Smaller Jurisdiction; Correct?

35–CP:  The “County Courtshave the Constitutionally Lawful Authority to exercise All of the Very Powerful Jurisdictions outlined for “Courts of Justice”, as set forth in ORS 1.010 (especially subsection 5), Correct?

36–CP:  Every One Hundred (100) Households is the numerical basis for the formation of “Precincts” within each County, & each such “Precincthas full authority “By Law” under our Constitutional System, to act as a “Court of Justice” as recognizable at Article 4 Section 23 there-in, & such Precincts there-fore Lawfully qualify as proper entities for exercising all of that Very Powerful Authority & Power in Constitutional & Statutory “Law”, which is recognized in ORS 1.010; Correct?

Legislature’s Limitations

37–LL:  With reference to a book called “Lord’s Oregon Laws”, as published by the Oregon State Printer in 1910, under its Chapter & Section on the “Constitution of Oregon - Article 4 Section 23"; & the text contained there-in which states: “Local and Special Laws: The word “special” as here used, has the same meaning as “private at common law. ... Allen v Hirsch, 8 Or. 414; Crawford v. Linn County, 11 Or. 498, 5 Pac. 738; Maxwell v Tillamook County, 20 Or. 498, 26 Pac. 803; The Mortgage Tax Case, 24 Fed 199.”.

38–LL:   This reference reveals that the “Common-Lawis to be the Guiding Authority when deciding whether a given Statute would be in Violation of this Constitutional Prohibition against “Special Laws”, Correct?

39–LL:  This all means that the “Practice in Courts of Justice”, & the “Jurisdiction & Duties of Justices of the Peace and of Constables” is Not to be Regulated by the Legislature in an manner other than in compliance with the “Common-Law”; Correct?

40-LL:   Sir Edward Coke Properly Stated that the Authority of Legislatures is Void & a Legal Nullity if it acts beyond the Boundaries of the Common-Law; & this Fundamental Principle has been Grandfathered into our American & Oregon Constitutional Jurisprudence; Correct?

41–LL:  If Legislators &/or others Conspire to enforce a Jurisdiction over “We the People” which is Beyond the Boundaries of the Constitution, said Conspirators may be Tried & Convicted & Arrested, & Punished with “What-Ever-Force is Necessary”; Correct?


42–Cf:   The “Common-Law” “Culture is entirely Different & Incompatible towards the “Administrative” &/or “Municipal” “Culture”, as for example as is being exercised by Chief Administrative Judge Selander of Clackamas County, & the “County Commissioners” who comply with his “Discretion”; all in Opposition to the “Clackamas County Court” which has been set up by some of the People therein for the express purpose of responsibly Self-Governing under “Common-Law”; Correct?

43-Cf:    When Upon Respectful Demand Any of an Oregon County’s Present Governing Officers Fail to make Reasonable Efforts to re-establish the Constitutionally & Statutorily Preferable “County Court” Form of Government; then “the People there-in have the Right to “Move in the Vacuum” & follow “Due Course/Process of Law” with Unanimous Juries composed of Twelve Men of “Good & Lawful” & “Tried & True” Character & Reputation among the County’s Common Population, & there-by said “People” may Wrest Control of their Counties from said Delinquent &/or Corrupted County Officers; & there-by Set-Up their Own “County Courts” so-as-to Return to the Original Constitutional Plan for Administering Justice Plentifully & Locally under “Due Course/Process of Law”; Correct?


44-Cf:    Communities with Different “Cultureshave the Right to Separate themselves from other Communities with different “Cultures”, Correct?

45-Cf:    Modern “Cultures” based on concepts of “Liberty” & “Social Compacts” have a Right to “Separate Them-selves” from “Cultures” which are based on Mindless/Conscienceless/Reasonless Slave/Drone “Obedience”, Correct?

46-Cf:    The Israelite & British National “Cultures” in the past, have at times existed entirely Free from any authority from the “Culture” of “Malum Prohibitum”, Correct?

47-Cf:    The Roman, Babylonian, & Pharisee Civil/Municipal Cultures have consistently perpetuated the “Culture” of “Malum Prohibitum”; Correct?

48-Cf:    The Roman, Babylonian, & Pharisee Civil/Municipal Cultures have consistently sought to En-Slave other more Responsible Self-Governing & Free Cultures, Correct?

49-Cf:    Modern “Cultures” who are lead by a Unanimous Jury which has “Tried the fact” of whether another Culture is waging War against them in efforts there-by to En-Slave Them, & has found such to be a True Fact; then this Culture has the Natural & Constitutionally Protected Right to use “What-ever-force is Necessary” to Separate them-selves from such a perceived En-Slaving Culture; Correct?

50-Cf:    You have admitted that Oregon’s Legislature is Routinely Exercising a “Malum Prohibitum” Jurisdiction over a broad spectrum of the Lives & Activities of Oregon’s People; Correct?

51-Cf:    You admitted that You are Not Sure whether or not the “Malum Prohibitum” Jurisdiction which the Legislature is routinely exercising is in Violation of Oregon’s Constitution, Correct?

52-Cf:    You recognize that there is an “Artificial OverLayin place, similar to that which seems set-forth in the wording of ORS 131.205, referencing “‘This State’ means the land & water & air space ABOVE the land & water with respect to which the State of Oregon has Legislative Jurisdiction”; & this subject caused your “Conscience” to twinge so seriously that you responded to this issue in our first meeting by stating that “well I’m wrestling with myself, as you can see”; all there-by Conceding to the merits of this “Artificial” & technically Constitutionally Lawless Jurisdiction being OverLayed above our Constitutionally Lawful “State of Oregon, Correct?

53-Cf:    Do you admit that Oregon’s Constitution at Amended Article 7 Section 2b has made a provision, which recognizes that the Jurisdiction & Judgements of the State’s Civil Court System are “Not Withstanding” to the Jurisdiction & Judgements of the “Courts of Justice” which are referred to therein byway of reference to Article 4 Section 23?

54-Cf:    Oregon’s Constitution was Originally Designed to allow the Prosecution of Only Persons who had an “Evil Intent” & “Culpable Mental State”, Correct?



55-T:     Neither yourself, nor any of your fellow so-called “Supreme Court Judges”, are capable of showing to a Jury of Common but Intelligently Reasonable & Conscience-Bound Oregonians; how a single one of the 10,000 Oregonians in Oregon’s Prison System has been Convicted in accord with those “Due Course/Process of Law” Protections which were Originally Intended by the Framers of Oregon’s Constitution to be Secured to said Prisoners at Article 1 Section’s 10 & 11, Correct?

“Over Arching Law” for producing Accountability:

56-AL:  The “People” of Oregon are the Source for All Authority for Defining When the Administration of “Forceis Lawful within this State; Correct?

57-AL:  By their 1857 Original Constitution, at Article 1 Section 10; the “People” of Oregon made “Due Course of Lawthat Singularly Lawful Mode of Procedure for so determining the Lawfulness of any Administration of Force, within this State; Correct?

58-AL:  Remedy by “Due Course/Process of Law” is to be Secured to Every Man in this State, for Injuries to his Rights & Liberties, Correct?

59-AL:  All Constitutionally Lawful Exercises of Jurisdictional Authority, whether by Legislative, Judicial, Executive, or Administrative Departmental Personnel; are Required to Respect the Peoples “Due Course/Process of Law” Rights, or at least to make “Good Faith Efforts” there-to, Correct?

60-AL:  You & the Governor & the other Judges & the Legislators & All Administrative Personnel including All State Police are All “Civil Servants” & “Public Servants”, who are Constitutionally Suppose to be in a Submissive & Subordinate Position to the Members of the General Public of this State, Correct?

61-AL:  Oregon’s Constitution’s Preamble Requires You Civil-Servants to Support the “Liberty” of the People as they exist as members of the General Public, Correct?

62-AL:  You consider yourself “Bound” by “Conscience”, as these terms are used in Article 1 Section 7 of Oregon’s Constitution, Correct?

63-AL:  The Triple Redundant Affirmation of “Conscience”, in Article 1 Sections 2, 3, & 7; Affirms that the Entire Civil Government of this State is Limited by the Higher Laws of Conscience; Correct?

64-AL:  Every “Civil Servant” of this State has a Duty to be “Bound” by “Conscience”, as these terms are used in Article 1 Section 7 of Oregon’s Constitution, Correct?

65-AL:  The Legislators have a Duty during their Legislative Enactment Proceedings to be “Bound” by “Conscience”, as these terms are used in Article 1 Section 7 of Oregon’s Constitution, Correct?

66-AL:  If the Legislators are enacting Legislation which violates “Conscience”, such is Null & Void because said Legislators there-by Violated Article 1 Section 7 of Oregon’s Constitution, Correct?

67-AL:  If Corrupted Civil-Servants should over-step their Constitutionally Lawful Authority so-as-to Use “Coercive Measuresto Socially-Engineer “Compliance” to “Private Law” Jurisdictions within Oregon’s General & Peaceable Population, such is in Violation of the Rights of “Conscience” of the People, & is in Felony Criminal Violation of the ORS 163.275 Statute against “Coercion”, Correct?

68-AL:  If Oregon’s Civil Judges should Instruct Juries in manners which undermines their Constitutional Duty to Support the Rights of Conscience of the People, then such Jury Instruction is Criminally Subversive to this Triple Redundant Constitutional Affirmation of “Conscience”; Correct?

69-AL:  The Civil Judges in Oregon Routinely Instruct Jurors in manners which undermines their ability to reference their Consciences, Correct?

70-AL:  Neither your so-called “Supreme Court”, nor any of the lower Civil Courts of this State, follow that “Due Course/Process of Lawwhich was Originally Intended to be Preserved to All of “We the People” of this State in Article 1 Section 10 of our Constitution, Correct?

71-AL:  Due Course/Process of Lawwas Originally Intended under Oregon’s Constitution to produce Harmony with Sociological “Natural Law”, as the Juries of the Smaller Jurisdictions Deliberated with sufficient Time & Energy so-as-to come to a “Consensus” as-to which Issues were of such Highly Prioritized Concern with-in their Communities that it was Conscionable, Reasonable, & Necessary to Administer Force against other Free-People for the Preservation of those Highly Valued Ideals; Correct?


72-AL:  The Powerful Private Special Interest Groups within this State Reap Monumental Plunder from the People because of the Additional Convictions which are forth-coming from Juries who are Intimidated by Judges into Convicting their Fellow Oregonians With-out reference to “Conscience”; Correct?

73-AL:  When Corrupted Civil-Servants from the State’s Civil Government attempt to use Lawless Violence to Coerce Compliance to a well-financed but conscienceless & unreasonable Organized Crime Syndicate’s Conspiratorial Private Law Jurisdiction, then the Executive “Peace-Officers” of those Smaller Jurisdictions (such as the Constables & Sheriffs), have the Right & Duty to useWhat-Ever Force is Necessaryto Protect the Socially-Compacted Members of their Smaller Jurisdictions from the Lawless Violence from such of the State’s Corrupted Civil-Servants; Correct?

Supreme Court of Oregon presently willfully facilitating Corruption:

74-SC:   There are Multitudes of Outraged Oregonians who have Properly Proceed by “Due Course of Lawto place Well-Stated Criminal-Complaints before you Judges in Oregon’s Civil Supreme Court, in sincere efforts there-by to Secure “Remedy by Due Course of Law” against perceived Corrupted Civil-Servants; Correct?


75-SC:   There are Multitudes of Oregonians who have Routinely been “Denied”Remedy by Due Course of Law” for their Well-Stated Criminal Complaints against Oregon’s Corrupted Civil-Servants, by other Corrupted Civil-Servants with-in your own Supreme Court of Oregon’s Civil Judiciary; Correct?


76-SC:   The Refusal of the majority of the Judges of the Supreme Court to enter into Reasonable Discussions with Traumatically Concerned Members of the General Public Concerning the both “Treason” happening amongst corrupted Civil Servants with-in the lower levels of the Civil Government, as well as Concerning the Abysmal Lack of “Remedy by Due Course of Law” within said Supreme Court it-self; all off these things indicate that there is an epidemic of Corruption of Office of most serious proportions within the Supreme Court it-self, Correct?

77-SC:   There is Not a SingleCourt of Law” (as defined within Black’s Law Dictionary), within the Entirety of Oregon’s Civil Judiciary, Correct?

78-SC:   Oregon’s Civil Supreme Court is Not a “Court of Law” (as defined within Black’s Law Dictionary), Correct?

79-SC:   Oregon’s Civil Supreme Court does Not Follow Originally Constitutionally Intended “Due Course/Process of Law”; Correct?

80-SC    Oregon’s Civil Circuit Courts & Appellate Courts do Not Follow Originally Constitutionally Intended “Due Course/Process of Law”; Correct?

81-SC:   Oregon’s Civil Supreme Court Routinely usesSecret” proceedings for deciding how the cases before them will be resolved; Correct?

82-SC:   Oregon’s Civil Circuit & Appellate Courts Routinely useSecret” proceedings for deciding how the cases before them will be resolved; Correct?

83-SC:   Every Civil Court in Oregon Operates what is effectively a “Secret Court” in which the Judges there-in may follow their own Secretive “Private Law” (which they deceptively refer to as “Public-Policy”), & where-in they have the Latitude to exercise unbridled & whimsical “Discretion”; & further there-in said Judges are unrestrained by the Constitutional Protections for the Rights of “We the People”; & there-by they Routinely & Un-Justifiably effect Surprise & Plunder of Multitudes of Unsuspecting People of Oregon who are Routinely Coerced into Appearing Before them; Correct?

84-SC:   When Multiple Sworn Criminal Complaints of Treason are placed before you Judges, such Treason Complaints are of the Absolutely Highest Priority of Any of your Duties & there is “No Higher Duty” than such a “Treason” Complaint; & there-fore as “Public-Servants” for the Constitutional “State of Oregon” You Judges Must Without Delay”, Follow “Due Course/Process of Law”, so-as-to Promptly Arrive at a Final Lawful Judgement concerning such Accusations of Treason; Correct?

85-SC:   When Any Judges Knowingly & Willfully Fail to Do their Oath-Bound “Dutyto Provide “Remedy by Due Course of Law” so as to Secure “Justice ... With-out Delay” for “We the People” concerning the Most Serious Charges of “Treason”; then a Lawful Trial Jury is “Justifiedin Presuming that said Judges which have Failed to do such a Clear Duty, have at that moment hopelessly entangled them-selves in “Criminal Liability for Conduct of Another”, just as is described in ORS 161.150 & 161.155; then such Judges Also are Guilty of any “Treason” Crimes which may be proven, Correct?

86-SC:   When Any Judges Knowingly & Willfully Fail to Do their Oath-Bound “Dutyto Provide “Remedy by Due Course of Law” so as to Secure “Justice ... With-out Delay” for “We the People” concerning Any Felony Criminal Charge; then a Lawful Trial Jury is “Justifiedin Presuming that said Judges which have Failed to do such a Clear Duty, have at that moment “Obstructed Justice”, “Obstructed Governmental Administration”, “Hindered Prosecution”, & “Abused Public Office”, all as is described in ORS 162.225, 162.235, 162.325, 162.335, 162.415; Correct?


87-SC:   When Any Corrupted Judge has “Obstructed Governmental Administration” or “Hindered Prosecution” in the manners above described, & this has been Proven by his Conviction before a spontaneously formed “Special or Local” “Court of Justice” of “We the People” (who Follow “Due Course/Process of Law” so-as-to Hold a Twelve Man Jury Trial, giving the there-in Accused Full & Fair Opportunity to Defend); then upon the Unanimous Issuance of the resultant Order of Arrest & Punishment by the Trial Jury, the “Peace Officersof such a Jurisdiction may use “What-Ever Force is Necessaryto complete the Arrest & Punishment of said Convicted former “Judges”; Correct?

88-SC:   When a Unanimous “Tried & True” Jury Declares that Seeking “Remedy by Due Course/Process of Law” has been Exhausted before you so-called “Supreme Court Judges” because of the Epidemic Corruption of your Membership, then it is Reasonable to Presume that All of the Lower Court Appellate & Circuit Judges would be hopelessly similarly Compromised, Correct?


89-SC:   When a Unanimous “Tried & True” Jury Declares that Seeking “Remedy by Due Course/Process of Law” has been Exhausted before you so-called “Supreme Court Judges” because of the Epidemic Corruption of your Membership, then it is clear that “We the People” are “Justified” with the “Right” & “Duty, to use “What-ever Force is Necessaryso-as-to “Throw-Off such Government” Officials, “& to Provide New Guards for our Future Security; Correct?


90-SC:   Any Judge of your so-called Supreme Court may properly be Presumed to have Competent Knowledge of Applicable “Law” to such serious charges as “Treason”, Correct?

91-SC:   When a “Supreme Court Judge” Dismisses a Well Pleaded Criminal-Complaint of Treason properly presented by the Constitutional “State of Oregon” against there-in described Treasonous Conspirators, & he there-by Fails to Follow “Due Course/Process of Law” as is Required of him under Article 1 Section 10 of Oregon’s Constitution for these most serious charges; then it is both Reasonable & Justifiable for the Trial Jury to Presume there-by that he could Only Do This by way of his own “Culpable Mental State”, precisely as Defined with-in ORS 161.085; all with Full Knowing, Willful, & Maliciously Purposeful “Intent, all so-as-to Perpetuate the Same Treasonous Conspiracy even further; all by way of Giving “Aid & Comfort” to “Enemies” as they effectively Wage Secretively Conspiratorial “War” against “We the People” of this Constitutionally-Lawful “State of Oregon”; all so-as-to there-by purposefully Reduce us all to a Broken & Dejected Class of Slaves; Correct?


92-SC:   Your Refusal to Discuss the State’s Public Concerns about Particular Cases of Accused Felony Criminal Corruption by High Level Public Officers, is Evidence that You are Knowingly & Willfully Attempting to Obstruct Justice & Hinder Prosecution by “Due Course/Process of Law” for the Injuries these Accused may have actually Committed against Members of the Sovereign Body Politic, Correct?,

More Complicatedly Worded Issues:

93-CI:    The Transcript shows you mentioning that you would like to “Just tell us what I think the Answer is.”.

What precisely is stopping you from telling us what you think “the Answer” is?

94-CI:    This statement clearly indicates that your Court’s Proceedings are being purposefully kept “Secret” from “We the People” of the Constitutional “State of Oregon; Correct?

95-CI:    What is your theoretical “Justification” for keeping “Secret” the manners in which “We the People” are able to access the “Answers” to the “State’s” Pressing Questions concerning How the Judges of the Courts of this State are Harmonizing with their Duties to Support Oregon’s Constitution & to Protect the Welfare of the People there-under?

96-CI:    Is the State of Oregon Bankrupt?

97-CI:    If the State of Oregon is Bankrupt, have the Creditors of the State Taken Control of the Civil Court System so that they can Extract Payments from Oregon’s Body-Politic for the purported Debt-Obligations which the People of Oregon purportedly Owe to these Creditors?

98-CI:    Has the implementation of “Malum Prohibitum” Jurisdiction over the People of Oregon been brought about at least in part because it is more effective as a “Revenue Enhancement Mechanism” for Extracting Economic Resources from the People of Oregon to Service the Purported Debt Obligations of a Bankruptcy?

99-CI:    When you stated that you “Disagree” with the term “Supplant”, please indicate whether you “Disagreewith the normal Dictionary Definition of this term (as previously frequently cited), or whether you are saying that the many Secretary of State Officers who have consistently published this word in its controversial position have all been making errors in such publications.

100-CI:  Please state the “Reason” behind “Whyyour “Recusal” of your-self from the State’s Treason Complaint (as brought by the Gastons/Stewart/Gimenez, & others) is theoretically Justifiable, in the Light of your Duties to Support our National & State Constitutions.

Secondary Issues:

The State’s Public-Law Complaint of Treason:

101-ST: By way of the Gaston/Stewart & others ORS 30.510 “State Ex Rel” Kidnaping/Treason Class-Action Criminal Complaint, the “State of Oregon& the “People of Oregon” have Properly Stated a Well Pleaded Criminal- Complaint of Treason before your so-called “Supreme Court”, so-as-to Constitutionally Invoke the “Public Law” “Duties” of You Judges; Correct?

102-ST: This State’s Criminal-Complaint did there-in Properly Submit Sworn Testimony that there is among some Rogue Law-less Civil-Servants a Treasonous Conspiracy Against “We the People” of this State, to continue in a “Long Train of Abuses & Usurpations, Pursuing Invariably the Same Object” of “Evidencing a Design to Reduce Us Under Absolute Despotism” & Slavery; which was further alleged there-in to amount to a “State of Waragainst this Constitutional “State of Oregon”, Correct?

103-ST: By way of documents dated 20-March-2001 & 6-June-2001 your fellow so-called “Supreme Court Judge” “Michael M. Gillettedid twice Dismiss this Well-Pleaded Criminal-Complaint of Treason properly presented by the Constitutional “State of Oregon” against the there-in Accused Treasonous Conspirators, all With-out either affording any opportunity to review Evidence in support of such Accusation, nor having giving Any Reasonable Justification for such Action; Correct?

104-ST: Adolph Hitler could be Marching Nazis through the Streets of Portland, & the People of Oregon have No Guarantee that Anyone on Oregon’s present so-called Supreme Court would be Concerned about the matter sufficiently to facilitate Judicial Action against such Nazi Hostile-Take-over; Correct?

105-ST: Even if the underlying merits of the Original Complaint were defective (which they are not); by way of his Un-Justified Dismissal of the Treason Complaint, Judge Gillette has now Committed a Specific “Overt-Actof Treason, because such there-by Encourages All Enemies of the Constitutional “State of Oregon” to seek to Pillage & Plunder the People here-of at their pleasure, because it is now clear that if they merely make the correct contacts with the powers that be, no serious Judicial Review of their Treasonous Actions will be facilitated within Oregon’s Civil Judicial Realms; Correct?

106-ST: Judge Gillette now needs to be named as co-defendant in a Treason Complaint, Correct?

Private Anti-Trust Monopolies:

107-PM: The “Oregon State Bar Association” for the Attorneys & Judges which inhabit the geography of this “State of Oregon”, is a “Private” Organization, which has effectively Secured for itself Monopoly Powers over the Public “Administration of Justice” within the Constitutional Body-Politic of this “State of Oregon”, Correct?

108-PM: The Right of an Accused to be “Heard by Council”, as set forth in Article 1 Section 11 of Oregon’s Constitution; was Originally Intended to allow the Accused the Liberty of Choosing Whom-So-Ever it should Please him as his Council, Including Non-Bar Association Members; Correct?

109-PM: There wasn’t even a Bar Association in Existence when Article 1 Section 11 was composed, Correct?

110-PM: Turning the Public “Administration of Justiceover to a “Private Bar Association” Monopoly, & Using Force to achieve that End, is “Overt Acts of Treason” against the State & National Constitutions, Correct?

111-PM: The Oregon State Bar Monopoly has hoards of Mindless Drones & Conscienceless Mercenaries Masquerading as State & Local “Peace Officers”, who are all “Conditioned to Respond” like Pablov’s Dogs & Adolph Hitler’s Nazis so-as-to Militarily Enforce their Private Corporate Pillage & Plunder Jurisdiction over an unsuspecting & Deceived Populace within this State of Oregon, all in such manners as amounts to a “State of War” against our Constitutional State, Correct?

112-PM: The “Oregon State Bar AssociationRoutinely Defends a Private Banking Monopoly which is in Bold Faced Violation of Article 11 Section 1 of Oregon’s Constitution, & Article 3 Section 10-1 of the United States Constitution; which sections both Require the State’s Economy to be based on Money of Intrinsic Value (Gold & Silver Coin); and by the use of their “Fluxuating Medium of Exchange”, these Banking Monopolists routinely engage in a process called “Fractional Reserve Banking” where-by they actually depart with only about 1/8th of the Federal Reserve Notes which they purport to loan to people, there-by increasing their profit by 8 fold, thereby defrauding the public & unjustly enriching themselves phenomenally, all to the economic destitution of the People; Correct?

113-PM: The “Oregon State Bar Association” Routinely Defends a Private Medical Monopoly which Routinely Stifles Alternative Medical Technologies which are more in harmony with the “Natural Laws” of Human Biology, & such as for example have been Scientifically Proven to Cure Cancer, such as Laetrille; and all of these have vast Potential of making Oregon’s Population greatly more Healthy, long lived, & intellectually & spiritually advanced & peace-loving; but these Alternative Medical Technologies are Stifled by assistance from the Oregon Attorneys Bar Association Monopoly, all so-as-to Direct Desperately Sick Oregonians into Incompetent & Corrupted Medical Practitioners with-in the Medical Monopoly; Correct?

114-PM: The “Oregon State Bar Association” Routinely Defends a Private Education Monopoly; which is designed specifically to “Dumb Down” Oregon’s Children, so that they will become entirely dependant upon the Civil Government for their well being, all so that they will become entirely incapable of thinking for themselves, so that they will become entirely incapable of true Self-Sufficiency in the sense of being able to Live off of the Land or to market their own services or products in a Truly Free Market; Correct?

Defining Terms:

115-DT: The following two citations are from Black’s Law Dictionary; 5th edtn:

              Lex Terra: The law of the land. The common law, or the due course of the common law; the general law of the land. Equivalent to “due process of law”. In the strictest sense, trial by oath; the privilege of making oath.

              Law of the Land: Due process of law. By the law of the land is most clearly intended the general law which hears before it condemns, which proceeds upon inquiry, and renders judgement only after trial. Deputy v. Tedora, 204 La. 560, 15 So. 2d 886, 891. The meaning is that every citizen shall hold his life liberty, property and immunities under the protections of the general rules which govern society.

              These citations show that “Law of the Land”, “Due Process of Law”, “Common-Law”, and “General Laware all merely different names for what is basically the Same System of Constitutionally Secured Guarantees to the People under which their Rights & Liberties will Not be Interfered with, Correct?

116-DT: The following citation is from the Encyclopedia Americana, International Edition, 1963. Common Law / Historical Survey / Anglo-Saxon Law:

              Public Law - Finally, the common law was the basis of public law. ... royal attempts to assert arbitrary powers were challenged and checked in the common-law courts. ... When in the Tudor and Stuart periods claims were made to a mysterious “prerogative” of the crown, it was the common lawyers who resisted. When Parliament itself made exaggerated claims, usually under the cloak of “privilege” it was the common-law courts who protected the subject, and down to the time of Blackstone, they still favored Coke’s doctrine that the common law would “control” even the acts of parliament. These ideas were familiar in America, and made it easy to accept the system of fundamental constitutional law.”

              These citations show that the proper “basis” for the Definition of both American & Oregon “Constitutional Law&Public Lawis to be found in the “Common-Law”; Correct?

117-DT: The following citations is from Black’s Law Dictionary; 5th edtn:

              Civil Liberties: Personal natural rights guaranteed and protected by Constitution; eg freedom of speech, press, freedom from discrimination, etc. Body of law dealing with natural liberties, shorn of excesses which invade equal rights of others. Constitutionally, they are restrictions on government.

118-DT: The Very Powerful Jurisdiction of the “Courts of Justice” which is specifically Recognized in ORS 1.010 (& especially in sub-section 5), is the very Same Jurisdiction which is Defined as a “General Jurisdiction” in Black’s Law Dictionary, & it is that same General Jurisdiction” which was Secured to the Supreme, Circuit, & County, Courts; in Original Article 7 Section 1; Correct?

119-DT: The following two citations are from Black’s Law Dictionary; 5th edtn:

              Mala in se: Wrongs in themselves; acts morally wrong; offences against conscience.

              Malum in se: A wrong in itself; an act or case involving illegality from the very nature of the transaction, upon principles of natural, moral, and public law. An act is said to be malum in se when it is inherently and essentially evil, that is, immoral in its nature and injurious in its consequences, without any regard to the fact of its being noticed or punished by the law of the state. Such are most or all of the offences cognizable at common law (without the denouncement of statute); as murder larceny, etc.

              The above citations correctly show that the concept of “Malum in Seis directly linked & intermixed with our Constitutional definition of “Public Law”, & that both of these are directly related to the “Common-Law”, and that all of these may be further directly linked & inter-mixed with Oregon’s Constitutional Protections for “Conscience”, Correct?

120-DT: “Malum Prohibitum” is “Private Law”, Correct?

121-DT: “Civil Lawis Identical to both “Private Law”, & “Special Law”, Correct?

122-DT: “Civil Law” is “More Properly called ‘Municipal’ Law”, just as Black’s Law Dictionary so states, Correct?

123-DT: “Municipal Lawis based on the Roman term “Municipum”, Correct?

124-DT: The Roman Term: “Municipum”, was used by the Romans to identify their Conquered Slave Territories, the residents there-in were Compelled by their resultant Paramount Military Force to pay Extortion to Rome, Correct?

125-DT: There is a Fundamental Difference betweenAdministrative” Proceedings, on the one hand; as Opposed to Proceedings “at Law”, Correct?

126-DT: You Conceded in our last meeting, a Fundamental Difference between “Law”, as used in the phrases “Due Course/Process of Law”; as Opposed ToAdministrative Justice”, Correct?

127-DT: The Terms “Proceedings ‘at Law’”, “Due Process of Law”, “Due Course of Law”, & “the Rules of the Common-Laware all basically Identical; & they all abide by A Specific & Traditionally Well-Settled Course of Proceedings which uses Localized Unanimous “Twelve Tried & True” Person Jury Verdicts to Scientifically arrive at Naturally Conscionable Justice; Correct?

128-DT: You have recognized that “Due Course/Process of Lawis Identical Terminology for the “Rules of the Common-Law”, Correct?


129-DT: The terms “Administrative Law”, & “Municipal Law”, & “Civil Law”, are all basically the same, & they all involve “Discretion”, whether exercised by the Legislative Body which prescribes the governing guidelines in accord with their “Discretion”, or by Cesar or an Administrative Judge who individually exercises the “Discretion”; Correct?

130-DT: “Administrative Justiceis based on Executive Summary Military Codes, as developed significantly by Napoleon; & which are Only Constitutionally Lawful in Emergency or War Conditions; & they absolutely do Not Respect the Peoples Rights & Liberties under their Constitutionally Secured “Due Course/Process of Law” Rights, Correct?


              Please Deny the Truth of these Statements in a Timely Manner, sir; or in the alternative state Why such should not be Presumed by a Jury which would then there-after review your Silence here-to, such that they would be acting Lawfully & Fully Justified in Construing that pursuant to your position as a “Public Servant” (as described within ORS 162.005 2-a); that you have Constructively Admitted to the Truth of Every such Statement here-in.


              Please believe us as we hereby affirm to you that we dont enjoy pressing you to such “Intense” levels as these. But it seems clear to us that the “Peace, Safety, & Happiness” of the People of this Constitutional “State of Oregon” are in Precarious & Grievous Danger from “Hostile Take-Over” by a Well Financed International Criminal Syndicate which Precisely Parallels that described in Revelation 17 & 18 as the “Babylonian Whore”. We see the 10,00 People in Oregon’s Prison System to be there with-out any “Due Course/Process” Protections as Originally Constitutionally Intended. what-so-ever. This motivates us intensely, for we perceive that every single day which such Travesty of Justice continues, causes Anguish & Pain to YHVH, the True God of the True Israelite Peoples. We consider ourselves to be Extensions of His Holy Body through the Blood of Christ Jesus, & there-by we feel the Same Anguish & Pain which He feels. We humbly assume our Compelled but unpleasant Task of voicing His Outrage over these perceived Injustices to you. We seek at every opportunity a possibility that you may show us how these perceived injustices are in reality not injustices at all. Thus far, you haven’t been productive on that count, sir. We think you are surrounded by Corrupted Infidels who are pressing you to run interference for them. It seems that you are caught in a “Middle Ground”, which is slowly being diminished into an untenable position by both factions.

              We pray that your concepts of “Fidelity to the Law” will Find perhaps New Strength in the Light of the Triple Redundant Affirmations of “Conscience” in Article 1 Sections 2, 3, & 7 as Fundamental Principles of our State’s Constitutional “Law”; & that there-under you will be able to place those more subversive influences which surround & pressurize you into their proper inferior private jurisdictional places. These Constitutional references to “Conscience” clearly place these legal struggles (on) a higher level up onto the spiritual plane. The forces of darkness are strong, at least so long as they are allowed to work their influences from their preferred darkened forums. Please dont allow them their preferred positioning in their darkness, while at the same time seeking to influence you. Please insist that if they have legitimate needs, that they should step into the light of “Open” & Public Discourse so that the merits of any such needs can be recognized by the Public. And of course most of them wont do it, because they know that their lusts are entirely Private & Self-Serving in their underlying nature. And they will go scurrying back underneath the rocks from whence they came, all grumbling great disappointment that they have not been able to drag you down with them. Please maintain your purity of “Conscience”, sir. The People of Oregon are greatly dependant upon you. And YHVH himself (is) surely taking no small note of these most serious unfoldments.




The “State of Oregon”, by way of: Charles Bruce, Stewart.