Transcript of Phone Conversation between Wallace Carson & Charles Stewart.

About 2:30 pm, Friday 23rd of March, 2001

CS: Mr Carson, this is Chuck Stewart.

WC: High Chuck. How are you sir?

CS: Real good. How about yourself.

WC: Fine. Thank you.

CS: Um, Yea. ... How’s your schedule looking ... uhh currently ? ... Is there any possibility of uhh ... ?

WC: Well let’s look. What I’ve ... I’ve been thinking about that. What I’d like you to do ... At least give some thought. You may not be willing to do it. But I want to narrow the conversation

down ... next time we meet ... and so its not as global ... so I can focus and try to respond to you, or be clear about where I ... I don’t believe I can respond, or will not ... or cannot respond.

CS: Umm Humm. A priority issue ... with us ... as I see it, is that ... uhh ... our “Special & Local” ... Counties & Precincts & things.

WC: OK. ... Let me get a ... pen & paper here.

            Ok ... Interpretation ... Constitutional provision ... . Probably what I will do is ... umm ... see if I can find whether this court has interpreted that ... which would be a help ... because then I could ... at least point to that ... and say that ... . We haven’t done it since I’ve been here.

CS: Umm Humm.

WC: But that would be a pronouncement from this court as of what-ever they did.

            If not, I’m not sure I’ll be able to make a pronouncement about ... what it means. But I’ll focus on it.

            Do you have any other ... that jumps to your mind?

CS: Well umm ... the whole thing about the “Supplanted”, & umm ... whether or not umm ... the current system of government has “Checks & Balances” in place, ... & um ... or whether or not this “Administrative Process” is ... umm ... seriously out of whack with fundamental Constitutional Principles.

WC: K ... umm ... Ok, well I’ll give it a college try to go over that. Uhh ...

CS: That’s the best we can ask for sir.

WC: I appreciate it. You’ve been very thoughtful.

            Umm ... I think uhh. What we could look forward to ... depending on what your schedule is ... is uhm ... We finished our budget hearings ... and so that’s ... for the time being ... that’s out of our ... out off my face. But I’ve been meeting with legislators ... as you might expect ... on other issues ... . What does Thursday afternoon, the (Deleted for Security) xxxx, look for you? Sometime that afternoon.

CS: That’s open, I’m sure. Yea. Looking at my schedule here, it’s definitely open. Umm ... Should we shoot for 1 pm there?

WC: Well I have a ... executive committee meeting with the umm ... Judicial Conference. Which usually lasts about an hour. Maybe 1:30?

CS: That’ll do.

WC: Ok. And we’ll meet in the Conference Room. ... Umm ... I have your number ... could you give it back me ? 503 ...?

CS: 668-xxxx .

WC: Ok. 1:30 Conference on (Deleted for Security), and well talk about those two issues ... and I’ll try to be a little more definitive for you.

CS: Umm ... can I mention one other thing that’s heavy on my mind.

WC: Sure.

CS: I just got a copy of the radio interview ... I noticed that uhh ... you were approached about some comments on some of my comments ...

WC: I don’t know how they uhh ... maybe they inter ... I think they interviewed you. I don’t know how they got a hold of that. But they did. And so ... uhh ... KPAM gave me a call. And I talked to them. Go ahead ... what was ...

CS: Well at that point ... the whole thing about the administration of Force umm ... . And whether or not ... uhh. They kind of spun it in a derogatory manner towards our people. And kind of indicated that we were inclined towards Violence. And I think that word actually flowed from your lips ...all-though it wasn’t a ... a direct connection to us ... it was a concern on whether or not ...

            Well I guess what it gets down to ... that I would hope to focus on ... that has been touched on in our documents previously I guess, ... Is the Difference between Force & Violence, & whether or not the ... the

            I guess it kind-of relates to one of the Issues about the “Special & Local” Jurisdictions; whether or not they have the authority to ... to make Arrests; and whether or not that’s Lawful, or whether or not that’s Lawless Violence.

WC: Uhh. Yea. I understand. We can talk about that.

            Umm. I hope I didn’t disappoint you . I tried very carefully ... to umm ... be as neutral & as impartial as I could.

CS: I thought your words were chosen fairly well sir.

WC: Ok. Because you ... umm ... While you have ... you and the Gastons ... and Sandra Bolton and others ... and Roger have ... have suggested that uhh ... eh ... you haven’t, but “blood in the streets” ... and all this kind of stuff ... which certainly goes beyond Force, eh ... to me; ... into Violence. You have not. I tried to make the point that as far as ... You are concerned ... umm ... you have been very ... uhh ... polite & respectful, & that uhh ... . Other than some rhetoric on the fringe, but not mentioning you ... umm. Its been very direct ... and uhh ... and Intense, ... but that’s the way it’s suppose to be.

CS: (laughter) “That’s the way it’s suppose to be.” Yea.

WC: So I hope I ... I didn’t mis-speak. Because my Intention was ... on the one hand recognizing that there are those potentially out there that have turned up the rhetoric, and uhh ... just this side shy of direct threats, uhh ... your not among them. And I didn’t want to leave that Impression that you were.

CS: I appreciate that affirmation greatly sir.

WC: Good . Ok, well let’s shoot for (Deleted for Security) & uhh ... And well get together ... It may be a little closer to an hour than an hour or an hour & a half, but lets try & make some head-way.

CS: I appreciate that sir.

WC: Good. Thanks Chuck

CS: By.

WC: By-by.