Articles of Incorporation for the "Christian/Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice, for the People of Oregon". This Court operates under the Mandates of Almighty-God Jehovah, Messiah/Christ Jesus, & the Original Constitution of "We the People" of Oregon. These Articles Include "Consent to be Governed", & Appointment of "Governmental Agency". (This Document is in Supplement to the Form Provided by the Secretary of State's Office.) [Filed: 27-September-2000; Registry #: 767103-84]
We the undersigned, having become Sufficiently-Aware of the Fact & Law Issues surrounding the Public-Concerns set-forth herein so-as-to Responsibly Judge how best to address them, here-under we do submit this Sworn-Testimony before Almighty-God YHVH/Jehovah, & Messiah/Christ Jesus as follows: There are Numerous Persons who have entrenched them-selves in Powerful Positions of Authority within the present Civil/Municipal Government of this "State of Oregon", & these-ones are Routinely, Knowingly & Maliciously Conspiring to use the Force of this State to Violate the Constitutionally-Secured & God-Given Natural "Rights" of "We the People". These-ones do this all With-Out Any Justification under honorable definitions of "Law", What-So-Ever. They most frequently use the Lame-Excuse that some "Special" Legislative-Authority has been Enacted under a purported "Declaration of Emergency". Oregon's average Fifth-Grade Students, can see that these purported "Emergencies" are Severely Lacking in any True-Merit, but that they are Fraudulently-Contrived to serve a Private Agenda. Pursuant to these purported "Emergencies", Oregon's Constitutional Article 4 Section 23 Prohibitions Against such Enactments of Private "Special-Laws" are Purposefully & Subversively being Circumvented. These Private "Special-Laws" so enacted, are nothing other than traditionally recognizable "Malum-Prohibitum", which are Precisely Diametrically-Opposed to the "Malum in Se" Public focus of the "Conscience" Mandates Redundantly Required Three (3) Times in Oregon's Constitution at Article 1 Sections 2, 3, & 7. Those "Conscience" Mandates are directly-linked in the Section 2 "Natural Rights" of Men "to Worship Almighty God according to the Dictates of their own Consciences." These Redundant Constitutional Mandates place this "State of Oregon" squarely-under the "Laws" of "Almighty God", as Revealed, at least in part; in ancient Codes of Israel's Old & New Testament Bible. Those who have placed themselves in Opposition to these Constitutionally Redundant Requirements of "Conscience", have thereby placed themselves in Direct-Opposition to "Almighty God". The "Malum Prohibitum" Agenda of "Special Laws" which they Conspiratorially-Propagate are nothing- less than a Private Religious-Agenda of that ultimate Evil Source of Authority which since Ancient-Times has Stood in Opposition to those True Godly-Laws of "Liberty" under which Men are Free to follow their own Consciences so-long as they don't interfere with the "Equal-Right" of other Men to do the Same. The many Lawless-Acts presently being perpetrated under the Guise of these Legislatively Declared "Emergencies" have now in-turn Created a Most-Truly Grave "Emergency" for "We the People" of this State. The beginnings of the Corporate Entity which are created with these Articles have had People in loose-association with it who have frequently Sought Remedy for these Evils from the Civil- Servants of this Sate, both by way of direct Courtroom Litigation Process & by Petitions to the Legislative, Judicial & Executive Branch/Departments of the Civil-Government. Such Efforts have Routinely landed upon ears & eyes which seem willfully both Blind & Deaf. These cold-hearted results reflect the "Stone Cold Police State" which US Representative James Traficant (D-Ohio) has recently Accused the Clinton Administration of Conspiring to further on the Federal Level, & this same Evil Governing Dynamic seems firmly entrenched within the Civil-Government for this "State of Oregon". Many of these People in Oregon's Civil Government have Knowingly, Willfully, & Maliciously, Sold-Out to the Powerful-Private Special-Interest-Groups of the Private Religion of Conscience-less "Malum Prohibitum". They have effectively de-railed the Constitutional End-Goals of the Civil-Government for the Protecting of the God-Given Natural "Rights" of "We the People". The People of this State have been effectively Reduced to "Items in Commerce" under an Extra-Constitutional Emergency/War-Powers Equity/Admiralty/ Jurisdiction. The People have effectively been Reduced to the Status of those "Salves" which are Bought & Sold by the "Great Whore Babylonian" as described in Revelation 17: 5 & 18: 11-13. This is clearly a Spiritual-Battle between the Religious Jurisdictions of Good & Evil, between the Constitutional & "Public" Laws which flow from that "Almighty-God" Jehovah, as opposed to His arch- Enemy since the beginning of time, Satan-Lucifer-Beelzebub, or what ever other name of convenience he happens to currently be masquerading his blood-lusting deceptions under. Hereunder, "We the People" have become Targets for Plunder by a group of Evil-Religious- Pirates. These Pirates have Purposefully Created Grid-lock in this States Constitutional-Civil Judicial Machinery so-as-to Not Allow any of "We the People" Access to our Constitutionally Guaranteed "Due Process of Law" & Jury-Trail Rights. We are treated by available Judicial-Process, in Manners which are Summary & Military; & being in their Nature, Essentially-Identical those Roman-Municipal-Courts which Fueled the entire Roman-Economy based-upon their enforcement therein of the Babylonian-based Salve- Trading-Codes of so called "Commercial-Law". Oregon's Civil/Municipal Court System is at the Apex of this Corruption, & the Judges therein Routinely Hear Well-Pleaded Cases, & they Ignore the Merits thereto, & they go-ahead anyway & render lawless Judgements which Destroy Multitudes of Lives of "We the People". It is effectively Impossible to Bring a Criminal-Complaint against a Corrupt-Judge for these Abuses, for they Conspiratorially Protect each-other in their Crimes, & Will Not Allow the Complaint to be adjudicated. These Judges are Not men who are "Equal in Rights" as Originally Required in Article 1 Section 1 of Oregon's Constitution. Hereunder, their "Rights" are deemed by them-selves to be a Superior Set of "Rights" to those of the Rest of "We the People". Here-under, these Judges are Not a Part of the Constitutional "Social-Compact" as described in that Article. They are Foreigners, by virtue of the Fact that they have Conspiratorially Established a Set of Superior & Un-Equal "Rights" for them-selves & for their few Privileged Co-Conspirators. The Prison Population which they feed within this State is a Human Meat-Grinder. Effectively, this is a "State of War" which these Religiously-Evil Pirates are Aggressively & Purposefully Waging against our Constitutional "State of Oregon". "We the People" are Literally "Terrorized" by the lawless Violence of this Criminal-Regime, & there is No Un-certainty about this Fact. This Desperate-Situation is comparable to that of the American-Colonies under the Tyranny of King George of England, in 1776. The Civil Government of this "State of Oregon" was Constitutionally Restricted form Micro- Managing the Lives of "We the People", both as Individuals & also as we exist in our "Special & Local" "Political-Subdivisions" of this State. These are our Townships, Precincts, Cities, Counties, Churches, Trade/Business-Associations, & other Voluntary Groups. Article 4 Section 23 Requires that the Legislature Only Pass "General-Laws", aka: Statutes Reflective of the "Common-Law". They were Originally Constitutionally Intended to leave the rest to these Smaller Jurisdictions. The Officers of this State's Civil-Government (in it's present form) are Not Responsibly Piloting at the Helm for Oregon's "Ship of State" in accord with the Map & Compass given to them through Oregon's Constitution. For All Practical Purposes, those Charged by Oath with this Responsibility have as a "Matter of Law" Abandoned their Lawful Position a the Helm. They have Knowingly & Maliciously Piloted Oregon's "Ship of State" into Hostile-Waters, Dropped-Anchor, & Co-Operated with a Powerful Special-Interest-Group of Private-Evil-Religious-Pirates who have Boarded our Ship & are now Plundering & Pillaging the Passengers. As a "Matter of Law", there is No-One at the Helm of Oregon's "Ship of State", & a "Vacuum" exists at this most critical position. Many of Oregon's People have voiced these Complaints to many Civil-Servants on many occasions, & it Never seems to effect any Remedy. The Pirates of this State seem to have effectively created Gridlock within the Civil Governmental-Machinery, all so-as-to effectively Prohibit anyone from bringing a Remedy to this Desperate-Situation. This has clearly been Effected for the Precise-Purpose of More Effectively allowing them to Continue in their Plunder, & in Gaining by incremental-steps the Creation of a Totalitarian Police-State populated by nothing but Obedient-Salves & their few Masters. We the undersigned do Not "Consent to be Governed" by this Current Constitutionally Lawless Regime. We do Not Consent to their Routine Operations Beyond the Constraints of their Constitutionally- Lawful-Authority, & all persons reading this document are hereby given Constructive-Notice to these effects. We expect many others to make similar Public-Declaration in Amendment hereto. It is clear that those of us so concerned with these Most Pressing Matters Must Organize a State-Wide "Body-Politic" such as this, by which we can Effect a Return to the Originally-Intended Securing of the Constitutional- Rights of "We the People". If we Lead-the-Way Out of this Desperate-Situation, others will surely follow. Since Ancient-times, God has Risen-Up from among His People, Good Men who have His-Will Written on their Harts. As these Men Exist within this "State of Oregon", they have felt the need to Organize-Themselves into a Godly-Modeled "Body-Politic" such as this, which can effectively "Speak with a Single Voice". The "Single Voice" which they thereby seek to Speak is-to-be that Single-Voice of that Constitutionally Recognizable "Almighty God" Jehovah, precisely as has Spoken through Messiah Jesus & as He Now Speaks thorough "We the People" of this State. In the furtherance of these ends, this "Christian/Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice, for the People of Oregon" is so established. By these very Articles herein so agreed to, at a moment's notice, the supporters hereto Can Always Remove their "Appointment of Agency" & "Consent to be Governed". There will be nothing-like the Godless & Lawless Civil-War which Lincoln wrongfully waged against the Southern Confederated States in his efforts to Force "Unity". Christian "Love of Neighbor" Clearly Prohibits such Evils as that, & that tragedy of blood-lust was one of the worst embarrassments in American History. This Corporate Body holds high-hopes that it will be able to Effectively-Influence those who are basically-Good among those Civil Governmental Personnel, so-as-to assist in Effecting a Return to those Originally-Intended Constitutional-Principles upon which this "State of Oregon" was first established. This Court will seek to nurture & establish the more "Local & Special" "Courts of Justice" throughout this State , before as a "Last-Resort" stepping in & administering Justice from this Court. This Court will Develop Constitutionally-Lawful-Mechanisms based on Traditional "Due Process of Law" for bringing Felony-Criminal-Complaints against those Criminally Subversive & Entrenched Municipal/Civil-Servants who Refuse to Preform their Official-Duties in accord with the Fundamental-Principles of Constitutional- Law. After filtering out these from-among those Good Civil/Servants whom we expect to find, this Court will seek the Surgical-Removal of that Hard-Core of the Criminally Conspiratorial Cancer. Hereby, those Criminal Municipal-Civil/Servants will be Tried by a Twelve (12) Man Jury in Full Accord with "Due Process of Law". Hereunder, they will receive Respect for their "Right" to their own Venue of Men of Good-Character (if they know any), & with a Unanimous-Verdict being Required from all Twelve (12) Jurors Before the "Force of the State" may begin to "Move" against them. These are much Greater Protections for Their "Rights" than that which Their Conspiratorial & Subversive Foreign- Judicial-Body are giving prior to their use of Force against our Oregon's Constitutional-People. We expect that this process will obtain many "Guilty-Verdicts", because there is So Much Evidence of So Much Evil in those circles. Here-after, the Unanimous Twelve (12) Man Jury-Trial Verdict will be given with Directions for Enforcement to those "Peace-Officers" which are available for the Task of "Arrest". These will be those various Sheriffs of the various Counties who are actually "Conscience-Bound" as Required by both the State's Constitution, & by the County-level "Common-Law". Other "Peace Officers" to be so Lawfully-Directed are the "Constables" as recognized by Oregon's Constitution at Article 4 Section 23, & numerous Statutes. The "Posse-Comitatus" will be organized under these kinds of leaders to lend needed Law-Enforcement Assistance. Punishment will be prescribed by the "Collective- Conscience" of the Unanimous-Jury, just as is again Required by Constitutional "Due Process of Law". This is that precise Solution which at-this-very-moment is so Desperately-Needed by this State's People to Remedy the Hard-Core Cancer of Career-Criminals who Infect the Civil/Municipal Governing-Body. Hereunder, as clearly the Lesser of Evils; We the undersigned do hereby Join-Efforts in the Creation of this Corporate "Body-Politic". We do this for the Express-Purpose of More-Effectively- Securing to Us & the People in General, those Fundamental- Principles of the "Social-Compact" of the Constitution of the "State of Oregon". Here-under, we do hereby "Appoint" as our "Special" "Governmental-Agency" this "Christian/Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice, for the People of Oregon". Under Oregon's Constitutional-Requirements of "Maximum De-Centralization" of the State's Sovereign Governing-Authority, the undersigned does further "Consent to be Governed" by this Corporate "Body-Politic", & the Unanimous-Declarations of its Twelve-Man Supreme-Jury. In expected significant- change from the Desperate-Condition under the Current Corrupted Civil-Governing-Body, the Officers of this Court do hereby Guarantee that this New Governing-Agency Shall Respect our Rights to Self-Govern "Specially or Locally" under our Counties, Precincts, Cities, Townships, Churches, & Other Voluntary Associations, all as is Required of any Ultimate Governing-Body for this State under Article 4 Section 23 of Oregon's Constitution. This Corporate State-Wide Governing-Body hereby Created need not now attempt to Govern everyone in the State, but merely need Self-Govern for those of us who so specifically "Consent" to be Governed here-under. However, this Corporate Governing-Body is also a "Court of Justice", as specifically recognizable in Oregon's Constitution at Article 4 Section 23. This is also in Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) at 1.010; & Subsection 5 therein recognizes that these Courts have the Lawful Authority "to Control, in the furtherance of Justice, the conduct of ... All other Persons in any manner Connected with a Judicial Proceeding before it, in every manner appertaining thereto." Hereunder, it is Clear that our Juries have the Authority by "Due Process of Law" to Render Verdicts against the herein referenced Corrupted/Malicious Civil/Municipal Employees; & this would Include there-after, the Issuance of Warrants for their Arrest. It has become quite clear that Oregon is in Desperate Need of a Governing-Body composed of Persons who are Competent in Comprehending Godly-Natural-Law & who have sufficient Moral-Integrity & Courage to Confront the Pirates & their Corrupted Municipal/Civil-Servants. These ones need to battle their way to the Helm of Oregon's "Ship of State", Pull-Anchor Up & Out of the Mud of the Pirate-Cove, Throw the Out-Law Pirates Out-Side of the Protections of Oregon's Ships Bar-Railing of Constitutional Laws & back into their own shark-infested Admiralty-Jurisdiction Waters, & thereafter Set Our State's Course Firmly Back Towards that "More Perfect Union" under God's Natural Law's with which we are bound in Federation to the other 49 States. It has further become Clear that if we do Not Appoint a Governmental-Agency such as this for our own Constitutional Self-Governing, then the Corrupted-Agents of the Civil/Municipal State's Equity/Admiralty/Military Judicial Emergency/War-Powers Machinery Will-Take "Silent-Judicial-Notice" that We have "Consented to be Governed" by Their Human Meat- Grinder System of "Malum Prohibitum". Such efforts as the Establishment of this Corporate Body-Politic appears to be the Only Real-Hope for getting a Solid-Handle on this Most-Desperately-Serious Problem. We have become Sufficiently-Informed of the Facts & Law Surrounding these Most Serious Concerns that we believe that it is the Responsible & Honorable thing to do, to assist in Forming & Organizing this "Christian/Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice, for the People of Oregon", & we do hereby set our Signatures here-to (either directly or by Phone-Affirmation to Charles Bruce, Stewart) so- as-to Effect this End-Goal. We hereby do "Consent to be Governed" by "Jehovah God", as His Truths are Revealed to us through the teachings of the Messiah/Christ of Israel, "Jesus"; & by the "Good & Lawful Men" who Reasonably Appear to have been Risen-Up by Him to form our Supreme-Jury. These ones shall first have Gained the Reputation of being of "Good Character" within Oregon's Community of Traditionally Recognizable "Christian-Nations", which includes this State's smaller Communities of Townships, Precincts, Cities & Counties, Churches, & other voluntary groups. This is all in accord with that particular Traditionally-Recognizable "Common-Law" as Originally Practiced in these Smaller Communities of Oregon, & as are based on the Laws of Ancient England before the "Norman-Conquest" of 1066, with its "Politically-Subdivided" Communities of 10's, 50's 100's, &1000's. This precise hierarchy was practiced in Ancient-Israel as set forth in Exodus 18: 21 & 24, & Deuteronomy 1: 14, & similarly by Jesus Christ in Mark 6: 40 & Luke 9: 14. When Twelve of us have our signatures attached hereto, We hereby Declare that this has the Effect in "Law" of a "Fact Tried by a Jury", all thereby "Justifying" this Effort at the Creation of his Corporate Entity in accord with these Ancient Principles of Law which have been set down into the Seventh Amendment to the US Constitution & Oregon's Constitution at Amended Article 7 Section 3. This Process is Identical to that of the 12 Apostles which were used in accord with the Ancient Laws of the Israelite Nation to "Justify" the Kingship of Christ Jesus over it. It was also used to "Justify" a smaller but noteworthy & similar effort of one "Saint Columbia" in England in the year 587 with his 12 "Militia Christie", aka: "Soldiers of Christ". We do hereby Swear that the General-Thrust of these Complaints of Criminal Conspiracy against the Large Number of Corrupted Civil/Municipal Employees are True & Well Founded, & that there is Truly a Desperate-Need to Establish a Platform such as this Corporate-Entity so-as-to Effectively Bring to a Justice by "Due Process of Law" & Jury-Trial these Criminal Civil-Servants & to once again thereby Secure the Peace of the People within this State. We Intend that this document should be Supplemental to a certain "Articles of Incorporation" Form which will be Filed with the Secretary of the State of Oregon, & that this document should further be considered as being Supportive therein, & as a "Justification" thereto. We understand that each of us will be given copies of all of these documents by the Officers of this Court, so that we will be "Fully- Informed" in these matters at all times. We understand that we may withdraw our Consent & our Appointment at any time with but a mere phone-call to: Charles Bruce, Stewart; at 505-668-3932. Here-under, We do hereby lend our Support to the bringing of this Corporate Governing-Agency into Existence by way of our "Justifying" its Existence; & by way of our Appointing it as our "Special" State-Wide & Constitutionally-Limited "Governing-Agency"; & by way of our direction to its Creator, one Charles Bruce, Stewart; to File these "Articles of Incorporation" with the "Secretary of State" of Oregon. As the "Secretary of State" is Constitutionally Oath-Bound to be another of Our Governmental Agents, we do hereby Direct that when he reads these words he is to Promptly & Properly File the accompanying "Articles of Incorporation". This is a Requirement of Law for him, because "We the People" in our Sovereign-Capacity & acting as a Full Common-Law Jury have hereby Directed-Him that this He is Required by the Supreme Constitutional-Law to Do Precisely That. We understand that by-way of phone-conversation in late August of 2000 , that one Twila Coakley who occupies supervisory authority in the Corporate-Division of Oregon's Secretary of State's Office, has Refused to allow a previous attempt to File these Articles, when they incorporated the phrase "State of Oregon", into the Name. A note attached to this Refusal asserted that our Corporate-Body is Not a "Governmental Agency". Ms Coakley Refused to Discuss the Merits of this Assertion with Charles Stewart, clearly indicating thereby that there is no articulatable "Basis in Law" for such an assertion. The People undersigned hereby Appoint this Corporate-Body as the Article-4 Section 23 Constitutionally Limited & Oregon State-Wide "Governmental Agency" for themselves ant those Multitudes of Others who are seeking relief from the epidemic of Babylonian Code-based Municipal/Salve "Malum-Prohibitum". Article 1 Section 1 of Oregon's Constitution recognizes that the People have the Power & "Authority in Law" to do this. Under the Duress of this Refusal to File the previously chosen name, this Corporate-Body does hereby change the wording of these Articles as hereby presently indicated, so-as-to just get our basic Corporate Governing-Body here Recognizably Incorporated into the "State of Oregon". Sworn Subscribed & Done, by the following "Good & Lawful Men": 1: Name Printed: Charles Bruce, Stewart EMail: Phone #: 503-668-3932 Address: 39275 Hood St. # D City: Sandy County: Clackamas Signature_________________________________ 2: Name Printed: Gary Steven White Signature_______________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City: Portland County ________________________ Phone #: __________________________ 3: Name Printed Jerry Royal Bendshadler Signature______________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City: Portland County ________________________ Phone #: __________________________ 4: Name Printed: Richard Lee Burdett Signature_______________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City: Scappoose County ________________________ Phone #: __________________________ 5: Name Printed: Stanley B. Marugg Signature_______________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City: Scappoose County ________________________ Phone #: __________________________ 6 Name Printed Joanne Denzen Signature______________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City: Portland County ________________________ Phone #: __________________________ 7: Name Printed: Clarance Christensen Signature_______________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City: Estacada County ________________________ Phone #: __________________________ 8: Name Printed: James Edward Bailey Signature_______________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City: Portland County ________________________ Phone #: __________________________ 9: Name Printed: Scott Earl; Middlemiss Signature_______________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City:Portland County ________________________ Phone #: __________________________ 10: Name Printed: Marcell Roy Bendshadler Signature_______________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City: Portland County ________________________ Phone #: __________________________ 11: Name Printed: David Robert McGuire Signature_______________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City: Estacada County ________________________ Phone #: __________________________ 12: Name Printed: David Gimenez Signature______________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City:Estacada County ________________________ Phone #: __________________________