Oregon People's Supreme Court of Law:
Court Record.
Introduction & Orientational Notes.

Articles of Incorporation for the "Christian Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice, for the People of Oregon". 27-Sept-2000

The Twelve Super-Counties Jurisdictions
into which Oregon Needs to be Sub-Divided,
in order to Secure: Truth, Justice, Safety, & Peace;
in that order, for the Common People of Oregon.

General Accusatorial Documents:
These are Documents which Confront the Current Civil/Municipal Governmental Officers of this State of Oregon;
& which there-under "Make the Record" that they are Governing in a Constitutionally Lawless Manner.
Constructive Notice # 1 to Governor of Failure to Uphold the Laws. 27-Sept-2000
Constructive Notice # 2 to Governor of Failure to Uphold the Laws. 13-Oct-2000
Constructive Notice to Oregon Law Commission of Treason. 27-Oct-2000
Constructive Notice to House/Senate Judicial Committee of Treason. 15-Nov-2000
Constructive Notice to Oregon Supreme Court of Treason. (16-Nov-2000) General Communications Documents, with: the Civil "Oregon Supereme Court's" Chief-Judge "Wallace Carson".
Transcript # 1 of Meeting with Civil Supreme-Court Chief-Judge Wallace Carson; Shortened. 24-Nov-2000
Outline of Issues to be presented to Judge Carson at next meeting. 31-Jan-2001
Transcript # 2 of Meeting with Civil Supreme-Court Chief-Judge Wallace Carson. 19-April-2001
Outline 3; An "Admissions Demand" form of "Discovery" Document, in which Answers to 130 Pointed Questions
was presented to Chief Administrative-Judge Carson on: 7-August-2001;
all in preperation for a next promised meeting, which has never been respected.

I, Charles Bruce, Stewart, here-by Certify & Affierm upon my Honor as a Christian Man,
that I have Not Recieved Any Response to these above described Letters & Notices,
from so-called "Governor Kitzhaber", Nor from the "Attormey General Myers",
Nor from the "Oregon Law Commission Members", Nor from the "House & Senate Judicial Committee Members"
Nor from from the general body of the so-called "Judges" of "Oregon's Supreme Court",

The singular marginal Exception to this Later Body,
is that Chief Administrative-Judge "Wallace Carson"
has facilitated the two meetings which were transcribed as shown above.
With the further Exception of a few brief phone conversations,
this is the Total Response that the People of Oregon have Recieved
from Judge Carson concerning these most important issues as set forth here-in.
And as mentioned previously, he is the Only Civil-State Governmental Officer
who has Responded At All.