Second Constructive-Notice of Delinquency

of Official-Duties of the Governor of Oregon to
take care that the Laws be faithfully executed

(pursuant to Article 5 Section 10 of Oregon's People’s Constitution);

& Demand to Show Bona-Fide Effort

to Cure said Delinquencies within 30 days”.


Governor John Kitzhaber;

Back in the year 2000, when you were previously acting as Oregon's Governor, and at a Public Meeting in Sandy Oregon; I personally handed you a document which was similar to this one, in the name of and on the behalf of the People of this State of Oregon; and then a bit later I followed-up by mailing you another document; and copies of both of these documents are available on the internet, here:

When I handed you the first document, you told me that your staff would review it, and that someone from your office would respond to the issues raised there-in through some sort of a reply to me. Our memory and records indicate that you “Failed To Respond” to any of the issues raised in both of these documents. Please correct our memory and records here if you believe them to be in error; and also please provide copies of any evidence which would substantiate such beliefs.

For the record, each and every issue raised to you on those two previously-submitted documents, are here and now here-by raised before you again. Those documents went into quite a bit of detail in out-lining the history of our Oregon System of Constitutional Laws, and that detail will not be repeated here.

Since our previous delivery of these documents to you eleven years ago, the complaints voiced there-in have remained un-addressed, to the great detriment of the general welfare of the People of Oregon; and here-under we feel compelled to move the focal-point of this communication to the core-issues.

It appears to us, Sir; that You & all “Civil/Public-Servants” of this State Derive All-of Your Authority to Govern “We the People” of this State by way of your “Oaths of Office” to Support the Constitutions of both Oregon & the Federal Body-Politic. These appear to be the “Conditions of Employment” for yourself & these others, all as “Servants” of “We the People”, all as applicable under those “Master/Servant” Relationship Codes which have Crept into the Jurisprudence of Oregon & America by way of the Roman-based Civil/Municipal Codes. It further appears that If & When any Public-Servant among you should choose to Act Beyond these Constitutionally Defined Parameters so-as-to Proceed with Force against Any of the Individual-People who are the Socially-Compacted-Members of the Body-Politic of this State, that this then is in Essence, an “Act of War” against “The State”.

It appears further to us that Individual Oregonians have the Constitutional Right to bring Criminal-Complaints in the Courts of this State against Any Public-Servant whom any of us feels like filing in said courts. It seems to us that Oregon's Common People have the right to proceed in the courts of this state in this manner, all by ourselves, or with any other individual whom we may choose to assist us; and that we do not need to let our complaint's prosecution be reliant on local District-Attorneys, or on the state's Attorney-General, and that we do not need to rely on any bar-member for our assistance of council. Citations from Oregon's Constitution in support of this radically un-fashionable proposition are as follows:

Article 1 Section 10: Administration of justice. No court shall be secret, but justice shall be administered, openly and without purchase, completely and without delay, and every man shall have remedy by due course of law for injury done him in his person, property, or reputation.

Article 1 Section 1: Natural rights inherent in people. We declare that all men, when they form a social compact, are equal in rights: that all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety, and happiness; and they have at all times a right to alter, reform, or abolish the government in such manner as they may think proper.

Original Article 7, Section 19; and Amended Article 7, Section 6; both read basically the same, as follows:

Public Officers shall not be impeached, but incompetency, corruption, malfeasance, or delinquency in office may be tried in the same manner as criminal offences , and judgment may be given of dismissal from Office, and such further punishment as may have been prescribed by law.”

Statutory Citations:

ORS: 30.510: An action at law may be maintained in the name of the state ... upon the relation of a private party against the person offending, in the following cases: (1) When any person usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises any public office ... within this state ...; or, (2) When any public officer ... does or suffers an act which, by the provisions of law, makes a forfeiture of the office of the public officer ... .”
ORS 133.007: “Sufficiency of information or complaint. (1) An information or complaint is sufficient if it can be understood therefrom that: (a) The defendant is named, or if the name of the defendant cannot be discovered, that the defendant is described by a fictitious name, with the statement that the real name of the defendant is unknown to the complainant. (b) The offense was committed within the jurisdiction of the court, except where, as provided by law, the act, though done without the county in which the court is held, is triable within. (c) The offense was committed at some time prior to the filing of the information or complaint and within the time limited by law for the commencement of an action therefor. (2) The information or complaint shall not contain allegations that the defendant has previously been convicted of any offense which might subject the defendant to enhanced penalties. (3) Words used in a statute to define an offense need not be strictly followed in the information or complaint, but other words conveying the same meaning may be used.”
ORS 135.715: “Effect of nonprejudicial defects in form of accusatory instrument. No accusatory instrument is insufficient, nor can the trial, judgment or other proceedings thereon be affected, by reason of a defect or imperfection in a matter of form which does not tend to the prejudice of the substantial rights of the defendant upon the merits.”

As voiced in our complaint to you eleven years ago, there are numerous cases in which what amounts to “Acts of War” against the People of Oregon, are continuing to be committed on a routine basis, by Public-Servants with-in the Civil-Government over which You have a Constitutional Duty to “take care that the Laws be faithfully executed”. The Corruption in Oregon's Judiciary has reached epidemic proportions; and all of this is allowing economic devastation, rampant lawless foreclosures and job-losses, un-conscionable transfer of wealth from the common people to an aristocratic wealthy class, and a prison population that by proportional adjustment would make Adolph Hitler blush with Embarrassment.

The above cited “Laws” of this Constitutional “State of Oregon” are NOT being “Faithfully Executed”, Mr Kitzhaber. The Judges in the Courts over which YOU are to exercise supervisory authority (as per Article 5 Section 10), merely take our common people's well-pleaded complaints, and, in essence, throw them in the trash. If we demand our constitutionally-guaranteed rights, we are thrown in jail for fabricated “Contempt of Court” citations by executive officers who at minimum are so desperate for economic security that they are willing to sacrifice what functionality of conscience that they might possess.

I, and numerous others, here-by place Demand on you, as the acting Governor of this State, to Remedy this situation, forthwith; or face lawful process to remove you from your office, as authorized under the above quoted ORS 30.510, and other statutes & constitutional provisions.

More specifically; we find that the following-situations constitute Constitutionally-Lawless “Acts of War” by Rogue-Agents within Your-Jurisdiction, all Acting Against “We the People” of the Constitutionally-Lawful “State of Oregon”.


Frank Gable: and the Michael Francke Murder Case: In 1989, the then Director of Oregon's “Department of Corrections”, “Michael Francke”, was “Murdered”. Just as in the Assassination of President Kennedy, a “Patsy” was “Set-Up” to take the blame for the entire Michael Francke Murder. That “Patsy” is named “Frank Gable”; & his Lawless Conviction gave color of legitimacy for the co-conspirators in Oregon's Judiciary & Attorney-General's office to Abort all further investigations & prosecutions, which there-by allowed for the real murders to go free. Constitutional Due Process of Law was Not Followed in the Lawless Murder-Conviction of Frank Gable. Bring Mr Gable before a proper Common-law Jury to Re-Try the case, or turn him Free. ... Related web-pages are here:

Jeremiah Bitz: and Karen Bitz: Jeremiah is a prisoner on Eastern Oregon's Prison System. We have filed Habeas Corpus demands on his behalf in Oregon's Supreme Court, all of which has been lawlessly and contemptuously dismissed by Chief Judge De-Muniz; more documentary history of which is available on the internet here:

Karen Bitz may be contacted at: & 503-829-9885.

Richard Koenig: Richard is a political-activist who has done cutting-edge research on the “Right of Travel on the Public Highways”, & he has documented monstrous levels of corruption in Oregon's “Department of Motor Vehicles”, in Oregon's “Department of Transportation”, and in various other agencies and institutions associated with our State's Government. Richard is presently confined in an Oregon State Mental Health institution, Lawlessly; and he seems to be being “Forcibly Drugged”, he is in legitimate fear for his life there, and this is all being done to silence Richard over the Constitutional Issues which he is raising in regard to “Traffic Issues”. Either bring charges directly against Richard in Court, allow him non-bar assistance of council, and prosecute him promptly; or turn him Free.

We hope to have a web-page up with more updates on Richard's case soon.

James Hamilton: James has had an on-going battle the Municipal Court and the Municipal Police in Oregon City. That Municipal Court needs to be converted into a Court of Justice, similar to that of the Common-Law Anglo/Saxons; and a Jury needs to be formed there; and the entire Oregon City Council needs to face Trail based on the Charges of Rampant Lawless Corruption that James and his many co-plaintiffs will be prosecuting against them.

We hope to have a web-page up with more updates on James' case soon.

Stephen Michael Wallace and Elizabeth Wallace:

$56,000.00 debt, Columbia County Circuit Judge Reed railroaded Mr Wallace, based on traffic issues, all in violation of Mr Wallace's right to Due Process of Law.
We hope to have a web-page up with more updates on Steven's case soon.

There are numerous other cases, that we expect to bring before you, and for you to get something Lawful done about these specific cases, or we will begin prosecutions to force your removal from the public-office which you hold, sir.

And again, the People of Oregon here-by notify you that thirty/30 days from the date of your receipt of this document seems to us to be adequate time for you to deliver a response on these important issues.

With all due respect;

Charles Bruce, Stewart;

In the Name of & on the Behalf of the People

who Organically Compose the Constitutional “State of Oregon”.

19164 Barrington Avenue; Sandy Oregon [97055];