Constructive-Notice of Delinquency
of Official-Duties of the Governor of Oregon to
"take care that the Laws be faithfully executed"

(pursuant to Article 5 Section 10 of the People's Constitution);
& Respectful-Demand to Show Bona-Fide Effort
to Cure said Delinquencies within 30 days".

September 27, 2000

Governor John Kitzhaber;
     Our Religious-Organization hereby approaches you seeking Peace, in the most Holy Name of the King of the
Universe, "Almighty God" YHVH.  We seek His "Justice" under His "Laws of Nature & Nature's God", just as
traditionally practiced within the "Circle of Christian-Nations" under the "Common-Law"; & all as has been set in
motion by His Son, the "Prince of Peace"; the promised Christ-Messiah & Deliverer of Israel from Bondage, Jesus,
aka: Yeshua.  We speak to you through the "Single-Voice" of our delegated-representative: Charles Bruce, Stewart.
He is presently our appointed "Chief Justice of the Peace" for our "Christian-Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice
for the People of Oregon"; Articles of Incorporation of which are pending before Secretary of State Bradbury.
     We proceed before you "State Ex Rel", as authorized by ORS 30.510, similar to the old "Quo Warranto"
proceedings.  As you are probably aware, this means that we are "Joint Tenants in the Sovereignty" of this
Constitutional "State of Oregon", being "Socially-Compacted" there-to, with an "Undivided-Interest" therein.  We
will attempt more introductory-niceties as time allows, however the more-pressing-issues are as follows:
     It appears to us, Sir; that You & all "Civil/Public-Servants" of this State Derive All-of Your Authority to
Govern "We the People" of this State by way of your "Oaths of Office" to Support the Constitutions of both Oregon
& the Federal Body-Politic. These appear to be the "Conditions of Employment" for yourself & these others, all as
"Servants" of "We the People", all as applicable under those "Master/Servant" Relationship Codes which have Crept
into the Jurisprudence of Oregon & America by way of the Roman-based Civil/Municipal Codes. It further appears
that If & When any Corrupted Civil/Public Servant(s) among you should choose to Act Beyond these Constitutionally
Defined Parameters so-as-to Proceed with Force against Any of the Individual-People who are the Socially-
Compacted-Members of the Body-Politic of this State, that this then is in Essence, an "Act of War against the State".
     Our Organization has assembled Much Evidence that the above Concerns for "Acts of War" against the
State" by way of one or more Criminal-Conspiracies among Corrupted Public/Civil-Servants, is all well founded.  It
appears to us that these Criminal-Conspirators have Usurped Authority to Bamboozle otherwise Honorable
Public/Civil-Servants into going along with them by way of various "Declarations of Emergency" which have been
produced by Oregon's Legislative-Assembly, which all gives "Color of Legitimacy" to said Constitutionally Lawless
Usurpations.  These purported "Emergencies" have been used as "Justification" to "Work-Around" the Constitutional
Safe-Guards which have been Guaranteed to "We the People" of this State, all without "We the People" having been
given any Reasonable Notification of said "Emergencies".  The fact that this information has not been given
Reasonable Notification to the People of Oregon, is reflected by the secondary fact that most of them (& possibly
even some legislators) will Deny that this is presently being used as Excuse for  Divergence form Constitutional
Requirements for our State's Governmental procedures. Evidence in support of these little-known are as follows:
     State Ex Rel Madden V. Crawford; (207 Or Mar. 56) (1956) 295 P.2d 174; Pages 80 - 90.
     "... The question is an important and delicate one ... We cannot, however, take into account
considerations of expediency  ... Under ss 1 of Art 7, prior to the amendment of 1910, the judicial power of the
state was vested in a supreme court, circuit courts, and county courts, but under the 1910 amendment, circuit
courts and county courts were not mentioned.  Hence, under ss 1 of Art 7, as amended in 1910, the Supreme
Court is the only court created by the Constitution itself; all other courts are to be created by legislative act.
However, it was to prevent a hiatus in the administration of justice pending action by the legislature that the
first portion of ss 2 of Art 7, as amended in 1910 was adopted. ...

     This Citation shows that Oregon's Trail-level "Circuit-Courts" are Not with-in the "Judicial-Department", as
is a Requirement of the Republican Form of Civil-Government; all within which the Parameters our Constitutional
Democracy is Lawfully Required to Operate.  Both this Citation & Common-Knowledge reveal that both the
"Separation of Powers" Doctrine & its accompanying system of "Checks & Balances" have entirely Broken Down.
This was the Theoretical Bulwark to Keep the People's Public/Civil-Servants From Usurping the "Master" Position
Over Them by way of Perversions of the Constitutionally Authorized Civil/Municipal Master/Servant Relationships.
     Here-under, the Judiciary at the Trail level is no-longer "Independent" but has now come to be concerned
with the Agenda from which it derives it's authority, ie: the Legislative Agenda, & that being compromised, the
barrier is now down also for being compromised by the Executive Agenda, & every other Private Special-Interest-
Group which wields any degree of Influence.  Those who defend this situation, will point out that the Supreme-Court
is still purportedly "Independent", thus maintaining "Separation of Powers".  However, this is a hollow-token of the
substantive Constitutional Guarantee, because for the People, it is a practical impossibility to be able to get a case to
that Supreme Court & its Judicial Power, without first going through the Compromised Circuit-Courts.  Thus, the
Supreme-Court never reviews a Controversy which has been adjudicated by a Judicial Power, which all makes the
entire structure Compromised with regard to Minimal-Constitutional-Requirements of Republicanism.
     The "Hiatus" mentioned here-in, is clearly making reference to an "Emergency" type of situation.  And
though our opportunity to research the recent enactments of the States Legislature is limited, we are aware that very
many of them contain "Emergency" clauses, which thereby purportedly "Justifies" their being applied by these Non-
Judicial Courts Outside of the Limitations of the "Chains of the Constitution".  In Clackamas County, the
Commissioners have admitted by default that "Over Half of the Ordinances currently in place contain these
Declaration of Emergency clauses" thus purportedly making them so enforceable by these Non-Judicial Courts.  We
presume that the same general numbers are true at the State-level.  If any of these assertions are in error, sir; we
Respectfully-Demand that you please Deny such with more specific numbers & in a timely manner.
     The fact that these "Declarations of Emergency" are profoundly affecting the Lives of the People of Oregon
is reflected by work on the Federal-level by the United States Senate, as:
     Emergency Powers Statutes; A Brief Historical Sketch of the Origins of Emergency Powers Now in
Force; Senate Report No. 93.549; November 19, 1973.
     A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40
years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been
abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency.  The problem of how a constitutional
democracy reacts to great crisis, however, far antedates the Great Depression. As a philosophical issue, its
origins reach back to the Greek city-states and the Roman Republic. And, in the United States, actions taken
by the Government in times of great crisis have - from, at least, the Civil War - in important ways shaped the
present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency. American political theory of emergency
government was derived from John Locke, the English-political-philosopher whose thought influenced the
authors of the Constitution. Locke argued that the threat of national crisis   unforseen, sudden, and
potentially catastrophic   required the creation of broad executive emergency powers to be exercised by the
Chief Executive in situations where the legislative authority had not provided a means or procedure of
remedy.  Referring to emergency power in the 14th chapter of his Second Treatise on Civil Government as
"prerogative", Locke suggested that it:
     ... should be left to the discretion of him that has the executive power ... since in some governments
the lawmaking power is not always in being and is usually too numerous and too slow for the dispatch
requisite to executions, and because, also it is impossible to foresee and so by laws to provide for all accidents
and necessities that may concern the public, or make such laws as will do no harm, if they are executed with
an inflexible rigour on all occasions and upon all persons that may come in their way, therefore there is a
latitude left to the executive power to do many things of choice which the laws do not prescribe. ... "

     This document clearly shows that "A Permanent State of National Emergency", is effecting the
Constitutionally Guaranteed Liberties of every Patriotic American, including "We the People" of Oregon.  This ties-in
with the Madden-case above, to show that the "Hiatus, in the Administration of Justice" there-in referred to, is
Negatively-Affecting the "Governmental Procedures Guaranteed by the Constitution", on both Federal & State levels.
The Madden-case refers to Article 7 upon which the State's Judiciary was Re-Organized by purported Amendment,
back in 1910.  The head-note between the Amended & Original versions of Article 7 of Oregon's Constitution which
Govern the Judiciary of the State's Civil Government, clearly uses the problematic term "Supplant", as follows:
     "Original Article VII, compiled below, has been supplanted in part by amended Article VII and in
part by statutes enacted by the Legislative Assembly."

     The use of this term "Supplant" herein is defined in reputable dictionaries as follows:
     Random House Contemporary 1957: "Replace & Supplant both ... convey different senses. ...
Supplant implies that which takes the others place has ousted the former holder, & usurped the position or
function, especially by art of fraud ."
     Random House College 1968: "1. To take the place of , as through force, scheming, or the like."
     Oxford Universal 1937:  "3. To supersede (another), esp by force, trickery, or treachery; to usurp the
place or possessions of. 4. To uproot... ."

     These words reflect most grievous concern, sir.  These words reflect that "Bad-Faith" has been perpetrated
by a Powerful Private Special-Interest-Group which is Hostile to the "General-Welfare" of "We the People" of this
Constitutional "State of Oregon".  Here-under, it is Reasonably-Construable that these above mentioned & so-called
"Declarations of Emergency" are nothing more than Fabrications to Deceive the People, & to Purposefully
Undermine the Constitutionally Required Concepts of Responsible-Democratic/Republican "Self-Government".  This
is what Reasonably Appears to be the Case to ourselves.  We here-by place Respectful-Demand upon you; that you
either show us where we error, or that you Show Bona-Fide Effort to Cure these Bad-Faith Private Special-Interest-
Group Divergences from the Constitutionally Lawful form of Popular Government, forth-with.
     Oregon's Constitution Requires that the "Administration of Justice", & many other Serious Concerns be
Free from the Centralized-Authority of the Civil/Municipal Government of this State, & that they function in a De-
Centralized Manner under the Godly Natural-Laws of Conscience; & the People's Natural Rights to "Self-Govern"by
way of their own "Local or Special" Authorities, down at the Counties, Precincts, & Townships, Churches, Labor-
Unions; or other voluntary Associations; all as follows:
     Article 4 Section 23. Certain local and special laws prohibited.  The Legislative Assembly, Shall Not
Pass Special or Local Laws, in any of the following enumerated cases, that is to say:
     Regulating the jurisdiction, and duties of justices of the peace, and of constables; For the punishment
of Crimes, and Misdemeanors; Regulating the practice in Courts of Justice; Providing for changing the venue
in civil, and Criminal cases; Granting divorces; Changing the names of persons; For laying, opening, and
working on highways, and for the election, or appointment of supervisors;
     Vacating roads, Town plats, Streets, Alleys, and Public squares; Summoning and empanneling
grand, and petit jurors; For the assessment and collection of Taxes,  for State, County, Township, or road
purposes; Providing for supporting Common schools, and for the preservation of school funds; In relation to
interest on money; Providing for opening, and conducting the elections of State, County, and Township
officers, and designating the places of voting; Providing for the sale of real estate, belonging to minors, or
other persons laboring under legal disabilities, by executors,  administrators, guardians, or trustees.

     This citation from Oregon's Constitution is very powerful. Note please that the full "Administration of
Justice" Powers through the "Courts of Justice" & their "Justices of the Peace" are fully preserved to the smaller
Jurisdictions.  Note also the full Police Powers are secured to these entities under the "Constables".  Hereunder,
Churches, Trade-Unions, Hobby-Groups, or any other Organizations who are drawn together because of interests
other than mere concerns for Locality, & who's members have good Knowledge of the Reputations of their members
for Truth & Honesty, these groups are also En-Titled "As a Matter of Law" to "Self-Govern".  This is very Powerful.
This is how this Court intends to function until the Old Municipal/Civil DeFacto Judicial System withers away & dies
from lack of use. These very powerful Constitutional Provisions are supported by Powerful Statutes in Oregon which
recognize & back-up these Profound Powers of these "Special or Local" Self-Governing entities; as follows:
     ORS: 1.010: Every court of justice has power:
     (1) To preserve and enforce order in its immediate presence.
     (2) To enforce order in the proceedings before it, or before a person or body empowered to conduct a
judicial investigation under its authority.
     (3) To provide for the orderly conduct of proceedings before it or its officers.
     (4) To compel obedience to its judgments, decrees, orders and process, and to the orders of a judge
out of court, in an action, suit or proceeding pending therein.
     (5) To control, in furtherance of justice, the conduct of its ministerial officers, and of all other persons
in any manner connected with a judicial proceeding before it, in every matter appertaining thereto.
     (6) To compel the attendance of persons to testify in an action, suit or proceeding pending therein, in
the cases and manner provided by statute.
     (7) To administer oaths in an action, suit or proceeding pending therein, and in all other cases where
it may be necessary in the exercise of its powers or the performance of its duties.

     The implications of these two provisions are Profound.  So long as the members of the smaller Communities
refrain from "Breaching the Peace" outside of their Jurisdiction's Boundaries, their entity remains essentially a Self-
Governing Nation, accountable to no-one but God.  This was how things were arranged under the ancient Mosaic
Code, as described elsewhere here-in; & this is how things were practiced within the "Circle of Christian Nations".
     Section 5 of the above Statute clearly implies that even if the most powerful Governmental figures of this
Nation were Conspiratorially Involved in some activity which Injured a Person within these smaller Jurisdictions, that
the Law would command that they be compelled to account therein. That's what the Statute says, & this is what the
above Constitutional citation Implies.  Another Oregon Constitution Citation in support of this Proposition is found in
Original Article 7 Section 19; as :
     Public Officers shall not be impeached, but incompetency, corruption, malfeasance, or delinquency in
office may be tried in the same manner as criminal offences , and judgment may be given of dismissal from
Office, and such further punishment as may have been prescribed by law.

     The Amended version of Article 7 repeats this wording precisely again in its Section 6.  When this provision
is placed next to Federal Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution, the authority of the smaller Jurisdictions becomes
very clear. It states in part:
     "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an
impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have
been previously ascertained by law ..."

     This again affirms that even the Most Powerful People within the Government of this Nation may be charged
& held to account for any Crimes they may be charged with in the above mentioned smaller districts.  No man is
above the Law in this Country.  This is how "Law" works within "Christian Nations".  Serious students of Lawful
Government at every level will find much valuable instruction from contemplation of the profound "Self-Governing"
authority which is Constitutionally & Statutorily Recognized in the above two Oregon citations .  As a "Matter of
Law", these Powers to prosecute anyone Criminally are an "Inherent" Power within each of these Smaller "Local &
Special" Jurisdictions.  This Power to "Self Govern", to "Administer Justice", & to Enforce it against anyone,
predates the Constitutions of this Nation & its States. These Constitutions were designed to respectfully work-around
& be in subservience to these more Sacred & Traditional Un-Alienable Rights & Powers, as practiced within the
"Circle of Christian Nations".
     We even believe Sir, that Should a Properly formed Jury follow "Due Process of Law" to find that even
regrettably perhaps Yourself to be En-Trenched in Conspiracy to Commit Acts of War against "We the People" who
Collectively-Compose this Constitutionally Lawful "State of Oregon", by way of any acts such as Obstructing Justice
or the Return to Constitutionally Lawful Government sought here-by & here-in, that there-by a Jury may Summon
You to Appear before them, & there-by Try You for such Crimes. And if you should regrettably be found Guilty buy
the Unanimous Jury following "Due Process of Law", then they may issue such Warrants to such Sheriff's,
Constables, Posse-Comitatus, &other Peace-Officers, all so-as-to Remedy the Acts of War which you would thereby
have been found tp be engaging in against the Peace &Dignity of "We the People".  If you feel that you are somehow
Exempt from a True Judicial Proceeding such as this, we Respectfully-Demand that you Set-Fforth your "Basis in
Law" for such Exemption, all within the next 30 days, Sir.

     Oregon's Statutory Law gives great Respect for these Constitutional Requirements, as follows:
Emergency Management and Services (Generally); ORS 401.015 Statement of policy and purpose.
     (1) The general purpose of ORS 401.015 to 401.105, 401.260 to 401.325 and 401.355 to 401.580 is to
reduce the vulnerability of the State of Oregon to loss of life, injury to persons or property and human
suffering and financial loss resulting from emergencies, and to provide for recovery and relief assistance for
the victims of such occurrences.
     (2) It is declared to be the policy and intent of the Legislative Assembly that preparations for
emergencies and governmental responsibility for responding to emergencies be placed at the local government
level. The state shall prepare for emergencies, but shall not assume authority or responsibility for responding
to such an event unless the appropriate response is beyond the capability of the city and county in which it
occurs, the city or county fails to act, or the emergency involves two or more counties.

     This all goes back very far for God-Loving People, to the ancient Israelite Codes of the Old-Testament
Torah itself, as follows.
     Exodus 18: 21   Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of
truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers
of fifties, and rulers of tens: 22   And let them judge the people at all seasons: and it shall be, that every great
matter they shall bring unto thee, but every small matter they shall judge: so shall it be easier for thyself, and
they shall bear the burden with thee. 23   If thou shalt do this thing, and God command thee so, then thou
shalt be able to endure, and all this people shall also go to their place in peace.
     24   So Moses hearkened to the voice of his father in law, and did all that he had said. 25   And Moses
chose able men out of all Israel, and made them heads over the people, rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds,
rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens. 26   And they judged the people at all seasons: the hard causes they
brought unto Moses, but every small matter they judged themselves. 27   And Moses let his father in law
depart; and he went his way into his own land.
     Deuteronomy 1:5:  ... Moses to declare this law, saying, 6  The LORD our God spake unto us in
Horeb, saying ...  12  How can I myself alone bear your cumbrance, and your burden, and your strife? 13
Take you wise men, and understanding, and known among your tribes, and I will make them rulers over you.
     14   And ye answered me, and said, The thing which thou hast spoken is good for us to do. 15  So I
took the chief of your tribes, wise men, and known, and made them heads over you, captains over thousands,
and captains over hundreds, and captains over fifties, and captains over tens, and officers among your tribes.
16 And I charged your judges at that time, saying, Hear the causes between your brethren, and judge
righteously between every man and his brother, and the stranger that is with him. 17 Ye shall not respect
persons in judgment; but ye shall hear the small as well as the great; ye shall not be afraid of the face of man;
for the judgment is God's: and the cause that is too hard for you, bring it unto me, and I will hear it.
18   And I commanded you at that time all the things which ye should do."

     Jesus appeared to be following this pattern, as it is revealed in the following:
     Mark 6: 34   And Jesus ... was moved with compassion toward them, because they were as sheep not
having a shepherd: and he began to teach them many things. ... 38 He saith unto them, How many loaves
have ye? go and see. And when they knew, they say, Five, and two fishes. 39 And he commanded them to
make all sit down by companies upon the green grass. 40 And they sat down in ranks, by hundreds, and by
fifties. ... 44 And they that did eat of the loaves were about five thousand men.
     Luke 9: 13... We have no more but five loaves & two fishes; except we should go & buy meat for all
this people. 14   For they were about five thousand men. And he said to his disciples, Make them sit down by
fifties in a company. 15 And they did so, and made them all sit down.

     Further evidence that the Christians were seriously following the previously-mentioned Mosaic Codes, is
because this precise same-model was the Common practice (Law) under pre-1066 ad "Norman-Conquest" England.
Much survived thereafter by way of Magna Charta & other heroic efforts also, on into Early America. The fact that
the People of pre-Norman England as well as the Framers of the Constitutions of the United States & Oregon had
monumental Respect for these Biblical Passages, all shows why these ancient Statutes of Moses have been
incorporated into current American & Oregon Constitutional "Law".  That this practice has Survived Only within a
"Circle of Christian Nations"; such as England, Germany, & a few others, is affirmed as follows:
     "Tithing Man: A constable.  ... annually elected to preserve order ... and to make complaint of any
dis-orderly conduct. ... the head or chief of a tithing or decennary of ten families; he was to decide all lesser
causes between neighbors. In modern English Law, he is the same as an under-constable or peace-officer."
     "Tithing: One of the civil divisions of England, being a portion of the greater division called a
"hundred". It was so called because ten freeholders with their families composed one. It is said that they were
all knit together in one society, and bound ... for the peaceable behavior of each other. In each of these
societies there was one chief or principle person, who, from his office, was called "teothing-man" now
     Decanatus: A deaconry. A company of ten persons. Also a town or tithing consisting originally of ten
families of freeholders. Ten tithings compose a hundred.
     Decanus: In Ecclesiastical & old European law, an officer having supervision over ten, a dean. A term
applied not only to ecclesiastical, but to civil and military, officers. An officer among the Saxons who presided
over a friborg, tithing, decannary, or association of ten inhabitants; otherwise called a "tithing man" or
"borsholder", his duties being those of an inferior judicial officer. Decanus militarius; a military officer
having command of ten soldiers. In Roman law, an officer having the command of a company ... of ten
soldiers.      Black's Law Dictionary; Fifth Edition, 1979. West Publishing Co., St Paul Minn.

     This is the "Pattern" under which "Christian Nations" De-Centralize the Governing Process so that "Peace,
Safety, & Happiness" of the People may be effectively secured.  Nothing Else Works, as Moses so discovered.  This
is a well-settled body of "Common-Law" which has been long practiced among the Anglo-Saxon, & Celtic, Germanic
& other European Peoples, especially in the British Islands; from prior to the Norman Conquest of 1066 ad, going
back another thousand years directly to the crucifiction of Christ Jesus, all as shown herein.
     This "Common-Law" System was commonly considered to be a "Science", for the "Preservation of Law &
Order", of "Truth & Reason"; & thus for Morality itself.  Hereunder, those Countries within which this Precise
Science Operates, have been known traditionally as  "Christian Nations" & "Christian States".  These united States of
America, & our various Counties, & Cities, & Townships; were Constitutionally Intended to Function as Traditionally
Recognizable "Christian Nations" or "Christian States".  A fine citation in support of this point is as follows:
     "International Law: The system of rules which Christian states acknowledge to be obligatory upon
them in their relations to each other and to each other's subjects. It is jus inter gentes, as distinguished from
the jus gentium . The scientific basis for these rules is to be found in Natural Law, or the doctrine of rights
and of the state; for nations, like smaller communities and individuals, have rights and correlative obligations,
moral claims and duties. Hence it might seem as if the science consisted simply of deductions from certain
fundamental propositions of natural right ... . ... It would be true to say that this science, like every
department of moral science, can require nothing unjust ... . ... a great part of the modern improvements in
this code are due to the spirit of humanity ... leading the circle of Christian nations freely ... for the sake of
mutual convenience or good will.
     The excellent works of Ward and of Wheaton are of the highest use to all who would study the science
as it ought to be studied, as the offshoot and index of a progressive Christian civilization. ... It can only be said
that the practice of Christian states is growing more and more liberal, both as admitting foreigners into their
territories and to the enjoyment of those rights of persons and property which the natives posses, and as
regards domiciling them, or even incorporating them, afterwards, if they desire it, into the body politic.
     The answers ... are given in private international law, or the conflict of law, as it is sometimes called, -
a very interesting branch of law, as showing how Christian nations are coming from age to age nearer to one
another in their views of the private relations of men. ... Councils have almost none of the privileges of
ambassadors, except beyond the pale of Christianity."  Law Dictionary, by John Bovier; 1868 - 1870

     It is noteworthy that the term "Christian" appears Six (6) Times in this Definition. This is because in
America, the Sovereignty of God "Descended" from the King, down to the Individual People, thus to their individual
Communities, all thus in turn effectively placing them under the above mentioned "International Law".
     By way of literally thousands of years of countless re-affirmations of multitudes of Twelve Man Unanimous
Jury Trial Verdicts, these "Commonly" recognized Procedural Safeguards of the "Natural Rights" of "We the People"
have become "Well-Settled" (aka: "Crystalized", aka: "Statutized");  into a Core-Set of Fundamental Principles.
These have all gone through a fine-slow-brew-distilled process, into what Anglo-American Constitutional
Jurisprudence has now long recognized as "Maxims of Law".
     Adherence to these traditional & well-settled "Maxims of Law" is the ONLY way known to mankind by
which Naturally Conscionable Sociological Justice may be Consistently Achieved.  This is a "Science".  It is a
"Science of Morality".  It is so efficient & precise that it instantaneously pegs the meter on redline directly towards
the "Synagogue of Satan" & his organized Conspiracy who Falsely Claim to be Jews, every time it is properly
powered up.  Of course they start screaming bloody murder & the meter must be unplugged or otherwise insulated
from honest open-public scrutiny, or else their mob will Riot and all of western civilization threatens immediate
collapse.   This is why those Nations & States who have traditionally followed this Science of Morality have been
relentlessly infiltrated & subverted by those who have been routinely identified as "Enemies" of this Science.
Citations in Support that this is a Science & that it has Enemies, is as follows:
     "Common Law Pleading" by Koffler & Reppy, West Publishing; 1969.
     "As Lord Mansfield so well said: "The Substantial Rules of Pleading are founded in the strongest
sense, and in the soundest & closest logic; and so appear, when well understood and explained; though, by
being misunderstood and misapplied, they are made use of as instruments of chicane.  As a result of such
misapplication and chicanery by men who resorted to the technicalities of Special Pleading to serve their own
selfish ends, as a result of the portrayal by it's enemies of the System as a mere game of skill, in which the
helpless litigant became a pawn in a wilderness of arbitrary technicality and confusion; in which it was
pictured as the master and not the servant of the courts, or as an end in itself, instead of an instrument for the
fair and equitable adjustments of substantive human rights, the System of Pleading and Procedure as
developed at Common Law, was gradually brought into popular disrepute by the efforts of well meaning
Reformers, who emphasized its admitted Defects, but failed to point out to the people of England and the
United States the matchless precision of the Old System as a vehicle for reducing human controversies into
distinct Issues of Fact or of Law, which could be satisfactorily adjusted, thus achieving the principle end of all
government, to wit, the preservation of Law and Order. Entirely too much time and effort have been
expended in criticizing or eulogizing the Common Law System of Pleading. It now seems appropriate that its
function as a workable and expanding Instrument of Justice for generations, in both England and America,
should be pointed up and emphasized as well as its long-term significance as the fountain-source of our
Modern Substantive and Remedial Rights, if not our very liberties, and finally, its value as an influence which
continues and must inevitably continue to mold future Anglo-Saxon Conceptions of Law and Justice in a free
society, if we are to preserve our ideal of Government by Law as opposed to Government by Men.
     "10 Harvard Law review 238, 239 (1896): Sir Montague Crackenthorpe, O.C., in an address to the
American Bar Association, in reference to the utility of the study of Common Law Pleading stated: "In the
hands of those who understood it, the System of Common Law Pleading was infallible in attaining the
purpose for which it existed.  If all who brought Causes to Trial had possessed a proper acquaintance with
this Branch of Law and a reasonable mental alertness, it would never have been hinted that Pleading was a
means of turning the decision from of a question 'the very Right of the matter' to immaterial points. But
pleaders of inferior and slovenly mental disposition suffered themselves to be misled deliberately, it is to be
feared, by their more acute brethren; and the popular mind came to consider the whole system a mere series
of traps and pitfalls for the unwary, - an Impediment to Justice that must be abolished. In truth, even these
evils might well have been remedied by allowing free liberty of amendment, and reducing to a moderate sum
the costs payable on the grant of such privilege. Those concerned in reform movements, however, often loose
sight of their real object in a feverish anxiety to 'cut deep' and at once; and this explains why the system for
bringing a cause to trial in convenient and exact form was discarded."
     "In Crump v Mims, 64 N.C. 767, 771 (1870) Rodiman, J., declared: "We take occasion here to
suggest to pleaders that the Rules of the Common Law as to Pleading, which are only the Rules of logic, have
not been abolished by The Code.  Pleas should not state the Evidence, but the Facts, which are the
Conclusions from the Evidence, according to their legal effect; & complaints should especially avoid
wandering into matter which if traversed would not lead to a decisive issue.  It is the Object of all Pleading to
arrive at some Single, Simple & Material Issue.".
     "Littleton, during the Reign of Edward IV [1461-1483], in referring to the Art of Common Law
Pleading, declared: "And know, my son, that it is one of the most Honourable, Laudable, & Profitable Things
in our Law, to have the science of well pleading in Actions Real & Personal; & therefore I council thee
especially to imploy thy courage & care to learn it." 2 Coke, Littelton [Institutes of the Laws of England] Lib.
3, Cap. 9 ss 534 (Ist Am. From the 16th European ed. Philadelphia, 1812)."
     " "This [the Common-Law] System, matured by the wisdom of the ages, founded on Principles of
Truth & Sound Reason, has been ruthlessly abolished in many of our States, who have substituted in its place
the suggestions of sciolists, who invent new Codes & Systems of Pleading to order. ..." Grier, J., in McFaul v.
Ramsey, 621 U.S. (20 How.) 523, 15 L.Ed. 1010, 1011 (1857)."

     Thomas "Littleton", as quoted above is one of the oldest & most reputable of sources. Jefferson considered
him one of the few who compared with Edward Coke, each of whom he considered superior to even  Blackstone.
"Littleton" is herein shown as telling his son that this Common-Law Pleading is a "Science". Though the other
citations above lack this precise word, they clearly reflect that the term "Science" may honestly be used for describing
this system. To point out that this "Common-Law is truly a "Science", the above words may be Summarized to read:
     "founded in ... the soundest & closest logic ... (of) matchless precision ... as a vehicle for reducing
human controversies into distinct Issues of Fact or of Law ... . ... function as ... Instrument of Justice ... . ...
infallible in attaining the purpose for which it existed. ...  Rules of the Common Law ... are only the Rules of
logic ... It is the Object ... to arrive at some Single, Simple & Material Issue. ... The Common-Law System (is)
founded on Principles of Truth & Sound Reason."

     This "Science" was something which was alive & well in England off & on over many, many centuries. The
Norman Conquest of 1066, Evilly Centralized this basically Godly De-Centralized Mosaic-Christian Governing
Process.  A close examination of Oregon's Constitutional & Statutory Law reveals that Christian Religious
Corporations, such as are responsible for the composition of this document; are the Preferred Corporate
Organizational Form for Securing the Originally Constitutionally Intended "Free Government".  This is because out
Townships & Cities are organized within "Counties", which in turn are organized upon the ancient Judeo-Christian-
Israelite Common-Law Model.  In support hereto the 1997-98 edition of the Oregon Blue Book under the Chapter on
"County Government"; states:
     "... the American county, defined by Webster as "the largest territorial division for local government
within a state ...," is based on the Anglo-Saxon county of England dating back to about the time of the
Norman Conquest."

     Back at these times, the people were very Serious about their Christianity, & their Duties therein as members
of God's Chosen Israelite/Jewish Nation . In fact, this was so serious a devotion, that after the Norman Conquest,
they were mislead into the morally bankrupt escapade known as the Crusades.  That surely would have not happened
under the Anglo/Saxon Governing System, because study will reveal that they practiced a purer from of Christianity
than the Normans, & thus would have not been so ready to "Breach the Peace".  The point herein is that the
previously cited "Circle of Christian Nations" Respects the "Rights" of their "Smaller Communities".  Further
citations in support of this argument read as follows:
     "The texts of the Anglo-Saxons were much copied & used even after the Norman Conquest, & as late
as the 12th century, the law generally in force was still essentially Anglo-Saxon, ...The pre-Conquest kings, like
all Christian Rulers, admitted a general responsibility for law and order, but did not claim more than a vague
supervision. They avoided the direct administration of the law in all but the most exceptional cases, leaving
local institutions to apply traditional rules and procedures which evidently varied from place to place."
Encyclopedia Americana, International Edition, 1963; Common Law / Historical Survey / Anglo-Saxon Law.

     These traditional concerns for "Local or Special" "Self-Government" have been Modernly "Supplanted" by
an Epidemic of "Municipal" Franchise Governments which derive their Authority from the "Emergency" Statutes
passed by the States Civil Legislative-Assembly.  It seems that every County & City & Precinct & Township in the
State are now Municipal Puppet-Regimens of "Malum-Prohibitum". This is all entirely Repugnant to Oregon's
Fundamental & Prioritized Original Constitutional Intent, as follows:
     Article 1 Section 1:  We declare that all men, when they form a social compact, are equal in rights:
that all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and
instituted for their peace, safety, and happiness; and they have at all times a right to alter, reform, or abolish
the government in such manner as they may think proper.

     The Volumes of Evidence is very Convincing to "Reasonable-Men" who are Bound by Godly "Dictates of
Conscience" that there is a Powerful Criminal-Conspiracy afoot to Reduce the People & their Governing-Bodies to
Municipal Puppet-Regimens which hop & skip at the beckon-call of the Powerful Private Special-Interest-Groups
who Influence the Legislative Agenda. To Support Such, is all Clearly a Breach the Fiduciary-Trust/Duty of
Public/Civil Servants, to Support the Constitution.  Common-People will quickly recognize that the "Malum-
Prohibitum" which flows from these Municipal Governing-Body Franchises is all Repugnant to Common-Sense &
Natural-Reason & Conscience.  Once they make the connection that this is all based upon Constitutionally-Law-less
& Convoluted Concepts of so-called "Private-Law", being En-Forced against them under Usurpations & Purposeful
Deception Masquerading as Constitutional Law for the specific purpose to Destroy their Rights to their "Peace,
Safety, & Happiness", well then they will become quite out-raged & may not be so easy to forgive when they begin to
Sit on their Juries to Judge those who Willfully Conspired to so Reduce them & their Children to this form of Lawless
     This system directs the Force which it Commands by way of Process which is basically Military & Summary
in its Nature. It holds so-called "Jury-Trials" for no other purpose than to Perpetuate Fraud upon the Public.  Such
proceedings have had the Guts of the True Jury's "Natural-Conscience" Surgically-Removed, all so-as-to Not
Interfere with a Larger Private-Agenda of a Powerful, Secretive, & Well-Organized & Evil Special-Interest-Group.
They appear to be engaged in "Acts of War" against the People who Compose this State . We again Respectfully-
Demand that you Deny the Truthfulness of these Statements, within 30 days, Sir; or in the alternative that you
Publicly-Show Good-Faith to Remedy these Evils by-way-of Open & Timely Communications with our Delegated-
Representative-Spokesman & Chief Justice of the Peace pursuant to Article 4 Section 23, one Charles Bruce,
Stewart; contact information at end of document.
     Research reveals that the "Private-law" System which we confront is based upon Ancient Babylonian Salve-
Trading Codes, probably originated by Nimrod him-self, all of which in-turn seems to be the Essence of the
Condemnation by Christ Jesus of the "Great Whore Babylon" in Revelation Chapters 17 & 18.  These Codes are
modernly known as "Master-Servant" relations, & here-under "Malum-Prohibitum", "Municipal-Law", "Civil-Law",
"Commercial-Law", "Equity", "Military-Law" & other Evil Bodies of Law derive their singular Authoritarian
Original Source.  That Evil Body of Law has crept into Anglo-American Jurisprudence by way of Sword & Stealth.
It all gains Color of "Justification" from the mutually recognizable authority of Private-Individuals to enter into
Private-Contract or Treaty with other Private-parties.  While this is basically True, the Founding Fathers were
sufficiently savvy to these Schemes to Constitutionally Prohibit the Civil/Municipal Governing-bodies from being able
to En-Force the same, all because it is at the precise Act of En-Force-ment, where the "Breach of the Peace" occurs.
     Here-under, as these War-mongers Usurp Authority & Power over the People, they at the same-time invoke
"Private-law" so-as-to lend "Color of Legitimacy" to their Acts of War.  The Judges are also there merely to Lend
"Color of Legitimacy" to these Acts of War.  The Decision seems Already to have been Made, even before a Court
Appearance.  The Trail seems to have been actually held in the Legislative-Assembly by way of "Special Session" in
which "Emergency" Measures were adopted. All that is left is to go out and En-Force their "Malum-Prohibitum"
Warrants of War, against those poor-schmucks who just happen to be under the impression that there is No Spiritual-
Battle being waged between the Forces so Good or Evil, & that they may enjoy their place in the Sun & Fresh-Air
without concern being Captured by would be Masters to Serve them as their Slaves.
     Under this Convoluted-Reasoning-Process, the Civil/Public-Servants in the Judiciary take plenty of Time &
Resources to Enforce the Private-laws of the Powerful Special-Interest-Groups against basically defenseless members
of "We the People".  How-ever If such a Member of the Public should Counter-Claim against the Powerful Special-
Interest-Group, or against the Corrupted Public/Civil-Servant for Criminal-Violations of his General/Public-Rights as
a Component Member of the Socially-Compacted Body-Politic of the State of Oregon, then all of a Sudden the entire
Judicial-Machinery of the State has absolutely No Resources Available to Help this Desperate Member of our Body-
Politic Community.
     These Corrupted Civil/Public-Servants here-under use these Legislative Enactments of "Malum- Prohibitum"
to Law-less-ly Direct the Force of the State, Against those Members of the Body-Politic who are other-wise acting
within the Parameters of their Constitutionally Guaranteed "Liberties".  In the current situations in which this body of
so-called "Private-law" is Epidemically being Lawlessly Applied Against "We the People" of Oregon, the People are
not even aware that it is being Imposed over them, let alone being able to contemplate the factors involved there-in so
that they can make an Informed-Decision there-on.  This Grossly Un-Fair Usurpation of Jurisdiction seems not to
bother those involved in it's enforcement, especially in the Judiciary of this State.
     This Routine & Calculated Mis-Prioritization of tolerable "Private-law", over the Constitutionally Prioritized
& Guaranteed "Public-Law", is Impossible to accomplish within the Constitutional Parameters, & thus is an Entirely
Bad-Faith Usurpation of Authority over Entirely Innocent-People.  It is an "Act of War" against them, in every sense
of these words.  Oregon's Constitution Redundantly Requires Three (3) Times within the First 7 Sections of it's First
Article that "Conscience" is to be Respected by our Civil/Public-Servants, as follows:
     Section 2. All men shall be secure in the Natural right, to worship Almighty God according to the
dictates of their own consciences.
     Section 3. No law shall in any case whatever control the free exercise, and enjoyment of religeous (sic)
opinions, or interfere with the rights of conscience.
     Section 7. The mode of administering an oath, or affirmation shall be such as may be most consistent
with, and binding upon the conscience of the person to whom such oath or affirmation may be administered.

     This all Limits the Applications of the Force of the "State of Oregon" to that Small Body-of-Laws which
Only Punishes for the All Important Concern of Defending Our People Against "Breaches of the Peace".  The entire
Number of Our Complete Body-of-Laws are thus very "Small", all being Firmly Under  "Malum In Se" which is the
Traditionally Recognizable Common-Law "Wrong in It-Self".  By so-keeping the Number of Our Laws "Small", this
allows "We the People" Great Latitude for "Liberty" under Sociological Natural-Law, within which we find a very
"Large" "Liberty" where-in We can Grow to our Full-Natural-Potential, as we learn to Peaceably-Co-Exist among
each-other as Equals. This is all With-out any Interference from any Powerful Special-Interests-Groups who desire to
Reduce-us under their Private-law of "Malum-Prohibitum", to become their Trained-Body of Obedient-Servants at
their beckon-call. These Constitutional Provisions, along with others similarly powerful, make Oregon a "Common-
Law State", precisely as Recognized in the following:
     United States F. & G. Co. v. Bramwell; 217 Pac. 332. Argued May 28, 1923.
     "Common Law - Adopted as Part of Laws of Oregon.  The common law of England ... as it existed at
the time of the American Revolution as far as it was general and not incompatible with the nature of our
political institutions, or in conflict with the Constitution and laws of the United States or of Oregon has been
adopted as part of the law of the state, in view of Article 1 Section 2, of the Organic Law of the Civil
Government of Oregon, Adopted July 26, 1845, and of Constitution of 1857, Article 18 Section 7.

     These Constitutionally Required Laws of "Conscience" are presently Not being Respected by the Civil
Governmental Officers in Oregon. This is all being done under Your Authority as Governor, sir.  Here-under, the
"Laws of this State" are Not being "Faithfully Executed", & there-by with all due respect sir, You are being
Delinquent in your Duties pursuant to Article 5 Section 10 to Insure the same.
     Private "Malum-Prohibitum" is being Epidemically Enforced against "We the People" in Lawless Manners.
We have tried to file Counter-Claims to break-through these Evils, but the Judges Routinely Ignore our Counter-
Claims. The Statutes of this State, though less than ideal; are basically livable.  They provide us with clear Remedy.  It
is the Corruption of the Judiciary which is Killing the People.
     The Prison Population is way too large to reflect Constitutionally Lawful Judgements against these People.
The vast-majority of these Prisoners have Not Committed any "Breach of the Peace", as is Required before the Force
of the State can Lawfully be Brought to move Against Them, as required by the "Consciences" of Reasonable-Men,
& the Traditional Anglo-American Common-Law.   These Non-Judicial Proceedings are basically Military &
Summary in their Nature.  These Corrupted Civil/Public-Servants have Usurped Authority to Re-Define the term
"Jury", over from Twelve Unanimous Men who "Divine Natural-Law", over to a mere Six or non-unanimous twelve,
who are all Manipulated like Drones by "Instructions" from the Judges which undermine their Constitutional Duty to
use their God-given Consciences & Reason.
     Property Rights are being Destroyed by this "Private/Malum-Prohibitum" Summary/Military Mode of
Proceedings, as is the Right to Travel, the Right to run a Business or a Profession, the Right to Bear Arms/Guns; the
Right of the Heads of Households to make their Own Decisions & to Lovingly Discipline their own-Families.  The
List goes on into every aspect of the Lives of Oregon's People.  Even the Churches are Terrorized into Subservience
to these Un-Natural & Un-Godly "Malum-Prohibitum" Laws.  We can read. We know what the Constitution says.  If
you have something of significance here-to of which we have not heard, then we Respectfully-Demand that you set
the same forth to us.  If Nothing can be produced by yourself which mitigates these assertions of Reality, then we
Respectfully-Demand that you show "Good-Faith" Efforts to Cure the same, forth-with.

     We find that the following-situations constitute Constitutionally-Lawless "Acts of War" by Rogue-Agents
within Your-Jurisdiction, all Acting Against "We the People" of the Constitutionally-Lawful "State of Oregon".  We
can produce Twelve-Signatures on a Jury Trial Verdict at very quick time-frame, if you will but affirm that such will
make a significant difference in your efforts to Remedy these on-going Evils.

     We seek the Release from Confinement of "Philip Author, Early". It Clearly Appears to us all that this man
has been Wrongfully-Deprived of his "Liberty", all Outside of Constitutionally-Required "Due Process of Law".  A
Jury of Twelve Persons in the Lawfully Established "Multnomah County Common-Law Court", has Unanimously
Demanded that the D.A., Judge, & Prison-Supervisor in Salem; who were all responsible for his being Incarcerated,
should Produce the "Court-Record" which allegedly "Justifies" his Incarceration; or in the Alternative that he be
Released on the Basis of "Innocent Until Proven Guilty", Forth-with.
     They Defaulted & also Refused to Release him.  This is an Act of War against a Component-Member of the
Body-Politic of the Constitutionally Lawful "State of Oregon . We Demand Remedy, Forth-With.
     Philip Author, Early is presently believed to be Incarcerated within the Oregon State Penitentiary in Snake-
River Oregon. He was previously Incarcerated in Salem under Inmate Number 3425279 T.C.D. . The charges against
this man are believed to be under Multnomah County Circuit Court
Case # 950231639; Attempted Aggravated Murder; & Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

     We seek the Release of the Daughter of Marcel Roy, Bendshadler; of Portland in Multnomah County; from
the Malum-Prohibitum Custody of one of the Civil/Municipal Family-Services Agencies. Marcel can be reached at
503-286-6409, or EMail at .

     There are many others, this is a start.  If you do exercise your authority at this bequest, please inform us of
such, so that we may give credit where it is due, as there are many various other attempts to Remedy these Injustices
     We Sincerely seek "Peace" from you, Sir; & we will drive our-selves to Exhaustion in this Godly Concern.


Chief Justice of the Peace: Charles Bruce, Stewart;
for the "Supreme-Jury" of the
"Christian-Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice for the People of Oregon".
Articles of Incorporation as a Religious Entity
presently in submission to the Secretary of the State of Oregon.
Co: 39275 Hood St., # D; Sandy Oregon [97055]; 503-668-3932.
EMail: (