"Christian-Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice for the People of Oregon" Co: Chief Justice of the Peace: Charles Bruce, Stewart; 39275 Hood St., # D; Sandy Oregon [97055]; 503-668-3932. EMail: (Charles@christiancommonlaw-gov.org) October 13, 2000
Governor Kitzhaber, Senator Metsger, & Representative Schrader; It was good to be able to approach each of you & to briefly discuss with you, this last Thursday evening, the concerns of our Organized "Special" Interest-Group & Religious Corporate Body-Politic. On behalf of our members, I felt that it would be of benefit to you in expediting a response to our concerns, if we sent you this EMail Copy of the basic Documents which were delivered to you then. Please find them in accompaniment here-to. Secretary Bradbury has now completed Filing of our Organization's "Articles of Incorporation" into the Constitutionally Lawful "State of Oregon". The document is stamped "Filed" under the date of September 27th, 2000; under Registry-Number 76-7103-84. There is no hard-copy of that Document in the materials I handed to you on Thursday, however there is an EMail Copy in accompaniment here-to of the original, as it was submitted before the file stamps & other notations were placed on it. Just a couple of other points we wish to mention quickly, which I forgot to place in the previous letter to Governor Kitzhaber, due to time constraints then; but which I now realize are of considerable significance in this whole area of concern. First, is that in Oregon Revised Statutes, in Title 14 governing Criminal Proceedings, & at Chapter 131 governing Jurisdiction, at ORS 131.205 it seem that an "Artificial-Overlay" has Created another "State" which is "Above" Our Constitutionally-Lawful "State of Oregon". It seems to us that hereby a "Private" & "Special" Jurisdiction is being quietly used to Enlarge the Administration of the Force of the "State of Oregon" beyond it's Constitutionally Limited Parameters. The Statute reads: Jurisdiction: 131.205: Definition for ORS 131.205 to 131.235. As used in ORS 131.205 to 131.235, "this state" means the land and water and the air space above the land and water with respect to which the State of Oregon has legislative jurisdiction. From this Statute, it is clear to us, that there are Two "States". The later-mentioned one is the one "with respect to which the (Constitutionally-Lawful) State of Oregon has legislative jurisdiction." The other "State" is only referred to ambiguously as "This State", however it is clear from the wording that it operates from "Above" the other & more Constitutionally-Lawful "State of Oregon". For Clarity of Communications, we will speak in terms of the "Above State", & of the "Constitutionally-Lawful State of Oregon". This Critically Important Statute, by which the Legislature has Defined the "Limitations" of the Jurisdiction of the use of the Force of the State against it's People, by way of what it now Defines as "Criminal- Procedure"; is now Beyond the "General-Law" Parameter "Chains of the Constitution". The Legislature now appears over into the passing of "Special-Legislation", all of which appears to be in Direct-Violation of the Article 4 Section 23 Constitutional Prohibitions Against the Legislature passing of such "Special-Laws". This gives the appearance that the Legislature is "Wearing Two Hats", ie: it is purportedly Loyal to Two Masters, ie: "States"; One of which is the Constitutionally-Lawful "State of Oregon, & the other is an Artificial Look-Alike, Designed for the Specific-Purpose of Mis-Leading & Deceiving "We the People" into believing that it is there to serve the needs of "We the People", when in Law, Fact, & Reality; it is there for no other reason than to serve the needs of a Powerful & Private Special-Interest-Group, which has proceeded with "Mala-Fide" Intent (Bad Faith) so-as-to set up such a DeFacto "State of Oregon", all entirely Law-less at it's core, with no True Concern for the "Peace, Safety & Happiness" of the People of Oregon. Close examination of these powerful under-currents seem to Reveal what the "Declaration of Independence" referred to as Evidencing a "Design to Reduce them (We the People) under Absolute Despotism". Here-under, it appears that all Publicly-Voiced Concerns for Abiding by Oregon's- Constitution, are nothing but Hollow-Platitudes, Designed for No-Other Purpose than Damage-Control, to Keep the Weak-Minded within Minimal-Tolerance-Thresholds of Ignorance. For if the People should break-out into Full-Recognition of this Law-less-ness, then the Private Special-Interest-Group's Members would have great Difficulties in Maintaining their Privileged Status. ORS 131.215 builds upon the phrase "This State" to thereby Base the Entire Criminal Jurisdiction of Oregon Revised Statutes upon this Extra-Constitutional "Above State". The "Exceptions" listed at ORS 131.225, which are theoretically there to allow "We the People an "Escape-Valve" from this Malum- Prohibitum Human-Meat-Grinder, are a nice pragmatic Compromise with the "Powers that Be". However, the Circuit-Courts have had Well-Pleaded-Arguments Citing this Escape-Valve placed before them, & they Routinely Ignore such Arguments, & there-by they Administer the Force of this State to Destroy the Lives of Oregon's People, all in Direct-Violation of both this Statute, & the Fundamental Principles of Justice & Due-Process which are the Tap-Root of the Constitution itself. This "Beast" is "Out of Control", gentlemen, & by way of the "Color of Law" Statutes such as these, Multitudes of Oregon's People Perceive that Lawless-Violence is being Willfully Perpetrated Against "We the People" who Compose this Constitutionally-Lawful "State of Oregon", & that this all effectively amounts to "Acts of War" against the State. You gentlemen are "Oath-Bound" to Protect "We the People" of Oregon against such "Acts of War" being waged against us, & We Need You All to make Bona-Fide (Good-Faith) Effort to Correct these Evils, forthwith. Secondarily, there is something of which our research has only been given glimpses of. It is called the "Buck Act". It was passed in 1945 or so, & it apparently Created in numerous States, including Oregon; the presence of mere "Puppet-Regimens" similar to the "Banana- Republics" which are so famous for Human-Rights Atrocities in South-America & else-where. As we understand it, this means that the various States are no-longer Constitutionally-Lawful "Republics", or "Free-Governments" as Required by way of Article 1 Section 1 of Oregon's Constitution; but rather Oregon & the other States have been Reduced-to mere Obedient-Servants, under an Extra-Constitutional Expansion of the Federal/Civil Governmental Jurisdiction, all similar to what was carried out against Rome's Conquered "Municipum" City/States, as mentioned in the following: Apollo, History of Rome; Cyril E. Robinson, 1956; Chapter 4, the Conquest of Italy; Pages 26 & 27: "Many factors contributed to her (Rome's) success; but more important than her geographical position, more important than even her military powers, were the political methods where by she contrived to conciliate as well as conquer. ... In 381, after overcoming the adjacent town of Tusculm, she generously admitted it to terms of further privilege. ... they were compelled to pay the war-tax like other Roman Citizens, & in token of this imposition a town thus treated was known as a muni-cipum or "burden-holder". As Rome's conquests spread, it became her custom to confer this status on cities .. Other texts show clearly that Rome was a Salve-Trading Empire, & that it drew its Salves from these Conquered "Municipum". This Salve-Trading Body-of-Laws was based on the ancient "Master- Servant" Codes of ancient Babylon, which seems clearly to us to be what Christ-Jesus spoke of in Revelation Chapters 17 & 18 as the "Great Whore Babylon", there-in negatively referring to her participation in the Selling & "Buying ... of Salves & the Souls of Men". Hereby, gentlemen; it seems that "We the People" of Oregon, as well as the other States of America; are being systematically Reduced to Slavery. This is all clearly in Direct-Violation of the Fundamental-Principles of Liberty, Justice, & Peace within Oregon's-Constitution, & because Law- Dictionaries Clearly Define the Term "State" as "the People", then these Lawless Acts-of-Violence are effectively "Acts of War" Against the "State of Oregon"; because "the People" of Oregon, Are, the "State of Oregon". Further, it appears that the Constitutionally-Lawful "State of Oregon" has Vacuum at the "Helm of Our "Ship of State". It appears that You Gov Kitzhaber are Not the Governor of the Constitutionally- Lawful "State of Oregon"; but that rather that you are the Governor of the above mentioned ORS 131.205 & 131.215 "Above-State", aka: the "DeFacto State of Oregon", all entirely Constitutionally-Lawless & there-fore Null & Void in Every Act it Administers. It appears that the Office of the Governor for the Constitutionally-Lawful "State of Oregon", is presently quite Vacant. Similarly Senator-Metsger, & Representative-Schrader; your Offices seem to be for Nothing Other than this same Constitutionally- Lawless "Above" DeFacto State, & that the Constitutionally-Lawful State presently has No Representatives or Senators Representing them . If you gentlemen could factor in these new concerns to your Response, within the previously set- forth 30 days, that would be greatly appreciated. If you need a full 30 days to respond to this information, that is ok; but we still expect that within the 30 days from which you were first Personally Presented with the related information here-to, on the 28th of September, that you make some form of Good-Faith Response to that larger-body of Concerns. There are many People of Direct-Relation in the Body-Politic of this State, who are Gravely Concerned over the Issues presented to you in these Documents. A large number of us now have the blessings of EMail, & although hard-copy's of whatever responses you are able to make would be greatly appreciated for our Files; in practical terms it would be most beneficial to the People of this State, if you could communicate your Responses to our Concerns, by way of EMail. By that method, we can quickly forward your Responses out to the rest of our Organization's People, & there-after it will be easily & quickly made available to All of "We the People" of this State. We Only Seek to get our State Government Back in Harmony with the Fundamental-Principles of Oregon's Constitution. We find enlightenment in the Christian Concepts of "Love of Enemy", & here-by we feel that Any Past "Acts of War" against the People which have been engaged in under these most trying circumstances, can pretty much be just swept under the rug & forgotten about. We just want to Heal. We find that Our People & Our Body-Politic "State of Oregon" have been effectively "Wounded", from the effects of this apparent War against us; & if letting a few Criminals Go is the Price of achieving Peace & Time to Heal & to Direct our Children upon a Truly Bright Future under a Constitutional "Free- Government" for in Oregon, then we find that this is an Acceptable barter. We hold High Hopes that each of you are Honorable-Men, & that you will each there-by Respond to these Most Serious Concerns with that Bona-Fide Good-Faith which reflects that Honor. Sincerely, Chief Justice of the Peace: Charles Bruce, Stewart; "Christian-Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice for the People of Oregon". Articles of Incorporation Filed with the Secretary of the State of Oregon, RN: 76-7130-84; 27-Sept-2000. Co: 39275 Hood St., # D; Sandy Oregon [97055]; 503-668-3932. EMail: (Charles@christiancommonlaw-gov.org)