"Christian-Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice for the People of Oregon". (Articles of Incorporation Filed with Secretary of State; RN: 76-7130-84; 27-9-2000) Co: Chief Justice of the Peace: Charles Bruce, Stewart; 39275 Hood St., # D; Sandy Oregon [97055]; 503-668-3932. EMail: (Charles@christiancommonlaw-gov.org) October 27, 2000 ****************************************************************** "Constructive-Notice" to the members of the "Oregon Law Commission" of "Treason", consisting of an Epidemic of "Overt Acts of War" being perpetrated by a Conspiracy among some certain Corrupted Civil-Servants of the otherwise Constitutionally-Lawful "State of Oregon"; to Alienate "We the People" who Collectively make-up this Socially-Compacted "State", from our Constitutional Rights to "Due Process of Law", & thereby to Reverse their "Master/Servant" Relationship, all so that they can Reduce "We the People" into a Broken & Dejectedly Spirited Sub-Class of Human Slaves. And take further Similar Notice to enter into "Good-Faith" Discussions with the Representatives of "We the People" who are Voicing these Concerns within 30 Days; or in the Alternative give "Presumption of Law" to be Abusing your Position as a "Public-Servant" under such Laws as ORS 162.005 (2-b), so-as-to Give "Aid &Comfort" to the "Enemies" of this State.
****************************************************************** Oregon Law Commission members: This Duly Registered Religious Corporation here-by Proceeds before Each of You as one of many "Private Party" Entities who by "Law" are authorized to proceed "State Ex Rel", all as recognized in ORS 30.510, & similar to the old "Quo Warranto" proceedings. As you are probably aware, this means that we are "Joint Tenants in the Sovereignty" of this Constitutional "State of Oregon", being "Socially-Compacted" there-to, with an "Undivided-Interest" therein. We are Not Slaves. We have Not "Consented to be Governed" by any form of Government other than that which was adopted in Constitutional Convention for this State "In the year of our Lord" 1857. We have come to know that "Law", Properly Defined, Comes From God; just Precisely as Set-Forth by Blackstone, Jefferson & multitudes of others. Hereby, we seek Peace, in the most Holy Name of the King of the Universe, "Almighty God" YHVH. We seek His "Peace" & "Justice" under His "Laws of Nature & Nature's God", just as traditionally practiced within the "Circle of Christian-Nations" under the "Common-Law"; & all as has been set in motion by His Son, the "Prince of Peace"; the promised Christ-Messiah & Deliverer of Israel from Bondage, Jesus, aka: Yeshua. We speak to you through the "Single-Voice" of our delegated- representative: Charles Bruce, Stewart. He is presently our appointed "Chief Justice of the Peace" for our "Christian-Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice for the People of Oregon"; Articles of Incorporation of which are probably in accompaniment hereto, or pending time- crunch will be provided as opportunity on our end, & interest on your end, seems to Justify. We would be glad to indulge in more introductory-niceties upon communications from you that such would be welcome. However, we regrettably have come to find that our respectful concerns for these Most Serious Issues mentioned above, are Frequently Received with Hostility. Here-by, efficient allocation of resources, commands that we cut to the bottom line: In attachment hereto, please find another "Constructive Notice" which was presented to Governor Kitzhaber on the date of the 28th of September, but bearing the date of the 27th. That Document & another similar to him & Legislators Metsger & Schrader dated & presented to the Governor on October 13th, did Outline a very abbreviated Essence of the Concerns which from our perspective does "Justify" the Disturbance of the Complacency of the Status-Quo, by such alarming terminology as "Treason". Those Documents, together with others in accompaniment here-to, taken all together Outline a simple picture of a "Body-Politic" conceived in Constitutional "Liberty", but also being Systematically Destroyed by a Parasite-Class; all similar to a Rapist Brutalizing a helpless Women, while Forcing her to say that she is enjoying the brutal & de-humanizing evils. This Evil Situation in which "We the People" do find our Rights being Rape/Violated is Here-by being Presented before Each of You, because it appears to us that Each of You have "Duties" to "We the People" of this State, to Protect us from such De-Humanizations. It appears to us that Each of You are "Public-Servants, as recognizable within ORS 162.005 (2-b). It further appears to us that here-under Each of You have "Duties"- "Imposed ... by Law or ... clearly Inherent in the Nature of the Office ... ", to "We the People" who Compose this Constitutionally-Lawful "State of Oregon", just as set-out in ORS 162.415. To us, the materials set forth herein, do Document & Prove that a Purposeful Alienating of the Rights of "We the People" to Access "Due Process of Law", has been set in place; all so- as-to effect a Treasonous-Conspiracy to Surgically Remove this Most Powerful Mechanism of Governmental Accountability; all for the Specific-Purpose of Subverting Constitutionally- Lawful Government in this "State of Oregon". We have assembled a very large body of research materials which in our Juris-Diction extensively Prove these assertions. Their most pressing Concerns are fairly-well Outlined in the Letters to the Governor, with the rest of the documents in accompaniment here-to being mostly supportive of such. If Any of You feel inspired to Contest that Any of the Assertions or Conclusions contained in any of these Documents are in Error; Including Your "Duty" to Enter into "Good- Faith" Discussions with us regarding these Most Serious Concerns, then we Respectfully Mandamus/Demand that such ones of You Communicate to us your "Basis in Law" for such assertions, all with-in the 30 Days herein mentioned. Particularly, Set-Forth Why the peripheral issue of any "Silence" from Persons Acting as "Public-Servants" such as the Governor, & the Members of this Commission, should not be Considered by our "Court of Justice", to be an "Overt Act of War" against this "State of Oregon", all by way of their very Act of Sitting in that Office while Refusing to Communicate Honorably on these Vital Concerns; or, in the alternative, that such "Silence" is at least a Reasonable Form of "Giving Aid & Comfort to the Enemies" of this "State of Oregon", by way of Constipating the Flow of the "Duties" of the Offices of said "Public-Servant" to "We the People", for the Specific Conspiratorial Purpose of Creating an Environment in which certain Organized-Crime Parasite-Classes may execute Hostile-Take-Over of Oregon's Body-Politic. We Respectfully Mandamus/Demand that you set-aside Reasonable Time & Energy to Communicate with the Spokesman of this effort, Charles Bruce, Stewart (& such others as should Reasonably be involved); all so-as-to arrive at a Well-Reasoned Understanding of the various elements involved in these Most Serious Complaints. Please review the issues set forth in the Letters to the Governor carefully & Respond to the Issues contained there-in within 30 Days. A round-table meeting from concerned members of the Body-Politic & Honorable Public- Servants, would be most welcome. EMail is good. Paper mail is good. Phone calls are very welcome. We seek Only that Peace & Justice of which the True God of Israel would approve, & which seems to us to be Well-Stated in Oregon's Constitution. We Sincerely hope to hear from each of you soon. Respectfully, & On Behalf of "We the People" who Compose this "State of Oregon"; ______________________________________________________________ Chief Justice of the Peace: Charles Bruce, Stewart; "Christian-Israelite Common-Law Court of Justice for the People of Oregon". Co: 39275 Hood St., # D; Sandy Oregon [97055]; 503-668-3932. EMail: (Charles@christiancommonlaw-gov.org)