Composed by: Charles Bruce, Stewart;

Chief Oregon State-Ex-Rel Prosecuting-Officer;

19164 Barrington Avenue; Sandy Oregon [97055]

503-668-5091 ;



In the Name of & On Behalf of

“We the People” of the “State of Oregon”:

to All Legislative Officers

of the People’s Constitutionally-Lawful “State of Oregon”,

& to All of their Staff-Assistants;

Take “Constructive-Notice” of this:


  of Treason”.Introduction:

            In the Name of God, & of the Common People of this Constitutional “State of Oregon”; we who deliver this document seek “Peace”. And we also seek “Naturally-Conscionable Justice”; because History has Proven that the Higher/Natural-Law Commands that with-out such “Justice”, there can Not be any Peace.

            We seek this “Natural-Justice”, as referenced in America’s “Declaration of Independence” through the famous words of: the “Laws of Nature & Nature’s God”. Further, the singular word “Justice” is Prioritized in the Preambles of Both our U.S.-National & Oregon State Constitutions,

as one of the Paramount Goals of the Lawful Governments of this Nation & State. And for this term “Justice” to have Any Rational Meaning, it Must be used with-in a frame-work of the Supreme “Natural-Laws” from which is born the God-Given “Conscience” of Mankind.

            Take further Constructive-Notice, that this document constitutes a “Felony Criminal Complaint” of “Conspiracy to Commit Treason”. Here-under, & through “Your Oath” to “Support the Constitution” for Both the “United States of America” & this “State of Oregon”; You have an “Official Duty” to make it Your “Top-Priority” to Assist (to the best of your ability) in Resolving this “Felony Criminal-Complaint of Treason” by way of Constitutionally-Recognizable “Due-Process of Law”.

            Here-under; All “Oregon State Legislators”; Take “Constructive Notice” that many of the “Statutory-Lawswhich YOU, & Your Fellow-Legislators, & Predecessor-Legislators, Have “Passed”; are “Un-Constitutional”; & are in Violation of the “Naturally-Conscionable Justice” which our National & State Constitutions Guaranteed to us. Further; many of Your “Statutory Laws” are being Used by Powerful Private-Interest-Groups, to Facilitate such Abuses & Plunder of “We the People” of this State, as-to Amount to “Acts of War”.

            Take Further Constructive-Notice in this Complaint Before YOU, that We Have Witnessed Multitudes of Corrupted-Governmental-Officers Routinely Perpetrating Many of these Un-Just & Un-Conscionable Aggressive “Acts of Waragainst our Constitutionally Protected & Socially-Compacted Individual Body-Politic Members. These Multitudes of Corrupted-Governmental-Officers are being either Bribed &/or Coerced , or else they are under some forms of MK-Ultra &/or Satanic Mind-Control; all as used in movies “Manchurian Candidate” (1 & 2); & “Conspiracy Theory”.

            Here-under; the “Force” of this “State”, is being Perversely Used by these Corrupted-Governmental-Officers, mostly in the Judicial & Executive Departments; to Terrorize the Common People of this State, through Constitutionally-Lawless Acts of Assault, Kidnap, Murder, Rape, & Theft of our Property. The Source of this Treasonous Criminal-Conspiracy is an Ancient, Well-Organized, Secretive, Very-Powerful, & Criminally-SyndicatedTerrorist-Organization”. This “Criminal-Syndicate” does Not Observe Our Natural/ Organic/Constitutional “Rule of Law”. Rather, They Observe Only the Rule of Men/Force/Sword/Guns/Terror. Here-under, this Foreign/Parasitical/ Terrorist Criminal-Syndicate is composed of “Foreign Enemies” who seek to “Pillage & Plunder” Oregon’s other-wise Natural-Organic & Constitutionally-Healthy “Body-Politic” of “We the People”.

            Take “Constructive-Notice” that “We the People”, as Natural Flesh & Blood Individuals, & by way of “Social-Compact”; Are the “State of Oregon”. Blacks Law Dictionary (& other reputable sources) make this un-fashionable definition very Clear. “We the People” do Lawfully Make-Up & “Constitute” that “Body-Politic” Collectively Known as the “State of Oregon”. The Governor is Not “The State”. The Attorney General is Not “The State”. “We the People” Are the State. This is “Our State”. You, & the Governor, & the Attorney General are Our “Public-Servants”. And pursuant to Your Oath of Office & Conditions of Employment, & You Owe Obedience to Us !

            Through documents presented to the Members of the Supreme Court of this State of Oregon; the Judges of that Supreme Court have Admitted (by Default), that They Know that with-in the geographical-boundaries of this State, There Is a Treasonous Conspiracy in motion; to Subvert the Constitution of the United States of America, & of the State of Oregon; & there-by to Reduce the Common People of both of these bodies-politic to the dis-empowered status of broken & dejected Slaves. Chief Judge Wallace Carson has hosted Two Personal Meetings with a number of us Oregonians who are concerned about these matters. He later cut-off these discussions. That was basically all of the response which we have received from Oregon’s Supreme Court’s Judges. For your reference; Transcripts of our Meetings with Judge Carson are on our web-page, here:

            There-by, & along with his fellow Supreme Court Judges he & they have made “Admissions by Default” as-to the truth there-in. Because they have Refused to Do their “Constitutional Duty” to Resolve or even to Address these Most Serious Concerns; they are Lawfully Recognizable as Co-Conspirators. Oregonians are Dying, Daily, because if the Evils Complained of here-in. And these Men & Women have Sworn to Protect “We the People” from these very Evils: & they are either too lazy, or morally-compromised, or terrorized, to do so. If they were too terrorized, they should have stepped-down from the office. If the other explanations are true, then they have a Criminal Culpability with the Treasonous Conspirators complained of here-in. .

            We have also Notified Attorney General hardy Meyers, & Governor Kulongoski, of this Conspiracy to Commit Treason. Also; Accusatory Documents similar to this one have already been presented to many Other Civil-Servants of this State. Similar complaints have been delivered to the Circuit Courts & County Commissioners of Clackamas, Multnomah, Clatsop, Marion, & other Oregon Counties. Here-under; many of these Public Servants Were Notified of Their “Duty” to Respond to these most serious concerns with-in 30 days; or in the alternative to face Criminal Complaint that By their Silence, They were Knowingly & Willfully Criminally Abusing their Clear “Duties” of their Public-Offices, all so-as-to Conspiratorially Participate in “Acts of War” against Our Constitutionally-Lawful “Body-Politic” of “We the People” of this “State of Oregon”.

             We Demanded Remedy from each of these Public-Servants. With a few minor exceptions we have received zero response; effectively, we have received absolute “Silence”. We have gotten No Honorable Response from any of these people.

            Take further notice that: there are Two Modes of Thinking about How Government is Suppose to Function in our American & Oregon Constitutional System. In the More “Lawful Mode”, the Officers of the Government are the “Public-Servants” of “We the People”. These Officers are to be Held “Accountable” to “We the People” for any “Abuses of Public Offices” which they might commit. They Can Be “Removed At Any Time”, for “Cause Shown”, for any such “Abuses” of the “Public-Offices” which they hold. That is How it is Suppose to Work, & that is How it Can Be Made to Work.

            In the “Less Lawful Mode”; “We the People” are viewed to be “Incompetent” to “Responsibly Self-Govern”. Here-under; We are viewed to be Not Sufficiently Responsible to “Choose Our Own Leaders”; Nor can we Choose the Polices under which we can Live in Public-Peace & Harmony. Here-under; some form of an Orwellian “Big Brother” &/or “Benevolent Dictatorship” Must be “Provided” For Us. Here-under; We Must be “Lied” To; & “Secrets” about the Operations of the “Machinery of the Government” Must be Kept from Us.

            Take Notice here-under; that the above mentioned “Less lawful Mode” of Government is presently dominating in this State of Oregon. Here-in; the previously referenced Foreign/ Parasitical/Terrorist “Criminal-Syndicate”, Clearly Appears to have Conspired together with Many Among You Legislators, to Administer the “Governmental Force” of Our State’s Offices, in Totally Violent-Violation of Your “Public-Trust” Duties to Protect the “Constitutionally-Secured Rights & Liberties” of the Individual Members of Oregon’s Natural/Organic Body-Politic of “We the People”.

            Through this Property-Theft, Assault, Kidnaping, & Murder; these “Enemies of the State” are Clearly Evidencing “a Design” to Reverse the Constitutionally-Mandated “Master/Servant” Relationship which “We the People” Lawfully Hold Over You “Public-Servants”. Here-by, they Clearly “Evidence a Design to Reduce Us” to a Broken & Dejectedly-Spirited Sub-Class of “Human-Slaves”, under a Constitutionally-Lawless “Military System of a Government”; aka: “Absolute Despotism”. These are the Precise Same “Acts of War” Complained of in America’s “Declaration of Independence”. Close to 240 years ago, this was the Precise Reason Why Americans Revolutionary Heros Justifiably Executed British Military Personnel; because Those British Soldiers & Officers Violated the “Higher Laws”, which are the “Laws of Nature & of Nature’s God”. This is the Same Reason that the Nazi Leaders were Executed at “Nuremberg”. “Following Orders” is “No Excuse” for Violating these ‘Higher Laws”, which are Constitutionally Guaranteed to Protect the Rights & Liberties of “We the People”.

            Here-under, said “Foreign Criminal-Syndicate” does Routinely Exercise a Private “Military” Form of Jurisdictional-Control over this State’s Governmental Machinery, Especially in the Judiciary & Executive Departments; all so-as-to Routinely & Lawlessly “Pillage & Plunder” the “Property” of Individual Members of “We the People”. Many Civil-Servants Wearing Police & Sheriff Department Uniforms, & Black Robes of Judges; are “Knowingly & Wilfully Participating” in these Constitutionally-Lawless & Terrorizing “War-Crimes” Against the Common-People of Oregon’s Constitutional Body-Politic.

            This is all clearly a Pre-Meditated “Pattern of Behavior”, as recognized under Oregon’s “Racketeering” Statute, at ORS 166.715 & 166.720. Yet because of its Secretive, Violent & Murderously-Lawless Nature, these Acts are Reasonably & Lawfully Recognizable as being Well-Orchestrated “Acts of War” & as “Acts of Terrorism”.

            Here-under; many Public/Civil-Servants, & especially Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys, & Other Monopoly Bar-Association Attorneys; do Routinely “Sell-Out” & Corrupt the manner in which they execute Their Constitutionally-Recognizable “Official Duties” to “We the People”. These Corrupted Public-Servants are “Officers of the Court”; & here-under they have effectively been “Bribed” &/or “Coerced” by these Powerful Corporate Criminal-Syndicate Officers; all to “Obstruct the Course of Justice”, & there-by to Mis-Direct the “Force of the State”, so-as-to use it against the individual flesh & blood members of our state’s organic body-politic.

             Here-by, this “Judicial-Machinery” is being Purposefully Used as a “Breeding Groundfor Growing Morally-Bankrupt & Conscience-Lobotomised Recruits for their Corrupted & Treasonous Racketeering Conspiracy. Here-under; the very Murder, Assault, Kidnapings, Terrorism, & Theft of Property; which are being complained of here-in; are actually being Nurtured & Cultivated by these Treasonous Conspirators. The Many Corrupted Public-Servants Wilfully Involved in these “Felony Criminal Activities”, are All effectively “Giving Aid & Comfort” to the “Enemies of the State” of Oregon. This is the Precise Definition of “Treason”; as set forth in Article 1 Section 24 of Oregon’s Constitution, Oregon Revised Statutes 166.005, & in Article 3 Section 3 of the United States Constitution.

            In Response to the “Constructive Notices” similar to this one, there has been Only “Silence” from Governor Kulongoski, Attorney-General Myers, & the Supreme Court Judges.

Here-under; these Public-Servants have Knowingly & Willfully Refused to Do their Public-Office “Duty” to Respond to these Most Serious of Criminal Accusations in a Responsible, Honorable & Timely Manner.

            With a very few minor & half-hearted exceptions; this “Silence” has in essence been Their Only Response. As a “Matter of Law” these Officers seem to us to have clearly “Defaulted” with regard to this most serious Criminal Accusation that they are Conspiring to Commit Treason. Further here-under, many of these Public-Servants have had Lawful Demands placed before them that they Deny Specifically that by “Operation of Law”, Their Office is “Vacant”. Again, these Public-Servants have Failed to Deny that their Office is so “Vacant”. As a “Matter of Law” these Officers seem to us to have clearly “Defaulted” with regard to this most serious Accusation that their Office is “Vacant”. The complete Record of All Documents which extensively Evidence these Most Serious Concerns; is Completely on this State’s above described Public Web-Page.

            Here-under, “Default has Occurred” by these Governmental Officers, all by way of “Operation of Law”, & all after their Bad-Faith “Silence”in Response here-to. Here-under, & by further “Operation of Law”; these Offices are Now “Vacantbecause a Criminal Can-Not Lawfully Operate a Public-Office. By well-settled “Due-Process” & by “Operation of Law”, any such “Vacancy” Dates From the “Date of the Criminal Act”, & Not from a the later Date when of any Court of Competent Jurisdiction so finally Judges that the Vacancy of the Office has occurred.  

            By “Due Process/Course/Operation of Law”, this “Process” Must Now be “Broadened Out”, to now Include “You Legislators”. “We the People” of this State now have this Constitutional Duty to Inquisitorially Discover whether or not that “You Legislators” & the rest of the Public-Servants & Franchisees of this State, are Also such Knowing &Wilful Conspirators in this “Admitted by Default” Conspiracy of “Treasonous Acts of War” Against “We the People”.

            Here-under, this “State of Oregon” Demands, that in Response to the Most Serious of Criminal Complaints as set-forth here-in, that YOU Promptly & Publicly “Inquire” of the Governor, & the Supreme Court Judges, & the Attorney General; whether or not They have Refused to Answer Reasonable Questions concerning whether or not there is an On-Gong Conspiracy to Abort the “Constitutionally-Guaranteed Rights” of “We the People” of Oregon.

            Further, Give to All Lawful Members of Oregon’s Body-Politic, Sufficient Clear & Convincing Evidence to Convince Us that, You are Exercising the “Duties” of Your Office, Franchise, or Agency; in such a Diligently Patriotic & Conscience-Bound Manner, as to Support Originally Constitutionally Intended “Due Process of Law”, & all so-as to Fully Assist in the Complete Administration of Justice In Response To These Most Serious of Criminal Complaints.

            By way of both the General Terms of our State’s Constitutional Social-Compact, & by way of your Public Office &/or Franchise; You have a Constitutionally Lawful “Duty” to “We the People” of this State, to Respond in a Timely Manner to these Most Serious of Criminal Accusations. Take Note that Silence or In-Action in Response here-to is Evidence that You are Conspiratorially Abusing your “Public Office” in such manners as to “Obstruct Justice”, & there-by to Give “Aid & Comfort” to the here-in described “Enemies” of this State. As a “Public Servant”, You have No “Right to Remain Silent”, like the rest of “We the People”. You Surrendered Your “Right to Remain Silent” as Your “Condition of Employment”. That is What the term “Public-Servant” Means !

            Take Notice that in the Alternative that You might so Fail to Give such here-in Demanded Evidence of Obedience to Your Public-Office “Duties”, then This “Broadening Out” of this Complaint then Will Include “You” as Another Accused “Treasonous Criminal Conspirator”.

            And take further note that, “We the People” have the Lawful Authority to Elect our Own Judges & Police-Officers; & to Form Our Own Juries, & to Judge the Merits of All “Criminal Complaints” against All allegedly “Corrupted Public-Servants”. And you Legislators, as the single Source of “Law” with-in the “Civil-Government” of this State; are Prohibited from Interfering in this & many other of our “Local” Governmental Processes, as shown by the following:

            Oregon Constitution, Article 4 Section 23: Certain local and special laws prohibited:

            The Legislative Assembly, shall not pass special or local laws, in any of the following enumerated cases, that is to say:

            Regulating the jurisdiction, and duties of justices of the peace, and of constables;

            For the punishment of Crimes, and Misdemeanors;

            Regulating the practice in Courts of Justice;

            Providing for changing the venue in civil, and Criminal cases; Granting divorces; Changing the names of persons; For laying, opening, and working on highways, and for the election, or appointment of supervisors; Vacating roads, Town plats, Streets, Alleys, and Public squares; Summoning and empaneling grand, and petit jurors;

            For the assessment and collection of Taxes, for State, County, Township, or road purposes; Providing for supporting Common schools, and for the preservation of school funds; In relation to interest on money; Providing for opening, and conducting the elections of State, County, and Township officers, and designating the places of voting;

            Providing for the sale of real estate, belonging to minors, or other persons laboring under legal disabilities, by executors, administrators, guardians, or trustees.

            And because the Judicial & the Executive Departments Can NOT Legislate; here-under, All “State Civil-Officers” are “Prohibited from Interfering” with these “Local & Special” Powers & Authorities being exercised directly by individual organic-members of the body-politic of

“We the People”

            Further here-under; the vast majority of the affairs of the People of Oregon were Constitutionally Designed to be Governed in a “De-Centralized” Manner, through these “Local” & “Special” (such as Religious Organizations) Governmental Jurisdictions; . You Legislators are routinely Bamboozled by the powerful special-interest-group/conspirators referenced here-in; in-to Usurping a Constitutionally-Lawless Jurisdiction Over “We the People” in these areas. You have a Constitutional-Duty to “Cease & Desist” from these Lawless Activities; & Demand is being placed up-on each of you to do precisely that, here & now.

            Your Duties Are to Protect “We the People” from the very Powerful/Treasonous Conspirators referenced here-in. “We” do Not Need to be Protected From Our-Selves. That is Not Your Duty. That is Constitutionally-Lawless “Malum-Prohibitum”. You have Only the Duty to Protect Us From the Out-Side/Foreign Robber-Baron Class. They are the ones Committing the Truly Constitutionally-Recognizable “Malum-In-Se” Crimes Against Us. And You have a Clear “Constitutional-Duty” to Stop Them; through Following the Pre-Existing “Higher Laws” of “Naturally-Conscionable Justice”.

            This is done through following traditional Anglo/American “Due Process of Law”. This is a “Science” for Achieving this “Naturally Conscionable Justice”. It is Very Difficult to get Twelve Honorable People to Agree on anything. But when that has finally been accomplished, you can be very certain that “Naturally-Conscionable Justice” Has Been Achieved.

            Any Other Mode of Disposing of this “Criminal-Complaint of Treason” is “Obstruction of Justice”. It Does Not Matter that you are Not a “Judicial Officer”. Legislative Officers have Significant Influence in the Affairs of Government. And if the Judicial Officers Refuse to “Do Their Duty”, as they have done here-in; then the Legislative Officers have the Lawful Authority & Duty to “Step in-to the Vacuum”, to “Administer Justice” for “We the People”; all in such manners as honestly seem to them to be in Pursuit of this Constitutionally-Prioritized “Naturally-Conscionable Justice”.

            Take Further Constructive-Notice that any “Act of War” Against Any “Individual Member” of Our Constitutionally-Secured Body-Politic; is an “Act of War” Against Our Entire “State of Oregon” Body-Politic. These Are the “Terms” of Our State’s Constitutional “Social-Compact”.

            Take Further Constructive-Notice that for You “Public-Servants” of this Constitutional State, there is “No Higher Duty”than to Protect Our People’s State from “Acts of War” Against it. Here-under, No matter how eccentric, unfashionable, unpopular, or insane; such a Constructive-Notice of “Criminal Complaint of Treason”, such as this may sound; All “Public-Servants” of said State have an “Official-Duty” to make it a “Top Priority” to Resolve of this Criminal Complaint.

            Similarly, the Federal Legislature, as well as the Federal Judiciary & Executive; have Usurped a Jurisdiction which has been Preserved to the States & Localities, though the terms provided in the 9th & 10th Amendments to the US Constitution. So, although Demand is here-by being placed up-on you to surrender much power back to the Local & Special Governing Jurisdictions; you are also being directed to assume much more jurisdiction which has been lawlessly wrested from you by those larger Federal governing bodies.


            Secondary Governmental Over-Lay; Artificial/Fictional/Provisional/Emergency/ Lawless Government.

            One of the most important points to clearly grasp from this Accusation, is that the Present Governments of Both the “United States of America” & of this “State of Oregon”, areArtificial Over-Lays”. They are spoken of in hushed-tones as “Legal-Fictions”. Higher-level Government Lawyers Fully Recognize these “Artificial Over-lays” to be forms of Non-Constitutional Emergency/Provisional Governments. And actually, almost all “Local Governmental Jurisdictions” are suffering from the very same “Legal Disability”. This includes, counties, cities, precincts, & neighborhood-associations.

            In its best light, it appears to us that certain PowerfulPrivate Interest Groupshave Usurped Authority to Bamboozle otherwise Honorable Public-Servants into going along with them by way of various “Declarations of Emergency”. In Oregon, these have been produced, at least in large-part by You members of Oregon’s Legislative-Assembly. These purported “Emergencies” have been used as “Justification” to “Work-Around” the Constitutional Safe-Guards which have been Guaranteed to “We the People” of this State. Here-by, “Color of Legitimacy” has been given to Multitudes of Constitutionally-Lawless Usurpations of the Rights of the People of the Smaller Governmental Jurisdictions. The fact that these “Declarations of Emergency” are so wide-spread as-to be detrimentally affecting the Lives of the Common People of Oregon, is Documented by a Federal-Level “United States Senate Report”, as follows:

            “A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency. The problem of how a constitutional democracy reacts to great crisis, however, far antedates the Great Depression. As a philosophical issue, its origins reach back to the Greek city-states and the Roman Republic. And, in the United States, actions taken by the Government in times of great crisis have - from, at least, the Civil War - in important ways shaped the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency.

             The problem of how a constitutional democracy reacts to great crisis, however, far antedates the great depression. As a philosophical issue, its origins reach back to the Greek city-states and the Roman Republic. And, in the United States, actions taken by the Government in times of great crises have - from at least the Civil War - in important ways shaped the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency.

            American political theory of emergency government was derived from John Locke, the English-political-philosopher whose thought influenced the authors of the Constitution. Locke argued that the threat of national crisis - unforseen, sudden, and potentially catastrophic - required the creation of broad executive emergency powers to be exercised by the Chief Executive in situations where the legislative authority had not provided a means or procedure of remedy. Referring to emergency power in the 14th chapter of his Second Treatise on Civil Government as “prerogative”, Locke suggested that it:

            ... should be left to the discretion of him that has the executive power ... since in some governments the lawmaking power is not always in being and is usually too numerous and too slow for the dispatch requisite to executions, and because, also it is impossible to foresee and so by laws to provide for all accidents and necessities that may concern the public, or make such laws as will do no harm, if they are executed with an inflexible rigour on all occasions and upon all persons that may come in their way, therefore there is a latitude left to the executive power to do many things of choice which the laws do not prescribe. ... ”

            U.S. Senate Report No. 93.549; Emergency Powers Statutes; A Brief Historical Sketch of the Origins of Emergency Powers Now in Force; November 19, 1973.

            This U.S. Senate Document Clearly Shows that “A Permanent State of National Emergency”, is effecting the “Constitutionally Guaranteed Liberties” of every Patriotic American, including “We the People” of Oregon. This document clearly references the supposed “Logic” & “Reasoning” behind this supposed “Prerogative”. The full text of this document is very long, & it has many more details there-in. There are also many other citations available which similarly recognize that this “Emergency” process is Interfering With the Constitutionally Recognizable “Rights” of “We the People” of this Nation & State. .

            Leaving aside for the moment the implications for “Institutionalized Insanity” which seem intended to support this above admitted “Permanent State of National Emergency”, & it’s Constitutionally-Suicidal Mode of Procedure; Honorable Oregonians & Americans should be Drawn to Look for Where the “Remedy” might be found.

            In Oregon, Evidence of this Extra-Constitutional “Emergency” & Provisional Form of Government is Recognized in Statute at ORS 131.205, which reads: 

            As used in ORS 131.205 to 131.235, "this state" means the land and water and the air space above the land and water with respect to which the State of Oregon has legislative jurisdiction.”

            Now we admit this is a Confusing Statement. The Bar/Monopoly Attorneys who Composed It, probably got paid very well for producing that precise Level of Confusion. But if one takes the time to meditate on the there-in used word “Above”, he/she will see that the phrase “This State”, as used here-in; is a “State Above” the geographical (land & water) limitations of our Constitutional “State of Oregon”. For those who don’t have hard-copy of Oregon Revised Statutes, & who desire confirmation of the above & obviously convoluted wording; it may be found on the internet at :

            Further Investigation in-to this Statutory Provision, Reveals that a Constitutionally-Lawless & Artificial/Fictional/DeFacto Governmental “Over-Lay” has been Set In Place. Even further Investigation Reveals that this “Artificial Governmental Over-Lay” is Supported Lavishly by Well-Financed & Powerful Private/Special Interest Groups. Those “Private Interest Groups” are “Profiting Handsomely” from this Fictional Government’s Jurisdiction, because here-under They presently Enjoy relatively complete “Immunity from Prosecution” from Criminal Complaints Against Them with-in the Constitutionally Dysfunctional Civil/Municipal Judicial System.

            In further support of these most inflammatory conclusions, Oregon’s Civil Supreme-Court has produced “Case Law” which reads as follows:

            ... Under ss 1 of Art 7, prior to the amendment of 1910, the judicial power of the state was vested in a supreme court, circuit courts, and county courts, but under the 1910 amendment, circuit courts and county courts were not mentioned. Hence, under ss 1 of Art 7, as amended in 1910, the Supreme Court is the only court created by the Constitution itself; all other courts are to be created by legislative act. However, it was to prevent a hiatus in the administration of justice pending action by the legislature that the first portion of ss 2 of Art 7, as amended in 1910 was adopted. ...

       State Ex Rel Madden V. Crawford; (207 Or Mar. 56) (1956) 295 P.2d 174; Pages 80-90.

            This Citation shows that Oregon’s Trail-Level “Circuit-Courts are Not with-in the “Judicial-Department”, as is a Requirement of Our American & Oregon Constitutional “Republican” Forms of Civil-Government. The above text clearly Indicates that such so-called “Courts” derive All of their Authority from with-in Your “Legislative” Department. Yet the common use of the term “Administrative” with reference to These “Courts”, probably More Accurately Reflects their essential Executive/Summary/ Military Nature.

            Here-under, There Is No Constitutionally-Required “Separate Judicial-Department”, to keep in place what little “Checks & Balances” are available. With-out Any Independent “Judicial” “Check & Balance” in place; Your “Legislative Department” quickly Deteriorates into Chaos & Confusion. Directly here-after, the Chief Officer of the “Executive Department” is free to Grasp the “Helm of the Ship of State”. Under the “Emergency” Executive-Orders & Legislative Proclamations then in place; the Civil Government’s “Governor” is now essentially Acting as what essentially amounts to a Chief “Military-Officer”. He is essentially a “Monarch”.

            Here-under; the Civil-Government of this State has become nothing more than another “Fiction of Law”, Designed Specifically for Deceiving Common Oregonians about the fact that Their Government has been subjected to “Hostile Take-Over” by a Foreign/Parasitical/Private/ Corporate Body-Politic.

            Here-under; the “Governor”, as one of the Chief Benefactors of this “Military/Police State”; does proceed “Secretively” with his True Agenda. Yet he is sure to surround him-self with much pomp & ceremony, all about superficial issues; & intended to distract the weak-minded, & to entertain the patriotically & morally compromised. Here-under; he surrounds him-self with multitudes of well-compensated moral-prostitutes, all of whom pretend to be absolutely dazzled by the brilliance of his leadership capabilities. The Media-Puppets Dutifully Obey the behind-the scenes Power-Brokers, & all voices if sanity are drowned into oblivion. The multitudes of weak-minded are easily mis-lead in-to the abyss. The multitudes who are smart enough to figure out what is really going-on; but who are either under irresistible pressures to compromise, or who simply do not have any significant concerns for anything more than their own personal short-term self-interest; all of these quickly amass into a huge Mob; ready to follow the “Governor” of this “Criminal Syndicate” Owned & Operated “Military/Police State”.

            The cold-hard reality/fact of this situation is that: we Oregonians are now Effectively Governed by a Fictional & Secretive Form of Government, substantially Similar to a “Monarchy”. Many of these “Officers” have been confronted about these precise realities. We have informed them of Their “Duty” as “Public-Servants” to respond to these Most Serious Concerns. They have “Remained Silent”, in Bold-Faced Defiance of Their “Duties to Respond” to these Most Serious Concerns.

            Both the above quoted US Senate Document & this Madden case, present “Clear & Convincing Evidence” that Originally-Intended Constitutional Procedures for the “Administration of Justice” with-in Oregon, has been Altered by way of these “Emergency” Measures. This Madden Case shows that the Lawful Requirement for our State’s Civil Governmental Authority to Maintain the critical “Separation of Powers” Doctrine, has been entirely Destroyed. Further examination of the Madden case, shows that the purported Legitimacy for this Extra-Constitutional Mode of Court-room Procedures has been Claimed by way of a “Hiatus”. Good dictionaries define “Hiatus” as similar to an “Emergency”. This information has been placed before Oregon’s Supreme Court Judges, Governor Kulongoski, Attorney-General Meyers, the Oregon Law Commission, & the House/Senate Judicial Committee. They All have Refused to Address these Most Important Issues. The Silence is Deafening.

            There is much More “Evidence” in support of all of this. We may elaborate on this in a forth-coming “Memorandum in Support of Criminal Complaint of Treason”. How-ever ; our dis-tasteful experience is that many “Public-Servants” are “Not Interested” in the “Evidence”. And so our precious & limited time-energy-resources, are better spent Organizing Support & Confronting Public-Servants. For reference; Many Leaders of this movement are entirely capable of producing much Proof in Support of the essential elements of this Criminal Complaint. The Public Records which Document Much of these Arguments, are on our State Web Page at:

Evidence of Treason:

             As briefly described above, Our Organization has Assembled Much Evidence that the above described “State of War” Against this Constitutionally-Lawful “State of Oregon”, Does Exist. We have effectively Proven that many Powerful “Private Interest Group” Organizations, are all “Co-Conspirators” in this Purposeful & Blood-Letting “Subversion” of Oregon’s Common-Peoples Constitution. These Powerful “Private Interest Groups” are such as (but not limited to): the “Oregon State Bar Association”, the “Federal Reserve Banking System”, the “American Medical Association”; & the various Corporate “Media Monopolies”.

            Through a close examination of Fundamental-Principles of Our American & Oregon Constitutional-Law, a “Discrepancy” there-with quickly becomes crystal clear. In stark Contrast to these Fundamental Principles “Malum Prohibitum” is now being En-Forced as “Law” Against the Common People of this State. This all Stands in Stark Contrast to the Constitutional “Malum-In-Se” form of “Law”. All of these terms are in commonly available in “Black’s Law Dictionaries”. Under the “Malum-In-Se” form of “Law” a Natural/Organic Person is Requited to be found to be a Physical “Victim”; Before Any Oregonian can be Prosecuted for Any Alleged “Crime”. This is a Great Protection for Oregon’s Common People; because here-by the “Force of the State” can Not be Lawfully Applied against them; except for when it is “Justified” by this “Higher Test” of the “Social Welfare”.

            Yet the “Malum Prohibitum” form of “Law” Prosecutes Oregonians for what has become known as “Victimless-Crime”. Here-under; it is no different than living under the “Monarchy” of an Evil King, who may Prosecute the Common People for any-thing which he whimsically desires.

“Malum Prohibitum” is Defined as something which is considered by Judges & Police as “Wrong” & “Punishable”, merely because the alleged “law-giving power” has so “Prohibited” it, through spoken or written declarations. In Contrast; “Malum-In-Se” is a “Wrong in its Self”, as Defined by the Natural “Conscience” & “Reasoning Ability” of Common People of Honorable Character.

            “Malum-In-Se” Requires a “Corpus Delicti”, aka: “Body-Harmed”. It also Requires a “Mens Rea” aka: “Evil Intent”. It also Requires an “Actus Reus” or “Actual Physical Act”. It Requires a Constitutionally-Lawful “Unanimous” Twelve-Man “Jury”. It Requires a “Conscience” & a “Reasoning” Capacity. “Malum-Prohibitum” requires None of these.

            Each of these are Constitutionally-Required “Elements of a Crime”. Oregon’s Constitution was Written around 1857. At the Time in which Oregon’s Constitution was Written, This Was the “Original Intent” of the Framers of That Constitution. You Legislators Took an “Oath” to Support Those Elements of That Constitution. Even under the “Emergency Amendments” (in 1910) These “Essential Elements” of Defining “Crime” Still Apply & Are Obligatory Over You Legislators. Ask Your Lawyers !!!

            The “Malum-Prohibitum” form of “Law”, Expands Vastly the Ability of Corrupted Attorney-Generals & County Prosecuting Attorneys, to “Eat-Out the Substance” of Our People.

Yet the Traditionally-Recognizable & Historically Well-Settled Requirements for “Stating a Criminal-Complaint” Constitutionally; is in precise harmony with the above Requirements of “Malum In Se” Law. Although these elements are not there-in mentioned; ORS 133.007 & 133.015 gives a good example of the Seriousness of Completing such Necessary Preliminary Steps as these, all Before the “Force of the State” can be used to Coerce Another Member of Oregon’s Constitutional Body-Politic in-to Appearing before a Court to Answer Allegations that he has Committed Crime. And of course; such Criminal-Complaints are Not to be Filed Liberally; other-wise “Frivolous Complaints” would continuously be endangering persons & property.

            Yet the State & Federal Attorneys-General, & the Local District-Attorneys, & all of their Assistant Prosecuting-Attorneys; all of these people Routinely “Fail to State a Claim up-on which Relief can be Grantedin their Criminal Prosecutions against “We the People”. They do this through their Conspiratorial Imposition of this Constitutionally Lawless “Malum-Prohibitum Jurisdiction”, over Poor Defenseless Honest Working-Class Oregonians. These people are “Trained in the Law”. They Know Precisely What They Are Doing. Attorneys with Functional Consciences are Given the Clear Message that They are Not Welcome to Apply for Employment in the Mis-Named “Department of Justice” (State or Federal). And such Conscience-Bound Attorneys will Not Fare Well before the “Corrupted Judges”, either. Many an Idealistic Young Lawyer, who has spent his or her entire young adult life studying fervently to pass the so-called “Bar Examination”, have gained entry only to find a deserted waste-land in the lack of opportunity for him or her to make a career out of fervently seeking social-justice through judicial procedures. Many such heart-broken & dream-shattered individuals, end up in such modest employment as cab drivers, & many destroy the remainder of their lives in alcohol or drug abuse. This is how cold & evil the corrupted judicial system really is. “We the People” of Oregon are here before you, now, to change all of that.

            Article 1 Section 10 of Oregon’s Constitution is Profound. It reads:

            No court shall be secret, but justice shall be administered, openly and without purchase, completely and without delay, and every man shall have remedy by due course of law for injury done him in his person, property, or reputation.”

            The “Due Course of Law” mentioned above, is the Same as traditionally recognizable American “Due Process of Law”. This “Due Process of Law” is also the Same as “Common-Law”; as referred to in the Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This is All Very “Ancient”, reaching back well before “Magna Charta”, in 1215 ad or so. The Framers of our State & National Constitutions “Originally Intended” to Secure These Anciently Recognized Protections to “We the People” of this “State of Oregon”. That is What They “Originally Intended”. You, as a “Public-Servant” Took an Oath to Support That “Original Intent” Under-Lying Our U.S. & Oregon Constitutions. And the above quoted “Article 1 Section10" of Oregon’s Constitution, is perhaps one of the very Best Statements of that “Original Intent” behind general Anglo/American Constitutional “Due Process of Law”, of any State in the Union.

            In the clear light of this “Article 1 Section 10" statement; it is Clear that Constitutional “Due Process of Law” is being “Purposefully Obstructed” by the Judicial Officers in Oregon’s Courts. The Proceedings there-in are Not “Open”. They are “Secret”, as like the Historically Proven Evil Old-English Equity/Chancery “Star-Chamber” Proceedings.

            As many of us have tried to Pursue “Open Justice” in our local court-rooms, all in respectful but firm manners, we have been Obstructed there-from by Corrupted Judges “Terrorizing Us” with Lawless “Threat of Violence”. We have been prohibited from non-obtrusively bringing Tape-Recorders or Video-Recorders into Court-Rooms. We are Not Allowed Constitutional “Assistance of Council” who are Not Bar-Monopoly Bar-Association Members. We Are Prohibited by so-called “Rules of Evidence” & Arbitrary/Un-Checked “Discretion” of Judges, from Arguing the Un-Reasonableness or Un-Conscionability of Statutes or Case-Law Precedent. The Jury is Obstructed in its “Constitutional-Duty” to be a Common-Peoples Conscience-Bound “Source of Law”.

            When we form our own Juries, & Courts of Justice, as is Constitutionally Guaranteed to us through Article 4 Section 23 of Oregon’s Constitution, & in Oregon Revised Statutes 1.010; the Verdicts & Judgements of Our Own Common Peoples “Special & Local” “Courts of Justice”, are Not Given the “Full Faith & Credit”, & “Comity”; as is Constitutionally Required for them. Further Support of this Powerful Constitutional Guarantee of the Peoples Right to Form Our Own “Common-Law Courts” is found in Oregon’s Constitution at Article 7 Amended Section 2b, & in the Eleventh Amendment to the US Constitution (among other numerous sources). Article 4 Section 23 of Oregon’s Constitution is probably the most powerful source.

            With reference to the above quoted “Article 1 Section 10" in Oregon’s Constitution, this Refusal to Recognize the Jury’s Judgements of our Ordinary People’s “Common-Law Courts” is a Direct Violation of the Requirement that “Remedy by Due Course of Law” be Made Available “With-Out Delay” for “Every Man”. This is a Very Important Constitutional Guarantee. It is Very-Very Difficult to get Twelve People to Unanimously Agree that Justice is Served by a particular Judgement. This author has personally conducted many such proceedings. Once that very difficult task is finally accomplished, then it is very Reasonable to Presume that “Naturally-Conscionable Justice” has there-by been Secured. In fact, “Law” Requires precisely this.

            There is No Function of Government which is equally as Important to the Well-Being of the Common People as the “Administration of Justice”. And that Critically-Important Judicial Function has been Hi-Jacked to Do the Bidding of Robber-Barons & Parasitical-Blood-Suckers who Infect Oregon’s Organic Body-Politic. And we now here-by place Demand up-on You, to Vigilantly Assist in Stopping Our Organic Body-Politic’s Blood-Hemorrhage; Forth-with.

            Further, it appears to us that these Powerful “Private Interest Groups” have used Money to essentially “Buy” the Oregon’s Election Process. They have Dis-Mantled the Original Constitutional “Precinct Voter-Registration” Process, where the “Qualified Electors” are to be Registered & Screened for Lack of “Honorable Character” on a “Neighborhood by Neighborhood” Basis. That was how “Voter Registration” was accomplished in years gone-by, under the “Common-Law” form of “Local Government”, as Traditionally Practiced with-in the Legally & Historically Recognizable “Circle of Christian Nations”. Article 6 Sections 1, 6, & 8 of Oregon’s Constitution, clearly refers to these “Qualified Electors”. Yet glaringly, a “New Class” of “Legal Voters” is described later in “Section 10" of that same Article 6. This “Section 10" was “created through H.J.R. 22 in 1957", way After much Time had Passed for the so-called “Emergency/Supplanting” of our Common People’s Constitution.

What You Legislators Are Required By Law To Do:

            Take Notice that, “We the People” are here-by Proceeding before you as “Joint Tenants in the Sovereignty” of this Constitutional “State of Oregon”. We are “Socially-Compacted” there-with, with an “Undivided-Interest” there-in. We Are Oregon’s “Body-Politic”; & We Are here-by Presenting this Most Serious “Criminal Complaint of Treason” before Each of You, with the Full Sovereign Authority of the Constitutional & Social-Compacted “State of Oregon” it-self. This Sovereign “Authority of Law” to Call Our “Public-Servants” to a Full Accountability for their Alleged “Treasonously Criminal Behavior”, is Clearly the “Inherent Right” of Each & All Natural/Real Oregonian People.

            As shown earlier in this document; the Supreme Judicial Power of this State is “Vacant”; & You Legislators now have the Duty to Seek to the best of your abilities to “Administer Justice” by “Due Process of Law”; & to develop mechanisms for Enforcing it. There is “No One Else” who is Competent to Fill these Constitutionally-Prioritized “Duties”. People are openly telling jokes about the competence of Oregon’s Legislature. The “Oregonian” news-paper writes articles on it. It is high-time for some shake-ups in the “machinery of government”. This could be avoided if incompetence were our only concern. But now, Accusations of a Conspiracy to Commit “Treason” are before Each of You. The time is right for making some very significantly Positive Changes in “the Machinery of the Government” of “We the People” of Oregon. Thinking “Inside of the Box” is Not Sufficient to Address these Significant Problems. “The Box” has been Engineered to Obstruct “Naturally-Conscionable Justice”. Only those with the “Breadth of Vision” & “Functionality of Conscience” to “Think Out-Side of the Box”, will be able to Fill their Duties to Support the Fundamental Principles of our State & National Constitutions.

            After preliminary investigations from each of you; you will then probably need to “Call a Joint Session” of the House & the Senate. There-in you will probably need to move to Form a “Supreme Jury” from your members who seem of honorable character, to Follow “Due Course/Process of Law”, all so-as-to Facilitate the ORS 30.510 State-Ex-Rel/Quo-Warranto Criminal Treason-Complaint against the Governor, the Attorney General, & against the Judges of Oregon’s Supreme Court. You will also need to bring this process to bear against those of your fellow Legislators who are clearly “Obstructing Justice” through their obstructions of this effort at empowering you Legislators to “Administer Justice” in response to the Evidence communicated here-in of the “Corruption of Office” of Oregon’s Supreme-Court Judges, Governor, & Attorney General. Here-in; We Will Present Sufficient Evidence before you to “Conclusively Prove” that There Does Exist one or more “Criminal-Conspiracies” with-in this “State of Oregon”, & that certain “Corrupted Public-Servants” are Criminally playing a Prominent-Role there-in.

Duties” of Modern Oregon Government Officers:

            All “Public-Servants” with-in the geographical boundaries of this State are under Immense Pressure to Disregard their Oath of Office to Protect the Constitutionally-Secured Rights & Liberties of the Common People of Oregon. Many such Public-Servants are probably highly motivated to “Do the Right Thing”; but such is close to impossible when they are threatened moment-by moment with being fired from their jobs, or with coercive pressure on their personal business affairs, or by being physically terrorized by threats of violence against them-selves or their family members.

            We realize this immense pressure on you to capitulate to the robber-baron parasite-class; & there-by to sell-out “We the People”. If this is your realistic situation, & if you do not have the intestinal fortitude to resist it; then you need to step-down from your office; & turn that office over to some-one who does have this courage to stand up for the constitutionally-guaranteed rights of “We the People”.

            Here-under, it appears clear to us, that All of You “State Legislators”, Derive All-of Your Authority to Govern “We the People”, by way of our State & National “Constitutions”. By way of Your “Oaths of Office”, You gave a Solemn Pledge that You would Support these Constitutions of both Oregon & of the Federal Body-Politic. These are “Your Conditions of Employment”. Here-under, You Are “Public-Servants” of “We the People”, under “Master/Servant” Relationship Codes. Further here-under, If & when Un-Constitutional Legislation which You have Passed is Used as “Color of Legitimacyfor any Corrupted Public-Servant(s) to Act Beyond their Specifically Constitutionally-Defined Parameters, so-as-to Proceed with Force against Any of the Individual-People who are the Socially-Compacted-Members of the Body-Politic of this State; then in Essence, You are in “Conspiracy” with those Corrupted Public-Servants, As Defined with-in ORS 161.450 - 161.465; 162.415; as follows:

            ORS: 161.450 "Conspiracy" described. (1) A person is guilty of criminal conspiracy if with the intent that conduct constituting a crime punishable as a felony or a Class A misdemeanor be performed, the person agrees with one or more persons to engage in or cause the performance of such conduct. ...

            ORS: 161.455 Conspiratorial relationship. If a person is guilty of conspiracy, as defined in ORS 161.450, and knows that a person with whom the person conspires to commit a crime has conspired or will conspire with another person or persons to commit the same crime, the person is guilty of conspiring with such other person or persons, whether or not the person knows their identity, to commit such crime.

            ORS: 162.415: Abuse of Public Office & Official misconduct in the first degree.

            (1) A public servant commits the crime of official misconduct in the first degree if with intent to obtain a benefit or to harm another:

            (a) The public servant knowingly fails to perform a duty imposed upon the public servant by law or one clearly inherent in the nature of office; or

            (b) The public servant knowingly performs an act constituting an unauthorized exercise in official duties.

            You have Now been Notified that the Statutory-Laws which have been passed in Your Legislative Assembly are Routinely Being Used in Treasonous-Violation of our State & National Constitutions, to “Harm” “We the People”. You have a “Duty” which is “Clearly Inherent in the Nature of your Office” (ORS 162.415-1a), to Assist in Stopping this Treasonous “Harm” to “We the People”. To “Fail to Perform” this “Duty imposed up-on the Public-Servant”, is a Crime, as “ORS 162.415-1a” so recognizes. By Your possible “Failure to Perform Your Duty”, as Imposed up-on you through the Nature of Your Legislative Office, & which Requires You to Work to Stop such Treasonous Activities; then Your “Failure to Act” has “Caused the Performance of such Conduct”. This is all as precisely recognized in “ORS 161.450", as “Participating in” a “Conspiracy” with those who are involved in the actual/physical commission of these Crimes; & who in this case are the actual “Enemies of the State”. Please notice that ORS 161.455 indicates that you do Not even Have to Know the Treasonous Conspirators; in order for “the Law” to consider that You are in Conspiracy with them.

            “We the People” can Directly Prosecute Any of You Legislators for any such “Conspiracy” with these “Enemies of the State”. Such Public-Law Authority as “Article 1 Section 1 of Oregon’s Constitution” clearly Recognizes this, by way of such profound words as: “All Power is Inherent in the People”. This Fundamental Constitutional Concept of this Sovereign Authority Residing in the Individual-Members of Oregon’s Body-Politic, is Further Recognized under the previously-mentioned Authority as the Traditional Common-Law “Quo-Warranto” Actions; which have been Codified as “State-Ex-Rel” Actions, in Oregon Revised Statutes, at ORS-30.510. ; which reads as follows:

             “30.510 Action for usurpation of office or franchise.

             An action at law may be maintained in the name of the state, upon the information of the district attorney, or upon the relation of a private party against the person offending, in the following cases:

             (1) When any person usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises any public office, civil or military, or any franchise within this state, or any office in a corporation either public or private, created or formed by or under the authority of this state; or,

             (2) When any public officer, civil or military, does or suffers an act which, by the provisions of law, makes a forfeiture of the office of the public officer; or,

             (3) When any association or number of persons acts within this state, as a corporation, without being duly incorporated.”

            This significant Power in our Common Oregonian People, is here clearly shown to be Statutorily-Recognized to be Lodged in “Us”, through this “Quo-Warranto/State-Ex-Rel” Statute. Notice here-in that “We the People” here-in have the Lawful Authority to Prosecute Any Corrupted Legislator, Judge, or Executive Officer, Directly; for their “Dereliction of Duties” to Us. The Oregon Constitution makes it clear that “We” do Not have to Rely on Corrupted Attorneys-General or District-Attorneys, to Prosecute Criminal-Complaints for us.

            If Any of You Legislators should Refuse to Do Your Constitutional-Duties as “Public Servants”; then “We the People” as “Individual Members” of the Body-Politic of this Constitutional/Organic State, have the Lawful Right & Patriotic Duty to Proceed “In the Name Of & On the Behalf Of” “We the People” who Organically-Compose this Socially-Compacted State, to “Prosecute You”, Directly & Criminally.

            The above statute clearly shows that individual “Private Parties” have the Natural-Right to bring an “Action at Law” with similar functions & authority as the “District-Attorney”. “Case Law” & other sources confirm this conclusion (even though it is purposefully kept obscure by the corrupted powers which control this state’s judiciary). This harmonizes well with Oregon’s Constitution, at Article 1 Sections 1 & 10; which read as follows:

            Section 1. Natural rights inherent in people.

             We declare that all men, when they form a social compact are equal in right: that all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety, and happiness; and they have at all times a right to alter, reform, or abolish the government in such manner as they may think proper.

             Section 10. Administration of justice.

             No court shall be secret, but justice shall be administered, openly and without purchase, completely and without delay, and every man shall have remedy by due course of law for injury done him in his person, property, or reputation.

            These words clearly state that “All Power is Inherent in the People”. That means that we have the Right to Bring Criminal Complaints, Directly; against Accused Corrupted Public-Servants. That Includes You Legislators. And the “with-out delay” phrase further re-enforces all of this, because if we have to go through District-Attorneys or Attorneys-General; then an un-constitutional “Delay” will be necessary, in order to bring those Statutory Prosecutors up-to-speed regarding the situational-facts of the case. Accusers need to be arguing their case before a Jury, & Not before Corrupted DA’s or AG’s.

            There are numerous other constitutional & statutory provisions which support all of this. Please notify the person who delivered this document to you if you remain unconvinced.

            The point is, that You Legislators have “No Immunity” from Prosecution for “Criminally Abusing” the “Public-Trust” which is lodged in the Public-Office which You have been Privileged to hold. These are Very Serious Demands being placed up-on you, & you had better take them as such; & you had better Respond with very Helpful Answers & Actions, when-ever Any Oregonian approaches you about any of these matters.

            Ask Your Bar-Monopoly Lawyers if these words are True. Ask any who disagree with these words, if they are willing to Debate them in front of a pubic-audience & video camera.

            Here-under, We Demand that You Exercise the Duties of Your Office to Confront the Governor, the Attorney General, & the Supreme Court Judges of this State. Further, Confront Your Fellow Legislators about all of this. Verify whether they are honorably concerned over the merits of these accusations; or if they are selling-out “we the people” to the self-appointed social-engineers from with-in evil-empire. Further, do all in your power to Vigilantly Assist in Stopping these “Acts of War” which are Routinely being perpetrated Against “We the People”. This Is Your Highest Duty! A complete Re-Engineering of the Machinery of Government may be necessary so-as-to achieve these ends. Do not hinder your efforts in these areas, simply because you may lack membership in some related “Committee”. The “Committee” Assignment Process is a “Divide & Conquer” Subversion of our Constitutional System. There seems to be no constitutional authority for this “Committee” Assignment process. It Un-Naturally Isolates Individual Legislators from their Constitutional Duty to be Involved, As They See Fit, in Every Stage of the Development of All of the Affairs of this State. Send the Letters to the Governor, the Attorney General, & to the Supreme-Court Judges, precisely as here-in directed.

            Further here-under; “We” Command that You Obey Completely All Reasonable Commands from All Oregonians who Reasonably Appear to be Seeking to Perform Any Acts which might Reasonably be Construed to “Aid in the Discovery or Apprehension” of “Any Persons” who might Reasonably be Suspected of being Involved in any such Crimes as described here-in. “Failure to Obey” such Public-Office “Duties” by You, is Lawfully Recognizable as the “Crime” of the “Abuse of Public Office”, as set forth in ORS 162.415a . Similar Recognition of the Criminal Nature of such “Abuse of Public Office” is found in Oregon’s Constitution at Amended Article 7, Section 6; & Original Article 7, Section19. Such actions &/or in-actions are also recognized as “Hindering Prosecution”, which is a “Class C Felony” under ORS 162.325de. They are a form of “Terrorism”; which is recognized statutorily as “Coercion”, at ORS 163.275g. And it is also recognized as the Class B Felony of “Theft by Extortion”, in ORS 164.075h.

            If you Fail to “Show Convincing Evidence” that Resolving this “Criminal Complaint of Treason” is Your “Top Priority”; then “We the People” Will “Prosecute You” to the Full Extent of the Law, for the Crime of Knowingly Abusing the Authority of Your Legislative-Office, so-as-to “Give Aid & Comfort” to the “Enemies of the State”.

            You have a “Constitutionally Required Duty” to “Make Fully Pubic Responses” to Our Common People’s Local & State-Wide “Pubic-Prosecutors”, who are here-under proceeding “State-Ex-Rel” as above described, to “Publicly Prosecute” these Most Serious of Criminal Complaints. These “Public-Prosecutors” Lawfully Represent All “Qualified-Electors” in Oregon. This is True because “By Definition”, under Our Constitutional Social-Compact; “Qualified-Electors” Must be Concerned for the Lawful Resolution of these Public-Complaints of Parasitical Treason in Our Socially-Compacted Body-Politic.

            The more “Local” Public-Prosecutors, may not comprehend all of the finer-points of “the Law” behind all of this, & they may be nervous & insecure about Placing these Demands before You. That is ok. “They” are Not the ones who might reasonably be suspected of “Corruption of Office”. Aside form prosecuting this Complaint, these People have No “Public-Office Duties”. “YOU” Are the One with the “Public-Office Duties”. We Expect Your “Full Co-Operation” with these more “Local Public-Prosecutors”, unless it Reasonably Appears that they are Mis-Interpreting Applicable Constitutional “Due-Process of Law”. If that unexpected event happens to be true, then We Expect You to Make “Good-Faith Efforts” to Politely Explain to them, How They supposedly are “Mis-Interpreting” Applicable Constitutional “Due-Process of Law”.

            If you neither Explain a Lawful Basis for Your Evasive Actions, Nor Comply with the Demands Placed Up-On You, then You Will Be Prosecuted Criminally to the Full Extent of Traditional Anglo/American/Oregon Constitutional “Due Process/Course of Law”.

            If these Demands Reasonably Warrant it, you should Make Signed & Witnessed “Written Responses” to these Concerns, & you should Promptly Deliver such Documents to the Oregonians who have Presented this Document to you. Also, it may be best to make a Response through EMail, &/or Fax transmitting; so that such Response may more quickly & efficiently get Wider Distribution.

            That is the Essence of This Entire Document. Take Serious Note of the Serious Implications of how a Refusal by You to Respect Your Constitutionally-Required Duties as set forth here-in, might disastrously affect the manner in which your personal future may unfold.


Charles Bruce, Stewart;

Chief Oregon-State-Ex-Rel Prosecuting-Officer:

19164 Barrington Avenue; Sandy Oregon [97055];


EMail: <>

Justitia Firmatur Solium (By Justice is the Throne Established).