Organizing Judicial-Officers of Oregon

to to provide “Justification” for Federal Military Support.

Proposal: Organizing Judicial-Officers of the State of Oregon, so-as to Establish Organic/De-Jure/Constitutional Government, under a single “De-Jure Governor” (where-in is combined the best elements of Judicial & Military Process), all so-as-to provide quick & efficient “Justification” & “Legitimacy” for Federal Military-Officers to Move-In to Oregon, for the specifically Limited Purpose of providing Military-Support for the Lawful Orders & Directives issuing from our “De-Jure Governor”.

In direct pursuit of the above stated text; one pro-tem “Judge Gary Darby” did recently open discussion with a Military-Officer in the U.S. Federal Government; as recorded & made publicly available in numerous on-line video & audio recordings, one of which is web-linked here:


There-in, Gary Darby did claim to be a “Constitutional Judge”; &, by implication, he did all-so claim to speak in the name of, & on the behalf of, the Common People who Compose & Constitute the Constitutional/Organic Body-Politic of these United States of America, & also for our State of Oregon.

In further pursuit there-of; the author of this document, one “Charles Stewart”, does here-by assert the same basic & generally harmonious words & speech; all here-by exercising my own “Juris Diction”, so-as-to engage in “Law Speaking”; in the name of, & on the behalf of, the same organic Constitutional “People” & “Qualified-Electors” of these “United States of America”.

Here-under; I do propose; that all Organically Constitutional “Judicial Officers” in this State of Oregon, do assemble to-gether, & to elect, from our own ranks, our own superior law-speaking “Judicial Officer”, & “Chief Judge” of the “Supreme Court of Law for the State of Oregon”. Here-under, this Organic People's Chief-Judge should act as a “Jury-Foreman” for a Jury assembled form Twelve Separate County Jurisdictions in Oregon, Organized, in manners which respect the Organic Constitutional Concept of “Proportional Representation”, each with their own immediately-recallable delegates, from the Twelve Separate County-based Geographical Areas, as shown on the map, here:


Here-under; I further suggest that this same duly elected “Chief Judge” of the “Supreme Court of Law for the State of Oregon” would lawfully Qualify for Filling the presently Vacant Office of the “De-Jure Governor for the State of Oregon”; & that he/she should promptly do so.
A general “Common-Law Maxim” is here quoted (from “Black's Law Dictionary”, Fifth edition), in support of this un-fashionably bold proposition, as follows:

            “Justitia Firmatur Solium. By Justice is the Throne Established.”


This bold proposition is based on the more ancient versions of Common-Law; where-under the claimed “Christian Monarchy” of the ancient Anglo/Saxon “Witen-Gemote”, or “Assembly of Wise-Men”; was assembled in the form of a “Uni-Cameral Congressional-Assembly”; where-in the quick & efficient “Administration of Justice” was made available to all Qualified-Electors & Commoners of the Kingdom. The above web-link to “Black's Law Dictionary” presents a section on this; & a general web-search will produce similarly authoritative insights.

Further; this same general process for organically organizing the Qualified Electors of the Nation was made available to our common people under the earlier & more organic-law based versions of the Constitutions of our first States, including Oregon; & our American National “Articles of Confederation” also organized the first version of our American Constitutional form of Government in this same manner. Here-under; there were No “Separation of Powers” doctrine in place; & the “Christian-Common-Law Monarch” could promptly “Poll the Jury”, which was consistently present in every meeting of the Monarch's Organic “Supreme Court” & “Congressional Assembly”. Here-under; Unanimous “Consent of the Governed” was quickly & efficiently Confirmed & Certified; & Executive Personnel could promptly move in-to action, with the full confidence that Constitutional “Due Process of Law” had all-ready been fully followed & exhausted.

Here-under; the “Checks & Balances” concern, which the later “Separation of Powers” Doctrine was designed to remedy; can be fully addressed, in “More Organic-Manners”, by adopting the Common-Law Principle of “Unanimous Verdicts” & “Consent of the Governed”; by authorizing each of the Twelve Qualified-Elector Judicial-Officers (who compose the inner-circle of the Supreme-Court of the Organic Congressional-Assembly), to exercise their “Veto Power” (for “cause shown”), & “Immediate Recall” over their presently sitting pro-tem “Common-Law Monarch”.

Further; any other twelve, unanimously speaking, can challenge the rights of the presently-sitting monarch. The whole process is much more detailed in separate documents & videos, generally also composed by this same author, the primary one of which is located on the web, here:


Here-under; Oregon's Organic-Law based “De-Jure Governor” & “Chief Judicial Officer” can legitimately claim “Delegation of Authority” to “Speak Law” through his own “Juris-Diction”; in the name of & on the behalf of the Common People of our Sovereign Republic of Oregon.

Further here-under; this same Chief Organic Constitutional Judicial Officer could issue more authoritative Directives & “Judicial Orders”, to this seemingly patriotic Major Bomar, & his superior General Stencel. These men would there-in be directed to present these issues to their own military “inner-council”; with directives requesting that the votes of all such decision-makers, for against our request for assistance, be reported back to us.

These Directives or Orders could be worded as “Indictments”, which would allege Culpability towards the Legal-Council/Attorneys in US-DoJ, for accepting the “Lawless Invitation” from Oregon's De-Facto Governor. That “Lawless Invitation” is the event that gave “Color of Legitimacy” for the more corrupted Officers of the Federal Government to Over-Step their constitutionally-imposed jurisdictional limitations, in such manners as resulted in the Hostile Invasion of this State of Oregon & Harney County.

Those familiar with “Criminal Psychology” (as all Organically-Constitutional Judicial-Officers must be), will promptly recognize that the “Modus-Operandi” for those who perpetrated this Un-Justified Murder, would embrace such criminally conspiratorial acts as using the DeFacto Governor as a “Sock-Puppet”, “Proxy”, or “Pawn”; so-as-to lend of “Color-of-Legitimacy” & Masking of “Malicious-Intent”, for the End-Purpose of executing Mercenary/Military Hostile-Take-Over of the Constitutionally-Guaranteed Sovereign Republican States & Counties of our American Nation.
Our federal government has “no other purpose for existence”, than to Protect our constitutionally-recognizable American Local Governmental Jurisdictions from these precise sorts of “Invasions” from the very sorts of foreign & jurisdictionally alien forces as those which maliciously conspired to perpetrate the Un-Justified Murder of LaVoy Finicum.

And this very simplified wording of this same general “Indictment” can be presented to these same Military Officers; all in manners which they can quickly & efficiently comprehend; & where-under they will be “Lawfully Justified” in sending military troops to Support the directives & orders of the separate & sovereign jurisdictions of each of the Common-Law “Judicial Officers” & “Peace Officers” that may be in need of their lawful assistance.

Yes. It clearly appears to this Judicial-Officer, that, the Leadership of the “US-Department-of-Justice” (so-called); is the “Ultimate Decision-Making Body” in this Criminally-Syndicated Operation.

They are the ones who Decided, in advance, that their organized syndicate would likely be able to successfully Navigate their way through any & all “Legal Fall-Out &/or Blow-Back” that might result from their cold-blooded reptilian-brained scheme for their hostile military invasion of Oregon; & for their directly related cold-blooded Murder of LaVoy Finicum.

As counter-strategy; “Divide & Conquer” is one of the most well-recognized & effective military-strategies in the entire lexicon of military strategy. Here-under; & by way of the Qualified Electors & Judicial Officers of Oregon electing a single “De-Jure Governor” & “Chief Judge” to Exercise “Juris-Diction” by “Speaking Law” in these sorts of prompt, clear, & efficient manners; the seemingly good work of pro-tem Judge Gary Darby in approaching these seemingly honorable Federal Military Leaders, all of this can be “Built Up-On”, so-as to bring this entire ugly & dangerous situation to “Righteous Judgement”.

The “Pivotal Issue” before these Federal Military Officers; will be, to Choose From the Factions which are competing for their support, which among them is following American Constitutional “Due Process of Law” in the manner which most harmonious with the spiritual-values of good-conscience which that entire “Process” was anciently & traditionally designed to secure. If the more enlightened & conscience-bound Officers among them can be quickly brought to a basic comprehension of the necessary elements of “Due Process of Law”; then our common-law faction should be able to quickly & efficiently convince them, in multitudes of spontaneously arising cases, of their “Justification” in supporting the much more organically-responsive & conscience-bound Judgements & Orders of our Common-Law Jurisdiction Judicial Officers.

Further here-under; a formal Plea to Federal Executive-department Officers for Federal Military Assistance; from any State, County, or Precinct level De-Jure/Constitutional “Judicial-Officer”, with full civilian & common-law “General Jurisdiction” & Judicial authority; along with a “Warrant” properly issued in accompaniment there-with; would “Pass Constitutional-Muster”; for said Federal Military-Officers, to order their Military Forces to position them-selves, for supporting all Constitutionally Recognizable & De-Jure “Peace Officers”, in performing their Civilian/Statutory & Common-Law based Local “Community Care-Taking Functions”.

When a Formal “Criminal Complaint”, from a Natural/Flesh-&-Blood Individual, is brought before any Court of any of these Judicial Officers, down to the “Precinct Level”; & there-in is shown the “Sworn Complaint” establishing “Probable Cause”, that, an actual “Common-Law Crime”, involving Malicious Violence, has been “Committed”; … then the Majestry of the sacred Cause of “Justice” is present; (which is arguably the primary concern set forth in the very “Preamble” of our “U.S. Constitution”); &, here-under, such honorably patriotic Military Officers would be “Legitimized” in lending their full military support to said civilian &/or common-law jurisdiction “Judicial Officer”.

This Pro-Tem Judicial-Officer of Clackamas County, Precinct -107; moving organically in-to the similarly presently “Vacant Office” of “Clackamas County Judge”; I do here-by “Speak-Law” & exercise my own “Juris-Diction”, by declaring that all Qualified-Electors in this State of Oregon, are have a Duty to Affirm Support this proposal; … or else to promptly propose as an alternative, some similar but more efficient &/or more judicially-grounded process.

Charles Bruce, Stewart.
Pro-Tem “Clackamas County Judge”, Magistrate, & Judicial-Officer; in Sandy Oregon.

503-668-5091. Organizing Judicial-Officers of Oregon to to provide “Justification” for Federal Military Support.