Certified “Qualified Electors” in

the Constitutional State of Oregon.

During regular phone-conference based Meetings of the General-Congress of the Constitutional “State of Oregon”, the below-listed Oregonians have been Confirmed & Certified as Constitutionally-Lawful “Qualified Electors”. To add new people to this list, attend our regular phone-conference based meetings, & submit new names for approval. If criticism of anyone listed here is based on accusations of un-lawful, dis-honorable, or other-wise socially-disruptive behavior; then appear & present the evidence in support of that accusation in the general-congress meetings, & if found to be valid by the governing-body, their names will be removed.

Clackamas County:

Charles Stewart: Precinct 101.

19164 Barrington Avenue, Sandy Oregon. [97055]


James Hamilton: Precinct 001.

Oregon City.

Karen Bitz: Molalla.

Columbia County:

Elizabeth Wallace: St Helens.

Linn County:

Rod Souza.

Marion County:

Multnomah County:

Pat Dinan; Portland.

Rod Schmidt; Portland

Washington County:

Yamhill County: