Notes in Support of forming this
“Qualified Electors” List

References to specific "Qualified Electors" or "Electors" are specifically mentioned  in Oregon's "Constitution" document, at "Article 1 Section 21", "Article 2, Sections 2, 3, 13, 16, 17, & 18"; "Article 3, Section 3, 6(5), & in "Article 5, Section 4", & in "Article 6, Sections 1, & 6", "Original Article 7 Section 2", "Article 11 Section 2a", (i quit counting here).

These powerful words of "Electors" or "Qualified Electors" are also used in Oregon's Statutes, at ORS 203.035, 203.040, 203.045, (& in various other sections, i presume; but i quit counting here).

Yet the very Different Terminology of "Registered Voters" or "Voters" is what is mentioned in Oregon's "Constitution" document at "Article 1 Section 21"; as well as in various other sections of our State's "Constitution" & "Revised Statutes" documents. Check this for yourself, do 'descriptive word searches', at: 

No one in the defacto empire seems willing to address these discrepancies between the slave-status "Registered Voters" & the Sovereign "Qualified Electors".
This seems to be a very powerful issue, & it should serve us well to promote our own efforts at
certifying individuals we know to be "Qualified Electors".

No one else is doing anything like this, even the other (dysfunctional/sock-puppet) "De-Jure Governor" efforts.

Notes composed by

DeJure Secretary of State:

Charles Bruce, Stewart; of Sandy Oregon.